The 10 Best Magic Shows in Vegas

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Magic, hypnosis, teleportation…terms that drive you to the very edge. If you don’t believe in impossible things, then visit the Vegas magic shows. You will doubt your very existence as you watch things disappear, and the best illusionists marvel at your mind.

Magic delves to disapprove of the way you see things, and it is a picture you relive daily after being in one of these displays.

Vegas packs loads of different mesmerizing shows, and magic is right in the epicenter of it all. Many talented magicians play their acts here, in the different exhibition centers and clubs.

Top talent all around the globe all long to have a show in Vegas, the epitome of success in show business. And the crowd doesn’t disappoint-remember the people here are looking for a good time!

Simply put, a magic show in Vegas is like a pilgrimage for anyone who craves amazement. So what are these crowd movers that display the unnatural formations of life? Well, look no further-adjust your reading glasses because it is about to go down.

1. Penn and Teller Las Vegas

Penn and Teller Las Vegas 1
Source: @pennandtellerlive
  • Location: Rio Hotel
  • Hours: 90 minutes, nightly
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $60.00

Inventors of magic are what you would like to call them-they started in the 70s. These two magicians like to put it as it is…magic for the masses. If you want to know how to uncut a cut string-don’t mind the ambiguity-then Penn and Teller will teach it to you. In the talk show Elen, they say they like showing what is going on behind the scenes.

Penn and Teller Las Vegas 2
Source: @pennandtellerlive

To nature the new talent, they inaugurated a show dubbed Penn and Teller: Fool Us. Magicians perform tricks, and the duo tries to decode them. If they fail to do so, then the magician has won. So if you feel like you are a magician who needs a world audience, how about starting at the top in Vegas by fooling Penn and Teller.

Known as the bad boys of magic for supposedly revealing magic tricks to the audience, Penn and Teller never seem to stop wowing their crowds.

They have full house shows in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, where you can catch all their witty, edgy, and hilarious shows. It runs for an hour but is complemented by a 30 minute run of jazz classic music.

Buy tickets for the Penn and Teller show from, and be sure to arrive early as doors to the theater open at 8.00 pm Monday to Monday.

2. Shin Lim: Limitless

Shin Lim Limitless
Source: @shinlimmagic
  • Location: Mirage Las Vegas
  • Hours: 75 minutes, Monday, Thursday-Sunday
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $75.00

Liang-Shung Lim is a Canadian American magician based in Vegas at the Mirage for his show Limitless. Known with his stage name Shin Lim, his close-up magic is what brought him to fame. He became a household name after winning America’s Got Talent variety show twice. Yes, two times! He is that good.

He also has been on the Penn and Teller Show Fool Us, and boy did he fool them. His card tricks have earned him respect in the magic world. He has elaborate yet sophisticated acts coupled with music that wow you right from when he shuffles the deck of cards.

In his own words, Shin Lim says he is not a magician nor a wizard and is in no way trying to deceive his audience. But attending one of his live shows, you can’t help but wonder how he does what he does. If that ain’t magic, what is!

You can book tickets to his Limitless Show at the Mirage and pay attention to the hands-no pressure.

3. Piff The Magic Dragon

Piff The Magic Dragon
Source: @piffthemagicdragon
  • Location: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Hours: 75 minutes, Monday, Thursday-Sunday
  • Rating: 13+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $ 63.00

Ever seen a magical Chihuahua? No? Piff has got you; pay a visit to the Flamingo hotel for Piff the Magic Dragon show live. Piff makes his comedy very interesting and involving. He constantly throws in a joke or two to keep you cracking as you find the missing card-which might as well be in your popcorn.

From the UK, Piff has been on the screens of Penn and Teller and AGT as a top contestant. He is a very likable chap, and his magic is priceless. Plus, who doesn’t love dogs? Catch him and Mr. Pebbles every Thursday through Monday at the Piff the Magic Dragon Theatre at 7.00 pm.

You can book tickets here, the price from $44.

4. David Copperfield Las Vegas

David Copperfield Las Vegas
Source: MGMGrand
  • Location: MGM Grand
  • Hours: 70 minutes, nightly
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $80.00

Arguably the longest-standing in-demand magician of all time, David Copperfield has been in the game for the last two decades, performing shows to his audiences around the globe. His tours are always sold out, which stamps on the fact that he is good at the craft.

You can book tickets to the Copperfield Live show at the MGM in the Las Vegas strip, and you will have a story to tell your mates as you toast beers or cocktails…or water. Be sure to be mesmerized and horrified by a man sawing himself in half or shrinking himself into a dwarf size and back to full length.

If you are in Vegas and don’t want to miss the chance to meet the godfather of magic, then make your way to the MGM Grand Theatre for his magic shows filled with raw magic and illusions that center on making you see the magic itself instead of production antics.

Be prepared to be part of the magic cast, as Copperfield pulls one or two persons from the audience to perform the trick with him. Don’t fear, you won’t disappear as the statue of Liberty did-or will you?

You can book tickets here.

5. Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show
Source: @NathanBurtonComedyMagic
  • Location: Miracle Miles Shops, Planet Hollywood
  • Hours: 90 minutes
  • Rating: Family Friendly (underage patrons must have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $25.49

And who said magic can’t be funny? They may need to pay a visit to the Saxe Theater inside The Planet Hollywood Resort’s Miracle Mile Shops and get a taste of the fun-filled magic with Nathan Burton.

You get the whole buffet of magic, comedy, and showmanship in one person. He molds his acts to be family-friendly and the reason they are fit for the 4.00 pm allotment.

So after having your fill at the many restaurants and hotels in Vegas, you may want to relax as you treat you and your family or friends to some great magic, simple, but you cannot do them. Relax, watch and laugh. Tickets are available on

6. Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly

Mat Franco
Source: @matfranco
  • Location: The LINQ Hotel
  • Hours: 80 minutes
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $49.84

A storyteller, a magician, a card master-some of the code names Americans have ordained this man Mat Franco. He is a true champ when it dawns to close up magic, seeing that he won season nine of America’s Got Talent on NBC. After winning the big bucks on AGT, he went ahead and became a top headliner on the strip.

You can catch his charismatic self at the Linq in his new show Magic Reinvented Nightly. Book tickets not to miss the chance of getting the smiley charisma touch of magic.

In his shows, Mat goes ahead to show you a trick or two. But still, you will be left wondering how the heck he did the next trick. He can do the trick again, and you will not know how he still did it.

7. Criss Angel Mindfreak Live At Planet Hollywood

Criss Angel Mindfreak Live
Source: @criss_angel_mindfreak
  • Location: Planet Hollywood
  • Hours: 90 minutes
  • Rating: 10+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $ 82.46

Gothic magic is what Criss brings on stage. Prepare to be on edge with his horror-like acts that let you see the magic as raw as you can, if you can, that is. If you have seen his shows on tv, you understand that there is viewer discretion on this recommendation. But if you enjoy the darker magical feel, then the Mindfreak is an impassable option.

Chris Angel-Mindfreak is his new show, and right from the get-go, you can feel the immersive nature of the acts. He packs a ton of acts with awesome music and visual effects-very effective in bringing the acts to life. This stellar production gives you the magic overload you long for at Chris Angel Theatre in Planet Hollywood Hotel.

His acts have been headliners in the Strip, and he continues to build chills to date. Remember not to bring your too old nanny to this show as there will be blood, screams, and explosions. The act will give you an adrenaline high you have never felt.

If you are already a fan of his shows, then how about witnessing the gush live? You can book your tickets online to see Criss Angel at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

8. Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King Comedy Magic Show
Source: @mackingshow
  • Location: Excalibur Hotel and Casino
  • Hours: 70 minutes
  • Rating: Family Friendly (underage patrons must have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $54.18

Annotated as the number one comedy magician, Mac is an established magical comic with numerous awards and appearances on top shows like Penn and Teller and The Late Night Show with David Letterman. He has seen publication by Random House, with his book entering the 12th edition now.

Find him at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino for acts that will gag and amaze at the same time. His is a one-man show full of wits and magic, probably one of the best in Vegas, if not the best. Book tickets for his show and laugh out loud.

9. Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker

Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker
Source: @xaviermortimer
  • Location: The STRAT Hotel, Casino and Skypod
  • Hours: 75 minutes
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $36.00

Xavier is not your regular magic trick kind of guy, no. He is more of a dream maker, or should you say, a dreamer. His illusions are just as perfect and seamless as they appear on paper. Former Cirque du Soleil performer, he joins his performances with the circus touch, and he will be flying once in a while to make a dream come true.

Enjoy his performances at the Strat in Las Vegas by booking a ticket to his live shows online through Xavier is a true performer and an entertainment sensation with millions of fans that he amuses with his illusions.

10. Paranormal: Mind-Reading Magic Show

Paranormal: Mind-Reading Magic Show
Source: @paranormallasvegas
  • Location: Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Hours: 75 minutes, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday
  • Rating: 5+ years (underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $28.21

An international mentalist, a renowned king of hypnosis, and an astounding performer, ladies, and gentlemen, here is Frederic Da Silva for you. He will leave you dumbfounded, speechless, and what have you with his ability to see the unseen. He can predict a time you visualized secretly and even tell what is in your left back pocket!

His magic is mind-bending, if not unreal. He pushes the spectrums of reality by taking your mind for a spin that you cannot forget for sure. You can find him at Horseshoe in Las Vegas performing for a mouth-dropping audience-join then by purchasing tickets through the Caesars’ website or through

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Anytime you are in the sin city, do yourself a big favor and visit one of the numerous award-winning magic shows here. You will not only be astonished by the impossibilities, but your mind will be in doubt of how the things magicians do are done. Well, don’t think about it-go see and live to tell the tale of the Magical Vegas.

From the legendary gurus of magic like David Copperfield to your favorite reality tv stars on AGT, you get them all in a basket. You can enjoy all these acts as soon as you land in Vegas, as magic shows are displayed daily.