Top 9 Best Drag Shows in Las Vegas (2024 Update)

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Ever wondered why Las Vegas was nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World? Well, Las Vegas is home to some of the most fabulous drag shows.

These shows are top-notch, and you will typically be left wanting from the outstanding performance by the “stars” to their beautiful lip-syncing.

Drag Show in Las Vegas
We can just say that drag shows in Las Vegas are must-see events that you ought not to miss. They never disappoint, and they are funny, high-energy, and you will be impressed by how the performers have got the mannerisms of every star down so perfectly!

How Did Drag Shows Become a Fixture in Las Vegas?

Generally, Nevada is known to have a dark history of LGBT folks. However, for almost ten decades now, drag queens have been part of Vegas entertainment. Earlier on, female impersonators used to brave crowds across the Fremont Street, Strip, and Kit Kat drag club in the 1940s.

Currently, drag shows have gone mainstream from the Emmy award-winning RuPaul’s Drag Race which inspired a live version for the Strip hosting a weekend drag brunch show. Over time, drag queens expanded their audience and gained massive acceptance.

Top performers such as Toni James claims that drag shows are entertaining and lucrative deals for them. People began to like the drag performances in Vegas because that’s something unique, and they won’t see it at home.

Surprisingly, drag shows have become a part of the mainstream such that even libraries countrywide usually host Drag Queen Story Hour! After the first show in LA, word about the show spread, and other theatres across the country launched it.

Where Are Drag Shows Offered in Las Vegas?

Drag shows in Vegas are usually offered on Fremont Street, the Strip, and other various LGBTQ-friendly clubs and bars. There are many options for any folk who is looking for drag shows within Las Vegas.

Let’s look at some of the top shows in LV if you have tasted the exciting Vegas bar crawl and need to experience the best drag shows in this glittering Sin City!

1. Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas

Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas
This is the perfect show for fans of Britney Spears, Diana Ross, Madonna, and Cher. The show lasts for 75 minutes but will have you mesmerized from start to finish. Frank Marino, who is typically a ‘true powerhouse’ heads this show.

Get to see some of the famous and most exciting impersonations multiple celebrity women across the world.

At Divas of Las Vegas, you will indeed have a great time in your life! So, if you are looking for a hilarious drag performance, this is it! The impersonators are one of a kind and bring so much into their performance with spectacular costumes.

Frank and his divas are excellent, realistic and they are nothing short of entertaining. Once you come to this show for the first time, you will surely return! Basically, its quality is also something you will not experience somewhere else. It’s definitely worth the bucks.

2. Faaabulous The Show

Faaabulous The Show
Faaabulous The Show is the only live singing extravaganza in Vegas. This time, the show has been hosted in the daring and innovative Notoriety Live downtown Las Vegas.

The Notoriety Live is located on the third level of Neonopolis at Fremont Street. The impersonators here will make you realize that being someone other than yourself is a real talent.

Katie Murdock and Derrick Barry, Vegas favorites, make the performance unforgettable by their physical embodiment of Britney Spears while integrating their own angelic singing voices, unlike other shows.

This show typically dared to break the cardinal rule of drag performances because actual singing isn’t incorporated in most of the other shows. The debut of the Faaabulous The Show entirely changed all that!

This drag show is on its way to find a permanent home, and it will be the only Vegas show that features comedy, singing, and dancing. Additionally, this labor-of-love show is created by two heavy hitters, Christopher Kenney (Eddie) and Jamie Morris, with lengthy show biz-pedigrees.

3. RuPaul’S Drag Race Live

RuPaul'S Drag Race Live
RuPaul’s is a top-rated drag show on the Strip, and it’s an original show based on the Emmy Award-winning competition reality shows.

It guarantees some realness for the exceptional cast of showgirls, including Yvie Oddly, Kameron Michael’s, and Asia O’Hara. The famous queens bring uniqueness, charisma, nerve, and talent to the stage.

Here, you will witness what it’s like to watch MJ (Michael Jackson) perform live on stage. Each of the impersonators at RuPaul’s Drag Race Live show is considered to be the best worldwide.

The entire crew is talented in the entertainment business, and physically embodying the “star” is all awesome!

Also, RuPaul’s werk room allows you to immerse yourself into the entire experience ultimately. You can meet the performers, slay a makeover, shop, and explore the curated drag-chic finds and unique merchandise.

According to, this show was rated 4.5/5 stars in customer reviews. You can purchase tickets with or box office and save a good amount of bucks!

4. The Phoenix Bar Lounge

The Phoenix Bar Lounge
It was previously known as the Escape Lounge, which is located west of the Vegas Strip and describes itself generally as the laid-back gay bar which frequently offers tremendous drag shows. You can check for the upcoming shows on their Facebook page if you want to have some fun.

The beer selection is remarkable. No one forces you to choose between either Blue moon, Stella, or Bud Light. This is one of the great shows Las Vegas has ever seen! The drag queens usually leave everybody in the show amazed and wanting more. Why not come to this show if you are a fan of video games, drinks, and impersonation? The Phoenix is currently 100% locally gay-owned and operated.

This is the perfect drag show for you if you’re celebrating a gay bachelor party, fun night out, bachelorette party, and birthdays in Las Vegas. Whether you are a local or visitor who enjoys impersonation dinner shows, ensure that you visit the Phoenix Bar and Lounge!

