10 Best Pools in Las Vegas

There are many reasons people visit Las Vegas. Most people love this for the nightlife and gambling experience. For some, it is the stunning lights, the rides, and the shows.

Everything in Las Vegas stands out and it is an experience everyone wants to have. This also includes its great and amazing pools. Some of these pools are open to all visitors that are ready to pay, while others can only be used by hotel guests.

Note: Most of Las Vegas pools only open around mid-March and then closes mid-October.

Now, let’s quickly consider some of the best pools in Las Vegas to help you beat the heat.

11 Best Pools in Las Vegas

Circa Stadium Swim

Stadium Swim at Circa Resort & Casino
Source: @stadiumswim

Circa Swim at Circa Las Vegas is a Las Vegas pool amphitheater made up of amazingly huge six pools divided into three levels across the hotel. The main selling point of the pool area is the 14 million pixels screen that spans 143 feet.

It is a sports fan’s fantasy come to life, capable of holding up to 4,000 people at a go. It is entertainment at its best with several cabanas, chaise lounges, and day beds surrounding the massive TV.

The pool area is luxurious and features temperature-controlled pools, multiple bars, and a massive 40-foot-tall television screen. You can relax on a sun lounger, enjoy a drink, or have a bite to eat while taking in the stunning views.

Circa Stadium Swim pool also hosts many events, including concerts, and pool parties on top of the sports viewing parties. You can enjoy live music from popular DJs, watch sporting events, and even attend private events with your friends and family.

Features of Circa Stadium Swim

  • 337 chaise lounges, 30 cabanas, and 38 Day beds.
  • Open all 365 days of the year
  • Rooftop location

Mandalay Bay Pool

Mandalay Bay Pool 1
Source: @mandalaybay

Mandalay Bay Pool is surely one of the most reliable pools in Las Vegas. Asides from this, it is viewed as one of the best sides of the hotel, which has a sand beach of 11 acres (which is sand of approximately 2,700 tons).

This is situated in a very beautiful tropical location featuring personalized villas, day beds, rentable cabanas, and more.

Mandalay Bay Pool 2
Source: @mandalaybay

At this pool, guests can easily cast all their worries away, swimming along this lazy river beneath towering waterfalls. Here, they can also enjoy workout swimming in any of the four gorgeous pools.

Also, guests can get some pleasure from body surfing in a wave pool with a volume of 1.6 million gallons and has waves of about 6 feet in height.

Watch this to learn more about the Mandalay Bay Pool:

For those willing to get some entertainment, this resort is surely a great home to some touring live bands. Here, you’ll have so much to enjoy around this sandy beach. You’ll feel you’ve relocated or toured to a new world.

Of all Las Vegas complexes, this is one of the most family-friendly. Here, you won’t worry about your kids not having a nice time in Mandalay’s wave pool.

Features of the Mandalay Bay Pool

  • 11-acres of sand beach
  • Wave pool of 1.6 million gallon
  • Four swimming pools are available
  • Lazy River with a quarter-mile length.
  • Family-friendly pools

MGM Pool

MGM Pool 1
Source: @mgmgrand

This isn’t just any pool, but a grand one offering 6.5 acres of great relaxation. We said before that Vegas is known to do things at the highest level.

MGM Pool 2
Source: @mgmgrand

The MGM Grand Pool has a total of three whirlpools, four swimming pools, lazy river stretches, and some beautiful waterfalls. Whatever reason you have to be at the MGM pool, there will surely be a spot for you to enjoy. Also, you will get stunning views and things to engage in at every turn.

Watch this to learn more about the MGM pool:

The hours of the MGM pool vary. For the Main pool and live lucky, it is usually open between 9 am to 7 pm. For the Lazy River, it opens from 9 am to 5 pm. While the private reserve pool only functions from 9 am to 7 pm, and it is strictly for users aged 19 years and above. You can reserve a seat here. These include cabanas (around $1000 to $1600), day beds (starts from $250), and lounge chairs (price is between $50 and $100).

Features of the MGM Pool

  • Massive area with many swimming pools
  • A lazy river and three large whirlpools present
  • Set up in a tropical and lush landscape
  • River of 1000 feet in length, which is also great for kids and young adults

Caesars Palace Pool

Caesars Palace Pool 1
Source: @caesarspalace

This is also called the Garden of the Gods. This spans about 5 acres having pools on three different levels. It is made up of 6 total pools, which spreads across and all through the complex. You will surely find a place where you can stretch out and absorb and enjoy the sun of Nevada.

