Top 9 Best Lesbian Bars & Spaces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas does not have lesbian-specific bars. Despite being a thriving city with a vast LGBTQIA+ scene, official lesbian bars have all gone out of business or changed their marketing to include the larger queer community.

Gay and queer bars in Sin City are advertised as “LGBTQ+ inclusive”. Even though this is fairly inclusive, offering lesbian and queer women spaces where they feel comfortable, they also fall short since they are often dominated by male patrons.

It is always comforting to have spaces where gay women do not feel out of place. If you’re looking for a more lesbian-friendlier environment, there are a few options to consider:

  1. Don’t Tell Mama
  2. FreeZone
  3. Badlands Las Vegas
  4. Piranha Nightclub
  5. The Phoenix Bar & Lounge
  6. Hamburger Mary’s
  7. The Garden
  8. Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs
  9. Temptations Sundays

Please keep in mind that most of these spaces are LGBTQIA+ bars with an all-inclusive policy. However, they offer special lesbian-themed events, brunches, nights, and weekends. More on that in the detailed review below.

Best Las Vegas Lesbian Bars: Off The Strip

1. Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t Tell Mama

  • Address: Neonopolis, 450 Fremont St Ste 167 Las Vegas, Nv 89101
  • Hours: Sun – Thurs: 8 pm to 2:30 am, Fri & Sat: 8 pm – 3:30 am
  • Phone: 702 207 0788

Don’t Tell Mama is not an LGBTQ+ specific bar but a well-known LGBTQ-friendly spot. It is a popular karaoke bar with a fun and welcoming atmosphere, a great place to sing your heart out with your friends.

If you are looking for the most lesbian-friendly spot in Vegas, Don’t Tell Mama is the place to visit. It caters mostly to the lesbian community even though its an inclusive space that also accepts other LGBTQ members. Simply put, Don’t Tell Mama is Vegas’ locals-appointed lesbian-favorite bar.

The environment is inviting with its classy and cozy feel. It makes for a great romantic night with many live performances and open mic nights that bring together many local lesbian cliques.

Don’t Tell Mama stands as the best lesbian bar to visit if you want to know the ins and outs of the lesbian community in Vegas. And since it’s not over dominated by gay men, the bar stands out as a perfect mixed queer bar where both LGBTQ+ women and men feel right at home.

2. FreeZone

FreeZone Nightclub 1
Credit: @freezone_lasvegas
  • Address: 610 E Naples Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Phone: 702 794 2300

Located in the historic Fruit Loop neighborhood, FreeZone is one of the few LGBTQ+ spaces that isn’t heavily marketed to the gay community.

This all-inclusive bar is a hot ground filled with LGBTQ+ women and men alike. FreeZone is a great first choice if you are a lesbian or queer woman looking for a bar where you do not stick out. Check out their social media to get notified of their lesbian-centric events like the Wednesday Ladies Nights.

Themed-parties happen all the time and the variety shows are endless. The fact that its open 24/7 and serves cheap drinks daily tells you all you need to know about how popular the space is.

FreeZone has special Happy Hour offers like $5 drinks, $1 chicken wings from 4 pm to 8 pm and $20 all you can eat Street tacos from 8 pm to 1 am Sunday through Thursday.

3. Badlands Las Vegas

Badlands Las Vegas

  • Address: 953 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Phone: 702 792 9262

Badlands Las Vegas is an LGBTQ+ bar that stands out because of its country-theme and exclusive queer and gay ladies’ nights (“Lilith A Ladies Night” – 2nd and 4th Monday of each month).

Lilith A Ladies Night celebrates ‘Her Story’ on the select days from 8 pm till closure. VIP seating costs as little as $15 and there is free parking included. Hot performances and entertainment grace the night including comedy skits, games, and plenty more sexy surprises. All exclusive to the girls only.

Lilith Ladies Nights also host other events like Halloween Masquerade parties and Pride month-themed celebrations. Check out their Instagram page to see how Lilith has pioneered the first Las Vegas women-only pleasure parties.

4. Piranha Nightclub

Piranha Nightclub 1
Source: @piranhavegas
  • Address: 4633 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  • Hours: Daily 10 pm – Close
  • Phone: 702 791 0100

The Piranha Nightclub is another LGBTQ+ space filled with both gay and lesbian guests. It’s a great place to let loose and dance the night away in a high-energy diverse crowd.

Voted Best Gay Nightclub Bar in Las Vegas for 6 years in a row, it is easy to think their only target is the gay patrons. That wouldn’t further from the truth, Piranha offers themed nights and special events for diverse entertainment. It is a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, regardless of identity, popular to locals and tourists alike.

The vibrant environment is filled with a good mix of Latin to Dance, Pop, Top 40, and a little bit of everything. The trendy and modern ambiance is perfect for those looking for an electric nightlife experience.

5. The Phoenix Bar & Lounge

The Phoenix Bar Lounge

  • Address: 4213 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Phone: 702 826 2422

The Phoenix Bar & Lounge is a gay bar. However, it is known for its lesbian-friendly atmosphere, activities, events, and clientele. Their events are the biggest attractions featuring unique takes on classics games, bringing you unique sets like Burlesque Bingo.

The Phoenix also has several bar game nights and karaoke nights spread across every month.

