Best Shows in Vegas: Comedy, Magic And More

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Las Vegas is home to the greatest shows on earth, leave alone America. It has housed the forefathers of comedy, circus, magic-name it-bringing them to stardom and fame. In this case, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It not only leaves the city but explodes to the world! Every showman knows that if you want to make it big, land a gig in Vegas.

From the birth of famous tv acts and headlining shows like Penn and Teller and Criss Angel to Cirque du Soleil top performers, they all zero back to the strip.

Why? Because Vegas is not just a city; it is the city of fun and games. People come here to unwind from work, relationships, and the awfulness of their lives. And what do they get? They are served with a full course Vegas experience.

What to Do in Vegas?

This is a very vague question. If you ask a Nevada resident what you should be doing in Vegas, they will probably shake their head in disbelief, like did you ask that? You can’t blame them because Vegas is known for what it is, fun. You come here to do either of two things: performer or the audience.

For starters, you can start with daily life in Vegas. You will want to visit the legendary casinos, nightclubs as well as day clubs. Don’t gamble at all as it is very appealing at this time. You need money to eat too.

Go to as many food courts and restaurants as you can. In the strip, luxury is engraving in the middle. You will find fine dining as well as your favorite fish and fries or a burger as you go-talk of catering for every budget.

Showmanship and performance nights are massive in Vegas, so don’t leave yet. The good thing is that you can book most of these big headlining shows online or find a host to guide you through your Vegas night experience.

What Are the Best Shows in Vegas?

1. Comedy Shows

Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a good time in Vegas, what is better than cracking the ribs? Take your family or friends to one of these shows and be stitched by humor masters.

There are a variety of family-friendly comedy shows, or if you love the more mature content-you too are sorted. Some feature one-man shows, while others offer comedy from different comics altogether. In some setups, you will find comic routines that reserve you no tear of joy.

No matter what type of comedy you are into, a guarantee is you will find it here. Comedy magic, raw standup comedy, comedy routines, and plays, etc, you pick your tickle. The shows are in nightclubs and theaters in some of the biggest arenas like Excalibur and Flamingo.

Headliners in this category:

Established comics perform in halls and theaters, feeding thousands with laughter and enjoyment. Some of these comedy shows include:

Show Age Ticket Length Location
Penn and Teller 5+ From $77 90 Minutes Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now 5+ From $50 70 Minutes Liberty Loft Theater, NYNY
Laugh Factory 18+ From $37 70 Minutes Tropicana Las Vegas – A Doubletree by Hilton
Menopause The Musical 14+ From $56 85 Minutes Harrah’s Cabaret
Carrot Top 18+ From $53 75 Minutes Atrium Showroom, Luxor
Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club 21+ From $65 60 Minutes MGM Grand
Eddie Griffin Experience 21+ From $65 60 Minutes Sahara Theater
Tape Face No From $39 90 Minutes Harrah’s Cabaret
Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show 13+ From $27 70 Minutes Canyon Club, Four Queens
Mac King Comedy Magic 5+ From $29 70 Minutes Thunderland, Excalibur
Piff The Magic Dragon 13+ From $44 75 Minutes Flamingo Showroom

2. Magic Shows

Magic Shows in Vegas

A little magic makes the world awesome, and who doesn’t love to be wowed? Vegas has the prescribed dosage for all things magic, from the ecstatic card tricks to mind reading hypnotists and scary, explosive, and supernatural acts.

Vegas packs award-winning performances that have featured even on television all on a stage to stimulate your adrenaline and blank your mind. You may spot your favorite magician on the AGT reality talent show here, so be ready to get spirited.

Artists delving into comedy magic, hypnosis, teleportation, mind reading, and card magic are present. Shin Lim is an expert in closeup card magic that leaves you wondering how he made the card appear in your pocket without touching you. Shades of reality and magic flush in front of your eyes as Shin calmly makes things appear and disappear.

Other acts from Criss Angel are completely out of this world. Who can saw himself in half and bind again to be whole? Yes, you got it-Criss Angel the Mindfreak! You don’t want to watch if you are faint-hearted. Or David Copperfield, who made the statue of liberty disappear! If it is not supernatural, it is magical, won’t you agree?

