6 Best Las Vegas Water Shows

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If you are a mystic, water is one of the five elements of the universe, but in Vegas, water is the key to endless entertainment. Las Vegas is a city known for its many fun activities and leisure that encompasses the city.

If anyone tells you they have been to Vegas or they are going to Vegas, you are almost sure that they are on vacation with some serious cash. Why? Vegas has shows that are not comparable to any city in the US, and the adrenaline is assured to rise while watching these shows.

One of the most sought-after events in the sin city is water shows. Involving ingenuity that loads technology and creativity that beats the impossible, at least to your eyes. Prepare to be perplexed with a wonderful view that is dreamy, magical, and experiential while in the prime of dry Nevada.

1. O Show by Cirque du Soleil

O by Cirque du Soleil 1
Source: @cirquedusoleil
  • Location: Bellagio Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: 90 minutes, Wednesday to Sunday
  • Rating: 5+ (Underage patrons should have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $79.00

Water, acrobatics, aerial gymnasts-Cirque du Soleil orchestrates a show that you don’t want to miss for anything. They are known for the carefully choreographed shows and pure jittery transfer that transpire during the performances. If you ask any Cirque fan, they will tell you that you must see O.

O by Cirque du Soleil 2
Source: @cirquedusoleil

The wet stage features a 1.5 million gallon pool filled to the brim, with swimmers and divers performing all the underwater magic of your childhood dream.

The acrobatics on the railing above the pool are perfected and synchronized to push you into the adrenaline wow and ‘OMG’ corner. Divers jump in the deep waters from a platform 60 feet above the stage, and the splash can be felt and lived.

O by Cirque du Soleil 3
Source: @cirquedusoleil

All the acrobatics, fire acts, and magic that happens over the water tells a story, and the story will not only move you but stick with you. It will be an experience you would want to share with a loved one. The show is kids friendly so bring your siblings and children so long as they are not afraid of the music, splashes, and fire that the acts feature.

The seating arrangement at O is sectioned, and you can book the general admission seats for less or Vip for an exclusive private cocktail to match the high energy of the performance.

Seats in sections 101-105 are marked as wet seats, meaning you may get splashy if you choose the seats. Also, seats in section 105 are marked as obstructed-meaning viewing is not the best from that section.

Book that perfect sweat at the O theatre today by buying a ticket online.

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2. Bellagio Fountains Water Show

Bellagio Fountains Water Show 1
Source: @bellagio
  • Location: Bellagio Hotel and Casino (Flamingo Road and Vegas strip intersection)
  • Show Times: Monday-Friday: Every 30 minutes from3.00 pm-8.00 pm, and every 15 minutes from 8.00 pm to midnight. Saturday and Sunday: Every 30 minutes from 12.00 pm-8.00 pm, and every 15 minutes from 8.00 pm to midnight.
  • Rating: All ages
  • Ticket: Free

Over 1000 jets shooting water up the skies, rising to heights above 24 story buildings, and great artistry with water is what you get at the Bellagio fountains display. The synchronous water movement on the huge pool spanning over 3 acres is bewildering and is a must-see for a romantic afternoon.

Bellagio Fountains Water Show 2
Source: @bellagio

The water seems to dance to the playlist (more like shooting than dancing-but no one is looking), from the game of Thrones theme song to the newest billboard EDM tune. It is a must-see, and it is free.

3. WOW-The Vegas Spectacular

WOW-The Vegas Spectacular 1
Source: @riovegas
  • Location: Rio Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: 90 minutes, Nightly
  • Rating: 4+ (underage kids must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $53.00

Voted as one of the best variety shows in the strip, WOW is the perfect mesh of every oddity and spectacular act you have seen.

The water stage sparkles to the shimmering light on the splashing waters while dancers make strides and moves that make them seem boneless.

WOW-The Vegas Spectacular 2
Source: @riovegas

Acrobatics and aerial performances don’t get left out as they are spinning and doing stunts you never want your mean neighbor doing. Technology is well encompassed in the show through holograms and 3D lighting that draws that exquisite sight of virtual reality.

You can get this pure adrenalin show during your visit to Vegas by booking tickets on the website. A word from the wise, book early for a better seat allocation.

4. Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams 1
Source: @lakeofdreams.wynnlv
  • Location: Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: Daily from 8.00 pm to 12.00 am
  • Rating: All ages
  • Ticket: Free

Imagine a 90 feet tall waterfall on a 3-acre lake, with 5500 LED lights to illuminate the background of the waterfall. Welcome to the world of dreams and fantasy at the Wynn complex in Vegas.

Lake of Dreams 2

This free show is perfect for a date night or personal quiet time. The music is calming and will get you to enjoy those cocktails on a peaceful evening as you please your sight.

5. Aquarium Mermaid Show: Interactive Feeding Shows

Aquarium Mermaid Show 2
Source: @silvertoncasino
  • Location: Silverton Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: Thursday to Saturday at 12.00 pm-8.15 pm; Sunday at 10.30 am-6.45 pm
  • Rating: All ages
  • Ticket: Free

Aquatic life is so mesmerizing up close. More so if it is that mermaid you read in stories in real life now, smiling at you. And they can dance too! The 117,000-gallon aquarium has a range of sea life, from sea turtles to sharks and corals that make you seem to be staring at the bottom of the ocean.

Aquarium Mermaid Show 1
Source: @silvertoncasino

This amazing free experience at Silverton Hotel is crowned by a 500-gallon aquarium that has a LED-lit jellyfish show-dreamy. So if you want that mermaid sailors song, make your way to the casino for a live recording session.

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6. The Indoor Rainstorm Show

The Indoor Rainstorm Show
Source: @miraclemilelv
  • Location: Miracle Miles Shops, Planet Hollywood
  • Show Times: Shows every hour from Monday to Thursday at 10.00 am-11.00 pm; every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 am-11.00 pm
  • Rating: All ages
  • Ticket: Free

This show incorporates a clean blend of rain, thunder, lightning, and fog to produce a masterpiece of a frightening rainstorm in the middle of vegas.

Don’t worry as you will not be rained on. This recreation of the raging rainstorms is so real, especially if you reside on the parts that face this weather menace. You can feel the cold, and the air even smells cold!

The free show is a must-see, especially if you are into weather stuff and probably think the world will end in a storm-winky face.

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Final Words

Water shows in Vegas are fun to watch. They are packed with variety and warrant audiences the obsession of wanting to see them repeatedly. From the production of Cirque du Soleil O to the free show of Bellagio fountains, you can find something fitting your fantasy and budget.