The 7 Best Hypnosis Shows in Vegas

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Hypnosis is an art of magic that tends to bend the reality of things. A hypnotist will make your hand move without touching it-creepy. But it can be a breathtaking show that makes you wonder if you exist in a sense.

Well, you do, of course, but do you? If you are confused by this paragraph already, congratulations! You have enrolled in hypnosis masterclass 101.

What makes hypnosis distinct from other shows is the aspect of human interaction. You see, in a hypnosis show, you will be part of the act. After all, you are the audience under hypnosis. Make sense?

In Las Vegas, hypnosis shows incorporate magic and comedy to bring out an extra feel to your adrenaline. One moment you are shocked, the other you are laughing and another you may be writing without will!

That is how spontaneous these acts get. All this exclusivity to magic and comedy headlines in many theaters, especially on the Vegas Strip. Headliners who are known for their craft mesmerize patrons with unimaginable acts.

Some of the best hypnosis bigshots like Marc Savard implore comedy to make the best acts-like making strangers dance to a no beat rhythm, which is hilarious.

Top 7 Hypnosis Shows in Las Vegas

1. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis 1
Source: @officialmarcsavard
  • Location: V Theater-Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
  • Time: Tuesday through Saturday: 10.00 pm
  • Ticket: $34
  • Rating: 18+

Marc Savard is a legendary hypnotherapist on the Strip. He does weirdly funny things to total strangers for the amusement of his audience. He is a self-taught performer whose skill sprouted to the mainstream at 19. It made him the youngest professional hypnotherapist in Vegas’ history. The show has the sought-after director David Saxe as its producer-he has also produced the V Variety Show.

You cannot go wrong with the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis show, as it involves active audience participation all through. Marc asks for volunteers to feel his “touch” throughout the show. It is a perfect show to attend with friends.

You will see your close mates o the most stupid and absurd things ever and live to tell the tale-or they can do the same to you. The show runs discounts frequently, so check the website for updates on that.

Purchase the tickets here starting from $34.

2. Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

  • Location: Four Queens Hotel & Casino
  • Time: Tuesday through Saturday: 9.00 pm
  • Ticket: From $27
  • Rating: 18+

Dubbed the “extremely funny hypnosis” in Vegas, Hypnosis Unleashed by Kevin Lepine is a must-see show in Downtown Las Vegas. His quick-paced hypnosis acts feature a lot of volunteering, so be ready to do a crazy thing (that mostly you will not remember) on the stage if you volunteer.

It is an interactive show where the host asks the audience for volunteers to be hypnotized. You can see strangers moving funny because he believes he holds a heavy bag, or another crying out loud for they see a snake on their shoulders-it is a belt, by the way.

His style and edgy adult humor saw him gain the name “rockstar of hypnosis” with his raunchy unscripted acts. The show is so unpredictable that it is new every time you watch it-even when that is daily. No wonder he is a 2-time winner of the Best of Vegas Award.

3. Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

  • Location: Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • Time: Monday to Sunday: 4.00 pm-6.00 pm
  • Ticket: From $28
  • Rating: 18+

The best European mentalist brings the action to Vegas through his headlining show Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show. Using his out-of-this-world abilities, he predicts what is in your pocket or even what you are thinking. Frederic Da Silva is the best in his craft, and his paranormal abilities describe him well enough.

Over a decade of reading people’s minds has pushed him to be a celebrated performer not in Vegas alone but internationally. This has seen him go ahead and bag the FISM European Championship of Magic and the FFAP French Champion of Magic.

4. Anthony Cools

Anthony Cools

  • Location: Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • Time: Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday: 9.00 pm
  • Ticket: $31
  • Rating: 18+

This show is the longest headlining hypnosis show in Vegas today. Experience mind-bending alterations of the human mind at the Anthony Cools Hypnosis Show. Volunteer at the show, and see yourself do witty stuff that you wouldn’t want your 7-year-old son seeing-or your little sister because they will tell everyone that you cried! Not to worry, as you don’t have to volunteer to be part of the act.

However, if you so wish, you can ask your friends about the escapades that Cools had you do on the stage. This show uses adult language, and the hypnosis may be witty (don’t worry, no one will tell you to remove your undergarments). The unscripted 90-minute show will leave you in stitches and total disbelief of what strangers did on stage.