Headliners in this category:

Some of the topliners in the Vegas magic scene include:

Show Age Ticket Length Location
David Copperfield 5+ From $89 70 Minutes David Copperfield Theatre, MGM Grand
Penn & Teller 5+ From $77 90 Minutes Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
Shin Lim: Limitless 5+ From $77 75 Minutes Mirage Theatre, Mirage
Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented 5+ From $50 80 Minutes Mat Franco Theater, The LINQ Hotel + Experience
Criss Angel Mindfreak 10+ From $86 90 Minutes Planet Hollywood
Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show No From $29 75 Minutes V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
Piff the Magic Dragon Show 13+ From $44 75 Minutes Flamingo Showroom
Mac King Comedy Magic 5+ From $29 70 Minutes Thunderland, Excalibur
Paranormal Mind Reading Magic 5+ From $28 75 Minutes The Magic Attic, Horseshoe
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis 18+ From $34 75 Minutes V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

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3. Drag Shows

Drag Show in Las Vegas

Drag shows involve men trying out as women or women as men. They wear opposite-sex dresses, apply makeup, and catwalk, or would you call it showcase their gender might on the strip. It involves singing, modeling, and lip-synching to melodies played. Humor is an occurrence here, and you will get all this in one serving fashion, comedy, and dancing.

You may have heard of the RuPaul Drag Race or seen it on tv. Get some live action from the cast on RuPaul as they race to get the Drag Queen title. Drag shows are LGBTQ-friendly competitions and show what the community has to offer. You will find drag races in gay-friendly bars on the Vegas strip, eastside, or downtown Vegas.

If you love a good dance session and love to try your wife’s clothes-or sister-you got to invest in a drag show. Witness real drag queens parade their talent for you to marvel and learn if you want to be one of them. Or you can watch and quench your thirst.

Headliners in this category:

Show Age Ticket Length Location
RuPaul’s Drag Race Live No From $61 90 Minutes Flamingo Showroom
Drag Brunch 21+ From $90 75 Minutes Senor Frogs, Treasure Island
X Burlesque 18+ From $70 75 Minutes Bugsys Cabaret, Flamingo
Absinthe 18+ From $149 90 Minutes Caesars Palace’s Roman Plaza

4. Cirque du Soleil Shows

Cirque du Soleil O-Show
Source: @cirquedusoleil

The thrill of hanging men and women flying and holding hands mid-air, then jumping to a rope- the adrenaline levels will skyrocket watching one of the Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows.

They are packed with choreographed dances, acrobatics, and puppetry to give one marvelous experience of a circus feel. They are modernized circus movements-or as they are known as contemporary circus shows.

Most are family-friendly, so you will not be worried if you can bring your family to the show. Before booking, ask for the show rating to know if you can bring your kids or respected kindred to the show. It is an absolute treat showing a human pushing the limits of the human body.

Headliners in this category:

Show Age Ticket Length
Mystère at Treasure Island  No From $81 90 Minutes
Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay 5+ From $95 90 Minutes
The Beatles Love at the Mirage 5+ From $105 90 Minutes
O Show at the Bellagio 5+ From $118 105 Minutes
KÀ at MGM Grand 5+ From $69 90 Minutes

Did you know: The Zumanity show is closed and will not be reopening.

5. Adult Shows

Vegas Adult Shows
Source: @chippendales

Whether it is for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or you and your spouse wanting to get that sexual thrill, sin city will provide all sorts of sexual stimulations. From stripteases on famous joints to private parties hosted in big clubs, you are going to have a blast.

Vegas has strippers, both men, and women, in bars and pubs to add that extra flare as you drain your drink. To enter such establishments, you have to be over eighteen years-legal age.

Dozen strip clubs offer party experiences for you and the boys to masquerade through and have lap dances as you ogle at the sheer beauty of the dancing naked or near-naked queens. These dancers, with their model-chiseled bodies, will leave your mouth wide as they tease and squeeze your androgens.

And for the ladies, if your town boys don’t like hitting the gym, you are in for a treat. Muscles, muscles, and more muscles! You can watch and bargain on touching, eh? These bodybuilders move in a sexy-tempting way that makes you want to lose it and throw yourself at their mercies.