Caesars Palace Pool 2
Source: @caesarspalace

Caesar is mentioned here not just because of the pool’s expansive nature, but due to the different sights guests can feed their eyes on while they lounge. Caesars also did a great job in extending the décor and Roman theme of the resort to the pool, thereby creating a differentiated and unique experience.

The six pools available here include:

  • Fortuna Pool – provides swim-up blackjack
  • Apollo Pool – great for sun-worshipping
  • Jupiter Pool – great for a relaxing and tranquil experience
  • Temple Pool – well-known for its luxury and elegant views
  • Neptune Pool – for socializing and mingling among amazing people
  • Venus Pool – well-known for its unique pool experience

Features of the Caesars Palace Pool

  • 5-acre pool
  • Six different pools are available
  • Different sights presents
  • Many fountains and small pools

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Bellagio 1
Source: @bellagio

If you have been searching for a very tranquil scene, then pay a visit to Bellagio’s five pools in Las Vegas. This pool is widely recognized as a top resort. It boasts a very relaxed atmosphere, with most guests visiting to lie and enjoy the atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

This place is even lovelier with the roving servers and massage therapists at the poolside. For those in need of more VIP treatment, there are reservation-only lounges, which include Evian misters, a personal host, smoothie shots, chilled towels, and infused water. The cabanas feature HDTV, pool rafts, a well-stocked refrigerator, and Wi-Fi.

Bellagio 2
Source: @bellagio

While most big resorts accept visitors that purchase a day pass, Bellagio only restricts access for hotel guests. Children below 14 years of age must come with a guardian or parent to gain entrance.

It incorporates 4 hot tubs and five pools into a pool deck. This creates a relaxing environment for rejuvenating and resting before starting a new day.

Features of the Bellagio Pool

  • Access only for hotel guests
  • Roving servers and massage therapists
  • Reservation-only lounges to enjoy VIP treatment


Flamingo 1
Source: @gopoolvegas

As expected, this pool is pinkish. However, this isn’t the only feature. Kids usually find it fun swimming among the waterfalls and caves. The flamingo pool is a very big one with many shallow areas that guests can chat and relax in.

One of the favorite features of this pool is the presence of palm trees that run down on both sides; this keeps users relaxed. Asides from this, the pool is surrounded by bars serving with pink cups, pool chairs, and waterfalls. The bars are usually crowded and are best for customers hoping to watch or partake in the booty and limbo shaking contests.

Flamingo 2
Source: @gopoolvegas

It also integrates lagoons and a waterfall into a complex that is visually appealing. This experience is only for people aged 21 years and older and guests can easily go through the events beforehand.

Travelers can easily reserve a cabana or daybed. For the dayclub, the price of daybeds begins at $50, while cabanas begin at $100. For the hotel, the family pool is the beach club. Here, the price of cabanas begins at $150, while that of daybeds is usually limited.

Features of the Flamingo Pool

  • Flamingo-colored pool
  • Palm trees available
  • Strictly for those aged 21 years and above


Cosmopolitan 1
Source: @cosmopolitan_lv

They say home is where you find peace. The Boulevard pool in Las Vegas is home. This is where you can get a peaceful experience. Here, you get to enjoy great meals and drinks, nice cabanas, and beautiful pools. On select evenings, you can watch films on the screen while you relax.

The Boulevard Pool is located right on the rooftop close to the front of the Cosmopolitan hotel.  It is one of the nicest pools in Las Vegas.  The Boulevard pool is the largest of the three pools in Cosmopolitan. This pool features poolside noshes, cabanas, bars, and daybeds.

Cosmopolitan 2
Source: @cosmopolitan_lv

One great thing about this pool is that you don’t have to make a reservation before you are granted access to the pool. However, you must be a guest of the hotel. If you are a guest, you will be allowed to use the pool during the day.

A great experience awaits you here. This pool becomes a big ice rink during wintertime. During the summertime, you get to enjoy the bars and the dance party.

Main features of Cosmopolitan

  • Opening time 8 am to 6 pm
  • Opening days: Mondays to Sundays

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Resorts World

Resorts World 1
Source: @resortsworldlv

This 5.5-acre land homes 5 different pools. The Resorts World is a newly-built resort in Las Vegas that offers impressive features. The pool experience here is extraordinary. With the pool located at the rooftop of Resort World, you get to see resorts like Palazzo, Wynn, TI, Mirage, Venetian, and Encore.