5. Piranha Nightclub

Piranha Nightclub
Do you feel like dancing and letting off a little energy? Piranha Nightclub is the ideal place to go! It’s also a perfect spot for those folks who need to savor real drag show glory over the night. This club is located east of resorts on the Strip and costs around $10-15 Uber from the major resorts.

The servers here make the experience unforgettable with their outstanding care, while the three separate dance floors induce fun when you bounce from one spot to the other each with different music. When you arrive in Vegas, don’t fail to enjoy the good vibe at Piranha.

If you or your friend have a birthday party, you can host it at the Piranha Nightclub. All the staff will make you feel welcomed, from the security man at the door to the male bartenders.

The drag shows are frequently offered and usually posted on the Piranha’s entertainment calendar. You will get a lot out of this drag show if you’re that person who enjoys the lively drag showtime with the vitality and energy that leaves nothing to be desired.

Piranha is a pretty good club, no matter who you are. Just pay a visit!

6. Flex Cocktail Lounge

Flex Cocktail Lounge
This drag queen show has been a staple in Las Vegas for decades now. Anyone wishing to taste the great drag shows around the Sin City should follow the roads to Flex Cocktail Lounge soon.

If you need to unwind and kick back for several hours, flamboyance is still another thrilling and exciting drag show option for you. What a drag!

The staff is friendly, and the prices for the drinks are just the way they should be! Right? This is the place to come when you get the chance or recommend it to any folk looking for a drag show in Las Vegas.

The show features incredible karaoke, festive decorations, music videos, and glamorous drag performances that match no other show around.

Flex Cocktail Lounge is for both tourists and locals. It’s an eats and flex 24/7 relaxing bar, restaurant, club, and lounge with that feel of a small town.

They offer various events, including drink specials, billiards, live entertainment, and many more.

7. Drag Brunch-Senor Frogs

Drag Brunch-Senor Frogs
If you want to witness the innovative quintessential Vegas drag show that’s fresh, imaginative, cool, and unpredictable, head to Senor Frogs at Treasure Island.

The show is full of talented performers who really know how to put on a thrilling show. Throughout the entire showtime, you will be completely enthralled.

The location of Senor Frogs is very convenient inside the Treasure Island Hotel. They are always open every day-Monday to Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Overall, the experience at Senor Frogs is fantastic. Also, they have tons of decors with plaques on the ceiling and humorous sayings.

There is also a variety of delicacies which you can enjoy yourself! Visitors tend to revel the skills of some of the most ferocious drag show queens during the performances while quenching their appetites! Isn’t that awesome?

Generally, there is no better spot than Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs in Las Vegas. Additionally, if you need classic booze, this is the ideal place.

8. FreeZone Bar and Nightclub

FreeZone Bar and Nightclub
This is a Naples Drive spot with a friendly and laid-back feel. FreeZone Bar and Nightclub is the place to be if you desire that drag show around an inviting and pleasant Vegas environment. This LGBTQ club’s drag madness is exceptional with full of energy and surprises.

Here, you will start your night the best way. The bartenders are a great vibe, are welcoming, and friendly. They are ever ready to refill your drinks that are always strong and reasonably priced.

What’s better than a nightclub and full bar experience with a kitchen? Get ready to enjoy 24 hours of dancing, gaming, food, and pool.

Also, apart from being the hotspot for great shows, FreeZone is a popular hangout for those individuals who love karaoke, gaming, and fantastic eats.

FreeZone Nightclub welcomes visitors and locals, and it’s an inexpensive Lyft/Uber from multiple resorts. They frequently offer drag shows which are detailed on their web page.

9. Diva Royale Queen Show

Diva Royale Queen Show
The Diva Royale is the only drag show downtown Las Vegas, and it calls the Cat’s Meow in Neonopolis home. It features the finest in Las Vegas drag brunch and dinner shows and female impersonations. The Divas are in Vegas!

Get personal and up-close with your host diva drag queen and her divas, including Dolly Parton, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Adele, Liza Minnelli, Whitney Houston, Sia, and other female impersonators.

This restaurant is the ultimate drag brunch and dining experience haven. The queens of Diva Royale know how to host the best and hottest birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and every kind of celebration. You will not forget the dinner and brunch celebrations where you get a queen treatment.

The Diva Royale offers dinner shows on Fridays and brunch shows on Saturdays. You can purchase the tickets here starting from$20 but the options with dinner or brunch range from $50-60.

It’s where performance meets impersonation and the best drag queen show in the city with the ultimate impersonation and drag dining experience.

Hopefully, we have helped you have a glimpse at the various drag shows here in Las Vegas at your disposal.

So, whether you’re interested in incredible drag shows on the Strip or you need to branch out to the nearby clubs and bars that locals frequent, there is probably something absorbing for you!

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Drag shows are usually campy, fun, and spirited affairs. They are amazing experiences for the folks who want to take it easy for multiple hours while escaping reality. Many people usually come to Las Vegas to enjoy these awesome drag shows and killer bus tours.

Vegas is home to entertainment that you will have the pleasure of experiencing over the night. Choose one convenient drag spot and enjoy a Vegas show like no other!