Wynn Las Vega Lake of Dreams Reviews 2024

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Wynn is recognized as being one of the most luxurious resorts in Las Vegas. When combined with Encore, their casino floors rank as the largest on the Strip by square footage. If you are looking for something budget-friendly and family-friendly, Lake of Dreams is a fantastic experience for everyone in your family.

The Lake of Dreams is a multimedia experience that blends playful puppetry, an immersive soundtrack and innovative sound and lighting to create an unforgettable show.

A 900-foot performance waterfall and 1,500 pine trees surround Wynn’s signature 3-acre water attraction. Sparkling with 5,500 LED lights, grab a cocktail and enjoy stunning visual designs from a world-class team which includes Emmy-winning High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, production designer Michael Curry and lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe.

The History Of The Lake Of Dreams

The History Of The Lake Of Dreams
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When Steve Wynn bought the old Desert Inn and transformed it into Wynn, he built a 130-foot mountain that he covered with pine trees. This was done to disguise and nearby Fashion Show Mall, a distracting spaceship-shaped Fashion Mall across Las Vegas Boulevard. Once built, Wynn guests could look over the interior of the mountain, enjoy views of a massive wall of water cascading into a private lake.

When the Lake of Dreams opened in 2005, this water feature has doubled as a daytime oasis and a night-time show. Guests could enjoy watching quirky performance videos, which include a Garth Brooks voices animatronic frog known as Wynnie. But eventually, this started to feel dated and wasn’t meeting customer expectations.

In 2020, master puppeteer Michael Curry re-envisioned the Lake of Dreams show and updated it to fit the modern spectacle of Vegas. Now, a trio of bright and colorful animatronic 28-foot birds, team up to perform on top the 45-foot-high waterfall. You’ll see them shake and dance to Patti Labelle’s Lady Marmalade and imitate Lady Gaga with their performance of Born This Way.

A $14 million state-of-the-art upgrade was installed at the specially built outdoor environmental theater. This bespoke space consists of a central 45-foot by 90-foot performance waterfall framed by a three-acre lake, 11-story mountain, and 1,500 pine trees. The scene was described in an interview as “lush and serene mountain-scape, waterfall, and lake environment” by Ortega, where “towering puppetry and animatronics burst to life.”

What Happens In The Lake Of Dreams?

The Lake Of Dreams Lady Birds
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After the success of the frog, the creators wanted a more female perspective for their show. The fabulous Lady Birds are controlled by servo motors and wear bedazzled costumes worthy of any Vegas headliner. These one-of-a-kind 28-feet-tall, 17,000-pound animatronic characters singer, dance and have their own personalities.

The Lake Of Dreams Astronaut
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Members of the audience will also be introduced to the imaginatively named Astronaut, a space explorer who navigates their way through an interstellar mission. This immersive section of the show is sound tracked by a dramatic cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. The entire lake will be transformed into an outer lake space scene, taking you away to another planet.

However, the Lake of Dreams wouldn’t be complete without Singing Frog, the iconic 30-foot amphibian (and original cast member) who was rebuilt with advanced robotics and returns to the show with a dapper new look.

Newer digital characters include the Emoji Orbs, a duo of emoticons who joyfully express their love for each other. Electra is the Lake of Dream’s celestial emcee, a character made up of pure light who flies through the air to interact with the audience. The other emoji character is The Swimmer, an underwater live-action film sequence that follows a mythical mermaid.

The show is always changing acts and keeping up with modern audiences. Now there is a Nightclub act where music videos come to life, all set to music by The Chainsmokers. When you come back next year, this show will have likely have changed again!

However, Lake of Dreams would be nothing without the iconic singing frog, the only original cast member. Wynnie, the 30-foot amphibian, now croons the iconic New York New York in Frank Sinatra’s voice, as well as sings Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

The nine nightly performances generally differ, so you can pop back for another show or stay the entire evening at no added charge!

Lake of Dreams Wynn: FAQs

Is the Wynn Lake of Dreams free?

Yes, it is! The Lake of Dreams is free to the general public and can be watched from the Parasol Up and Parasol Down Lounges. Alternatively, enjoy the show from the lake level patio dining at SW Steakhouse and Lakeside, but you will need to book in advance as it’s a popular spot.

You can’t see the show from the Strip as it takes place inside Wynn’s outdoor garden and restaurant. There is a free viewing program if you are on a budget and don’t want to grab a snack.

How long is the Lake of Dreams show and what time does it start?

The Lake of Dreams shows are only about 3 to 5 minutes each and run nightly every 30 minutes from 7 pm until midnight.

Where are the best seats?

Lakeside Restaurant
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The best place to see Lake of Dreams is from the two restaurants on the water’s edge—SW Steakhouse and Lakeside. Head down the curving escalators and enjoy the view from the patio of the Parasol Down Bar.

Parasol Down
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Seating on the outdoor patio is lovely and offers stunning views of Lake of Dreams, however it is for paying customers only. When you’re here, check out the signature Lake of Dreams Cocktail as well as favorites like Cranberry Mojito and Cucumber Mules.

Wynn has recently redesigned their lounges so that there are no bad views over the Lake of Dreams. If you have some time to request in advance, there is a special table at Lakeside that’s right on the water.

There is also a free viewing area for those not looking to grab food or drink.

Can I take my children to the Lake of Dreams?

Yes, Lake of Dreams is a must-see if you are visiting Las Vegas with your kids. Whilst it’s very surreal and will make you think, it is a family friendly attraction. Children will enjoy the bright lights, glowing orbs and boppy music. Remember, this show starts after dusk, which may be too late for some little ones.

What are the signature drinks at the Lake of Dreams?

There are two signature alcoholic drinks to enjoy at the Lake of Dreams. Inspired by the iconic singing frog, the Singing Frog is a craft golden lager that is exclusive to Wynn.

The second drink is inspired by the colorful fantasy visuals of the Lake of Dreams shows. The Lake of Dreams cocktail is a tasty blend of Absolut Elyx Vodka, Le Gran Courtâge Brut Rosé, raspberry and lemon, garnished with edible gold dusted raspberries. This scrumptious cocktail can be grabbed from Steakhouse; Lakeside; and Parasol Up and Down bars.

Final Words

When the sun sets, the Lake of Dreams comes alive in a spectacle of music and lights created by LED lights, puppetry, and eye-catching holographic images. In a city filled with bright lights and spectacle, Lake of Dreams is a must see.