The chicken quesadilla and small bites are top notch for a late-night snack. But above all else, the most praised part of Phoenix Bar & Lounge is their staff. The bartenders and servers are friendly and welcoming, able to relate and connect to diverse groups ensuring everyone feels comfortable and has a good time.

6. Hamburger Mary’s Las Vegas

Hamburger Mary’s
Source: @hamburgermaryslv
  • Address: 1700 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Hours: Fri – Sun: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Phone: 702 592 0208

What makes Hamburger Mary’s popular among the LGBTQ+ community is its plethora of fun drag brunches and shows. Famous ones on their weekly calendar include “Drag Becomes Her” on Fridays and the weekend drag brunch, “Drag Your Sass to Brunch.”

The fun and festive bar has a drag show every night with a delectable cocktail menu filled with ‘unique’ nicknames like the ‘Pina Cum-Alota’.

Hamburger Mary’s is the perfect destination for those seeking a night of laughter, celebration, and unforgettable comedy gold.

7. The Garden

The Garden Las Vegas Bottomless Brunch
Source: @thegardenlasvegas
  • Address: 1017 S. 1st Street Ste 180, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Hours: Thurs & Fri: 6 pm – 2 am, Sun & Sat: 11 am – 2 am
  • Phone: 702 202 0900

The Garden is a lesbian-friendly gay bar that is excitingly inclusive. In fact, the bas was the winner of the Las Vegas Weekly’s “Best LGBTQ Bar of 2022”.

The drag shows and brunches held at this stylish lounge are stuff of legend, which means the seats get filled up very quickly. A reservation beforehand would be best.

For someone looking to have a lesbian-friendlier experience, a good recommendation is to visit the Garden during their weekly weekend brunches & monthly events that bring together the entire LGBTQ+ cliques in Vegas.

Best Las Vegas Lesbian Bars: On The Strip

8. Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s

Drag Brunch Las Vegas

  • Address: 3300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Hours: Fri – Sun: 11 am to 4 pm
  • Phone: 888 885 8677

Held at Senor Frog’s at Treasure Island, the Drag Brunch attracts various LGBTQ+ groups from all over the Vegas valley. It is an all-inclusive affair filled with both queer women and men giving a sense of belonging amidst the wild performances starring RuPaul’s Drag Race stars.

But let’s not forget, a big selling point of the brunch is its buffet. It’s a great way to start your week with a laugh and some delicious food.

The Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs runs from Thursday to Sunday, serving unlimited drinks.

9. Temptations Sundays

Temptation Sundays

  • Address: 3900 S Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Hours: All Sundays During Luxor’s Pool Season
  • Phone: 702 262 4000

Held at Luxor Pool in the Luxor Hotel & Casino, Temptations Sundays is more of an event with a bar than an actual bar. But we would be amiss if we did not include it in our list due to its grandiose stature.

Dubbed the ‘Hottest LGBTQ+ Pool Party in Las Vegas’, the event brings together all groups in a supportive, energetic, and fun ambiance where everyone is free to cut loose in their tight swimwear under the scorching heat of the Vegas summer.

Splash around in the refreshing pool, enjoy refreshing cocktails, and connect with fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Lesbian Bars Declining?

There used be hundreds of lesbian bars across the country but their popularity has declined over the years to just a handful. According to the Smithsonian magazine, only 15 queer and gay women bars/nightlife spaces remain in the United States.

In the past, lesbian bars were often seen as safe havens where LGBTQ+ people could socialize and be themselves without fear of discrimination. However, as society has become more accepting of LGBTQ+ community, the need for these exclusive spaces has diminished.

Also, the LGBTQ community has gotten a whole lot bigger, thereby increasing the number of queer venues that aren’t exclusively lesbian. The competition from these venues has made it harder for lesbian-specific bars to attract their limited niche market, thereby putting them out of business.

There are many other factors that have contributed to this decline but despite that, there are several lesbian bars that are thriving; often located in LGBTQ+ neighborhoods offering variety of events and activities.

2. Where is the Fruit Loop in Las Vegas?

The Fruit Loop is located along Naples Drive in Vegas, Nevada. It is right where East Naples Drive meets Paradise Road & University Center Drive.

Fruit Loop is a long street filled with LGBTQ+ bars and nightlife making it a famed spot among the queer community.

Some notable LGBTQ+ bars and nightclubs on the Fruit Loop corner include the FreeZone, Piranha Nightclub, Badlands Las Vegas, Gilcrease Orchard, Quads Video Bar, Double Down Saloon, and the Garage.

3. Is Las Vegas LGBTQ Safe?

LGBTQ+ laws in Nevada are among the best in the United States. Las Vegas is considered one of safest cities for LGBTQ communities with many inclusive spaces, activities, events, and pride celebrations like the Las Vegas Pride every October.


The lack of official lesbian bars in Vegas and their general decline across the nation is a cause for concern. As much as the inclusion of entire LGBTQ+ communities is amazing, some gay and queer women feel much safer and comfortable in women-only spaces.

If you are looking for such spaces, our recommendations will help you get started on the right foot: from Don’t Tell Mama’s classy setting to the laid-back FreeZone, the inclusive Badlands’ Lilith Night, and the rowdy Piranha Nightclub.