The pool area in Resort World has cabanas and trees that provide guests with a more peaceful and intimate experience. Yard games such as hammocks and cornhole are available to guests. This pool is the biggest on the strip.

Resorts World 2
Source: @resortsworldlv

Features of this pool include big LED displays, nice cabanas, a hand-crafted cocktail, and more. Guests at the Resorts World will get to enjoy the casino. The casino floor features table games, a sportsbook, and a poker room. The 5.5-acre complex has the biggest pool deck in Vegas.

At Resorts World, there are more than 40 beverage and food options you will love to explore. There is an entertainment and concert venue specially designed for sporting activities, conventions, and corporate gatherings at Resorts World. This place offers you the best.

Main features of Resorts World

  • Number of pools: Five
  • Opening days: Monday to Sunday

Wynn Pool

Wynn Pool
Source: @wynnlasvegas

Wynn is a very calm pool where you have a peaceful experience. If you want to have a quiet afternoon, the Wynn pool is where you should go. Wynn has one of the nicest pools on the Strip. The serenity of this pool will keep you relaxed.

The main pool at Wynn is surrounded by plant life and features personal cabanas, table gaming, and a cocktail service. Wynn pools are specifically designed to offer privacy and relaxation. The main pool provides a luxurious experience for guests.

Wynn features four pools with each having different décor and size. Wynn offers one of the best pool services in Las Vegas. Enjoy the delightful cocktail and refreshing waters at Wynn. You can reserve a cabana or daybed for a getaway with your friends or family. The cabana features a screen TV, meals and drinks, and other amenities.

Wynn pool gives you that lovely experience and memory. Journey into a place of amazing scenery and know peace. You can also enjoy the menu items at the poolside. This is a place where you can get yourself immersed in peace.

Main features of Wynn pool

  • Opening time: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Opening days: Monday-Sunday

Venetian pool

Venetian pool
Source: @venetianvegas

The Venetian Pool is for those who want to be in paradise. If relaxation is what you need, this pool continues to offer the best services in Las Vegas. This pool contains spring water. The Venetian has been enjoyed by a lot of people from across the world and has continued to be one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

This pool gets filled and drained on a daily basis during summer and spring. The cabanas in this pool feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi access, and a fridge. If you want privacy while relaxing, you can use the daybeds as they offer privacy and shade.

The Venetian pool features 3 infinity pools with various seating options. An amazing feature of this pool is the food and drink it offers.  You can get fresh juices, cocktails, coffee, and good food here. This 82,000 gallons pool is considered the biggest freshwater pool in the U.S.

There are seven different pools in the Venetian. When the temperature cools down, these pools get heated. At the Venetian, guests of the hotel get a free hot breakfast. The Venetian pool is known for its elegant look and serenity.

Main features of Venetian pool

  • Opening hours: 8 am- 6 pm
  • Opening days: Monday-Sunday
  • Number of pools: Seven

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How to Maximize Your Pool Experience?

If you want to have a nice pool experience, it is very important you avoid doing some things and know what to do. Below are tips on how to maximize your pool experience;

Ensure you use sunscreen. Most times, it is sunny in Las Vegas. Applying sunscreen to your body will protect you from sunburns.

DO NOT pee in the pool. Peeing in the pool isn’t a cool idea.

If you love to visit a pool but don’t have access to it, just look for someone to talk to. You can tell them that you left your room key. Just be friendly and you will have your request granted.

Ensure you enjoy your time while at the pool. The pool is one of the most peaceful places you can be. Forget your worries and spend quality time with yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Pools Good for Children?

There are some family-friendly pools in Las Vegas. The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, The Flamingo, and MGM Grand are examples of such pools. These pools provide fun features for kids and poolside lounging for adults. Lazy rivers, wave pools, and waterfalls are some of the features children love. When you visit The Mirage and Mandalay Bay, you will find more kids there.

Why Do Pools in Las Vegas Close so Early?

Pools in Las Vegas close very early to help save costs. It is more cost-effective to close the pool once it is dark.

Which is the Largest Pool in Vegas?

The Cosmopolitan (Boulevard pool) is the largest pool in Las Vegas.


After reading through, you will agree that there are lots of incredible pools throughout Las Vegas. They have what it takes to offer different sights, experiences, and fun. This will surely be the centerpiece of your vacation if you will be visiting these places for the first time.