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Top 9 Best Lesbian Bars & Spaces in Las Vegas


Las Vegas does not have lesbian-specific bars. Despite being a thriving city with a vast LGBTQIA+ scene, official lesbian bars have all gone out of business or changed their marketing to include the larger queer community. Gay and queer bars in Sin City are advertised as “LGBTQ+ inclusive”. Even though this is fairly inclusive, offering … Read more

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10 Best Las Vegas Bars with Beer Pong Tables

Beer Pong

People flock to Las Vegas when they need some entertainment in their lives—or at least for a weekend. In Sin City, tourists will often gather at dazzling nightclubs, casinos, or swanky restaurants to find some fun. But others will look for bars with more laidback, casual games, too. Although beer pong is often associated with … Read more

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Here Kitty Kitty Las Vegas: Entrance, Menu

There’s something naturally glamorous about speakeasy bars. They have an air of exclusivity, making it feel luxurious to lounge and have a few drinks there. And since Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, it’s no surprise that there are many speakeasy bars there. One of the more discreet speakeasies … Read more

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Las Vegas Ski Lodge: Entrance, Food, & Drinks

ski lodge las vegas

Who says you need to book an expensive trip to Whistler in Canada or Hokkaido in Japan to experience the homey feeling of drinking at a lodge after hitting the slopes? If you’re craving the vibe of an alpine lodge while you’re in Vegas, just visit the Ski Lodge at the Cosmopolitan. The Ski Lodge … Read more

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The 8 Best Cigar Lounges in Las Vegas

Best Cigar Lounges in Las Vegas

The relaxing, comfortable, and social atmosphere of cigar lounges make them the most sort after dens for cigar lovers who want to appreciate the luxurious flavors of brands like the Cohiba, CAO, Davidoff, and La Gloria Cubana. Las Vegas is no stranger to smoke. You can freely smoke cigars in public places, outdoor areas, and … Read more

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13 Best Lounges In Vegas: Speakeasies, Classics & More

lounges in vegas

The best lounges in Las Vegas bring you unique speakeasy destinations, stylish décor, themed settings, and, not to forget, the much-needed smooth hand-crafted cocktails. Step away from the boozy slushies, and cranberry vodkas found everywhere and step into Las Vegas’ lounges offering quality spirits and world-class ambiance. Visit the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill to … Read more

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8 Best Tiki Bars in Las Vegas

tiki bar las vegas

Tiki bars are staples in the Las Vegas bar scene, offering tropical island-themed services with an impressive selection of crafty rum-based cocktails. You won’t miss the sight of one such bar with its romanticized take on tropical cultures as well as retro décor. The backstory of the tiki bar dates back to 1933 when Ernest … Read more

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Speakeasy Barbershop in Cosmopolitan: Entrance, Menu

barbershop cosmopolitan

Enter the three-seat barbershop at the Cosmo and get treated to a precious speakeasy hidden behind a “janitor” door. The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails is not just a novelty but also a functional barbershop aiming to reinvent the Prohibition Era concept. Classic cuts and razor shaves meet whisky-centered drinks at the speakeasy. The Barbershop brings … Read more

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The Laundry Room Las Vegas: Location, Dress Code & More

The Laundry Room Las Vegas

Located in the creative and most artistic side of Las Vegas is a legendary speakeasy with a peculiar name, The Laundry Room. A catchy brand name makes you wonder about its meaning and how it came to be named as such. The Laundry Room is a famous speakeasy that manages to keep its mysticism by … Read more

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12 Best Yard Drinks & Big Drinks in Las Vegas 2024

yard drinks in vegas

You have probably seen many people walking around Las Vegas with huge drinks. The drinks are usually in tall containers filled with some colorful liquids that you may have wondered what exactly was inside. Well, you have been introduced to the big drinks in Las Vegas, or more precisely, the Yard Drinks. As Sin City … Read more

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16 Fremont Street Cheap Drinks & Happy Hours 2024

Cheap Drinks on Fremont Street

If you have gambled in Las Vegas for a while, you might know that most casinos offer free drinks to gamblers. This is the fastest way to get free and cheap drinks in Vegas, be it on the Strip, off the Strip, in Downton Las Vegas, or specifically along Fremont Street. However, many visitors and … Read more

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The 10 Best Bars on Fremont Street 2024

bars on fremont street

Whether you are looking for cheap bars on Fremont Street, hip hop bars, sports bars, clubs, or restaurants with bars, then this article got you covered. Fremont Street has more than a dozen bars and restaurants offering the best Las Vegas happy hour, from $4 beers to $6 reds and whites. Bar hopping is at … Read more

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