Check Anthony Cools Hypnosis Show ticket prices.

5. Gerry MacCambridge – The Mentalist

Gerry MacCambridge - The Mentalist
Source: @vegasmentalist
  • Location: V Theater-Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
  • Time: Thursday through Tuesday: 7.30 pm
  • Ticket: $38
  • Rating: 16+

Rated the most successful Mentalist show in Vegas, The Mentalist by Gerry MacCambridge is a jewel in the Mojave desert. You get a mix of magic and hypnosis, which is quite rare in the city. He will create illusions that will have you hanging by a thread to reality and its existence altogether.

His talents are exploring, entertaining, and involving. And there is this beautiful assistant who doubles as the DJ-what a taste. Join the crowd and celebrate the acts of the 4000+ performances champion.

Check ticket prices.

6. Bancheck’s Mind Games

Bancheck Mind Games
Source: @stratvegas
  • Location: The Strat Hotel, Casino & Skypod
  • Ticket: $ 29
  • Rating: 6+ (children under the age of 18 are allowed in with the supervision of an adult)

This mind reader will comb your ability to contain secrets in his show Bancheck’s Mind Games at the Strat. His expertise in the art of hypnosis and mind-reading makes his show competitively amongst the best in Las Vegas.

You are not only entertained but left in total relaxation after undergoing a mind-bending reality check hypnosis. Who would have thought you were a robot? And who would suspect that the mind reader had the remote? Strangely amazing.

You can take pictures using your phone-no flashy cameras, please. Watch this award-winning showman in Vegas today: Psychic Entertainers Creativity Award and the International Magicians Society Award.

Check ticket prices.

7. Totally Mental – Vinny Gresso

Totally Mental-Vinny Gresso
Source: @vinnygrosso
  • Location: 3rd Floor, Neonopolis Shopping Mall
  • Time: Thursday to Saturday: 9.00 pm, Sunday: 5.00 pm
  • Ticket: $36
  • Rating: 5+ (children under the age of 18 are allowed in with the supervision of an adult)

Vinny Gresso appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent amazed the judges with his talent to hypnotize and predict. He will leave you dumbfounded and wondering what the hell is going on and why it is.

He has reimagined mentalism, offering a twist to the traditional segment of mindreading in his show Totally Mental at the Neonopolis. Participation is high in his show, so be ready to have your mind read. His comedy antics and hypnosis have earned him the Best USA Magic Shows Award.

Check ticket prices.

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Vegas Hypnosis Show FAQ

Is Hypnosis Real?

The answer to this question lies in the science of hypnosis. Professional hypnotherapy is real. It is used as treatment and conditioning for people suffering from PTSD, and mental disorders. However, in Vegas, this art is used for entertainment purposes only.

The showman will induce a particular ability, more like a command to the audience, and they will respond with a positive gesture. In simpler terms, they do as commanded.

So is it real? Yes. Many of the hypnosis shows in Vegas host professional hypnotherapists, mind coaches, and motivational speakers.

What is the Best Hypnosis Show in Vegas?

All shows in Vegas are exceptional in their own way. They each bring something different to the table, which makes them best in that category. However, Marc Savard is a great show that you should see if you had only one choice of a Vegas hypnosis show. He brings a mixture of experience, witty laughter, and the crown jewel-hypnosis. You are not going to miss that, would you?

Is Hypnosis in Vegas Family-Friendly?

Most of the shows in Vegas are meant for adults, and hypnosis follows the same suit. Each show has its age rating, and due to the use of adult language, you cannot bring a patron below 18 years. But hypnosis shows like Totally Mental with Venny Gresso and Bencheck Mind Games are rated 5+ and 6+ respectively. You can take kids with you to this show so long as they pass the age limit.


Hypnotists in Las Vegas are fun shows to watch. Featuring world legendaries when it comes to hypnosis, mentalism, and psychic energy, Hypnosis shows in Vegas are big. Most of the hosts in these shows employ humor in the acts to relax their audiences, ready for hypnosis.

If you choose to volunteer, be ready to make terrible “mistakes” and make the audience laugh. Or you can chill and wait to see crazy weird stuff done by total strangers. All the same, you are in for some greater fun. Are you ready to be controlled? Kidding…are you?