Headliners in this category:

Show Age Ticket Length Location
Stripper 101 18+ Ladies only From $59 90 Minutes Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
Rock Candy: Male Revue 21+ From $40 Pegasus Showroom, Alexis Park All Suite Resort
Chippendales 18+ From $62 75 Minutes Chippendales Theater, Rio
Black Magic Live 18+ From $48 90 Minutes Embassy Nightclub
X Country 18+ From $60 90 Minutes Harrah’s Cabaret
Australia’s Thunder from Down Under 18+ From $63 70 Minutes Thunderland, Excalibur
Fantasy 18+ From $52 75 Minutes Atrium Showroom, Luxor

6. Production Shows

Production Show: Vegas The Show
Source: @vegastheshow

Want to see a live Broadway musical? What about that coveted variety show? Vegas has all this in store for your amusement.

Productions featuring singing, dancing choreographies, and acrobatics are present and ready for your exploration. Get to see the wonders of the human body, some of the best vocals you can ever hear, and talent that is hidden from the plain eye.

The shows are prepared and revised, so you get that feeling like you are in a film feature. The music, the moves, and the dances move you to the extremes adjusting your body and spirit to feel the acts and be part of the moving experiential.

Headliners in this category

Show Age Ticket Length Location
Blue Man Group No From $79 105 Minutes Blue Man Theater, Luxor
Vegas! The Show No From $109 75 Minutes Saxe Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
MJ Live 5+ From $74 70 Minutes The STRAT Theater, The STRAT Hotel
WOW – The Vegas Spectacular 4+ From $53 90 Minutes Rio Showroom, Rio
Australian Bee Gees 5+ From $39 70 Minutes Thunderland, Excalibur
Jabbawockeez No From $99 75 Minutes MGM Grand
V – The Ultimate Variety No From $52 75 Minutes V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

Tips for Attending Shows in Las Vegas

So you’re going to Vegas for your favorite show now, but are you sure it is the right one? Whatever you get in Vegas is professionally cast and has a headline already in its specific class. You have to take appropriate measures to ensure that the show you choose is what you want to see.

Here are some tips to act as a checklist as you strive to feed your addiction.

1. Parking

Always do prior planning of parking available if you plan on bringing your car or motorcycle.

Lack of planning can lead to having reached a spot where parking spots have run out and now you are left wondering what on earth you should do. You may even end up missing the show, a grave incident.

To counter this, explore your options beforehand, and also come early to secure a spot. Explore other options to get around in Vegas like public transport, uber, or Lyft.

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2. Ticketing

When ticketing, be sure to bring the required credentials like your identification documents. This is a requirement for night shows and 18+ shows.

Pay attention to the instructions after ticketing and double-check your tickets after they are printed out to confirm all information is fed correctly. You don’t want to get the wrong seats or the naming wrong. That can easily make your ticket void.

Arrive early to avoid those long lines that leave you exhausted even before you watch the show.

3. Sitting Arrangement

According to your ticket, you will find a seat number allocated to you. However, if you book a general admission ticket, don’t expect to get front-row seats. But fortunately, most venues have a “no-bad seat guarantee” so you will not strain much if you happen to get that corner seat.

4. Rules

Know what the rules and regulations of the venue and show that you are attending. Most have dress code rules, especially the restaurants and night/day clubs.

There are certain types of attire they do not allow, especially branded ones. Ask for the rules sheet, and make sure that you are agreeable to the non-negotiable prohibited items like weapons and cameras.

4. Safety

How safe are you? What about your property, i.e. your car, personal belongings like wallets, etc.? Better safe than sorry-ensure that you can count on yourself and your mates being safe. As they always say, safety first.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for the best magic shows or the drag queen’s experience, or you want to laugh the world out, Vegas has something for you. This city packs the world’s best shows in production and presentation.

You will be at the mercy of choice as you wow at the offerings these professionals have to offer. Get the full experience and enjoy the capacity of a fulfilling show at the many theaters and halls hosting these acts.

But don’t forget about you, and your property. You can have fun and come to a broken car, or a stolen wallet. Be sure to look after your belongings well, and avoid shady places that may lead to incidents. Maximize your fun in Vegas!

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