The 7 Caesars Palace Pools: Map, Hours, Prices

Luxury, gambling, and showbiz are the definition of Las Vegas for most folks. However, a trip to Vegas would be incomplete without a dip in the refreshing waters of the Vegas pools. How else would you combat the hot Mojave heat that lurks in the atmosphere on most days of the year? Las Vegas has a wide range of pools that you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of, especially in resorts that have huge in-house swimming pools.

The Garden of Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace has a sufficient package for swimming enthusiasts. With seven pools strategically located within an ancient Rome setup, you are in for a treat of Italian hospitality and leisure at the resort. Caesar’s offers a generous palate with different tastes of royalty and luxury in their multiple pools. You can choose one of the pools depending on your preference.

And seeing that Vegas is the capital of gambling, how about a casino in the ocean? Or at least a close version of the same-with the four gaming tables for a blackjack card game in the pool. The odds at the table are not the best, with 6:5 being the blackjack payout. But who cares when you’re swimming like a whale and sipping a signature cocktail?

Who Can Access the Pools at Caesar’s Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis?

The pools at Caesars are divided into two sections. Six of the seven pools cater to the visitors of Caesars Palace and Nobu Hotel, while one pool is open to both hotel guests or otherwise at a fee. As a guest of either Nobu Hotel or Caesars Palace, you qualify for a complimentary lounge chair.

Each hotel room key allows entry for a maximum of two people. You will need to carry the key to get services at the pool, like towels. You can upgrade to a cabana or a daybed at an extra fee for extra comfort.

Guests staying at The Cromwell can also access the Rome pool experience through the Caesars Rewards exchange program. Get to confirm whether you qualify for the complimentary pool experience when booking your hotel.

In a nutshell, anyone can access a pool at the Garden of The Gods Pool Oasis. The distinction is based on the specific pool you get access to and the availability of that particular pool. Some pools close for the session and during off-peak times, mainly for renovations and maintenance. However, you can still find pools still running for you to take a dip in any given season.

For non-guests, entry is charged at $20 per head for a lounge chair at the Venus Pool + Lounge. You can choose to upgrade for a fee to a cabana or a daybed. The pool is accessible to those aged 21 and over, so an ID may be required to confirm the age limit cap.

Pool Opening Hours

The pools are open daily during the peak summer season, running from March to October, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The pools are closed during the off-season, which means your favorite Instagram shot may have to wait for all pools to open in March. Check the Caesars website for a conclusive update on which pools are open currently.

Disclaimer: The Garden of The Gods Pool Oasis is temporarily closed. The pools will open for the pool season in March for both the hotel guests and the public.

The Pools at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Pool Map

1. The Temple Pool

Temple Pool

This is the most recognizable of the seven pools and a favorite of many of the establishment’s guests. Built to reminisce the ancient glory of Rome and Caesar-the great emperor of Rome, it’s a sight to behold. It has six Italian-style columns that support a dome in the middle of the pool.

Under the dome is the statue of the emperor, surrounded by six bowl-like fountains gushing out water to revert the glory of Rome. Looking at the architecture, you are taken to an era when being a Roman was like being the president of the US in comparison.

The outskirts of the pool are mapped by the towering columns all around the pool’s perimeter. The clear waters welcome you with an enchanting blue that wants to shine on that toned body of yours. You can never go wrong with this massive 10,000 square feet of space and water. All your friends can have fun in this circular haven, and you can take those memorabilia pictures to show your grandkids one day in your 70s.

Most free loungers from the Nobu and Caesars will use this pool; there’s plenty of company if that’s what you are looking for, not to mention someone to take that Insta-story picture for you! It has 16 daybeds and at least 4 cabanas which can house 8 people comfortably. It is a family-friendly pool, so you can bring your whole family to enjoy the water. However, kids under 14 need adult supervision to access this pool.

2. The Neptune Pool

Neptune Pool
Source: @caesarspalace

The Neptune pool is named after the Roman god of freshwater and the sea. It is the largest of the seven pools at Caesars, serving guests of all ages. It’s a rectangular 5,000-square-foot lap pool, fit for taking that swim race with your buddies that you have been talking about since 3rd grade.

It houses a large sitting capacity with 12 daybeds and 8 cabanas, enough to accommodate your crew. Extra seating is available with the chaise lounge chairs next to the cabanas. This party pool in Las Vegas is fit for anyone who wants to keep the party going away from the conventional party scenes in Vegas.

This populated pool serves as the social hub of the pool area, and it is close to the bar for an afternoon drink. It is adjacent to the famous Temple pool, meaning exclusive views of the Roman glory. The pool is open to all lounges of the Nobu and Caesars hotels only.

3. The Venus Pool + Lounge

The only public pool among the seven luxury pools in the Garden of The Gods Pool Oasis is the Venus Pool + Lounge. You are in for a round of fun and luxury: $20 gets you access to the pool and a lounge chair. You can always upgrade to a more befitting cabana or daybed at a fee. This public pool is open to those aged 21 and older only, as it holds exclusive party scenes that are to die for.

Fridays through Sundays are for live DJ performances where you get to dance to the beat. Less revealing clothing may be required to access the Venus pool during the live DJ performances. It is not like your usual night or day club, but the beat does get you moving for sure. It is a laid-back, lively, highly energetic environment that you want to attend to no matter what. This pool does not have complimentary access, and basically, everyone has to pay for entry.

4. The Fortuna Pool

Fortuna Pool
Source: @caesarspalace

Centrally located in the pool oasis, the Fortuna pool is named after the goddess of luck and fortune. The name calls for it, and luck rains on the four blackjack swim-up tables at the pool. Imagine swimming and gaming! What a combo. Add the signature cocktails being served by the bartender at the Fortuna bar—mind-blowing.

The odds are not attractive, to say the least, with a 6:5 blackjack payout-unlike the usual 3:2, but the scene compensates for this shortcoming. Fortuna Pool is the ideal getaway for any gaming fan looking to relax in the pool. Why would you have to choose between gaming and swimming? The fun is double the dose inside the Fortuna pool gaming tables at Caesars Palace. Swim-up with a benny and cash out a grand or two with several drunk blackjack rounds under the cascading waterfall of the Fortuna pool.

5. The Bacchus Pool

Formerly sectioned off for invited VIPs and high rollers, the Bacchus pool offers VIP treatment to its loungers. The pool is named after the Roman god of wine and ecstasy, and it lives up to its name with the luxurious, high-end treatment it offers. Relax in one of the 8 deluxe daybeds or 8 cabanas available at the poolside. Should extra seating be a necessity, water chaise chairs are also at your disposal. You can avoid crowds and spend time like a celebrity for only $150 for a daybed.

6. The Apollo Pool

The Apollo pool is tucked away in the southwest corner of the property. It’s away from the crowds, making it ideal for sunbathing in the quiet just enjoying the sun on your skin. It‘s named after the Roman god of the sun and light. You can get your tan right with your girls in one of the 5 cabanas or 4 daybeds available.

7. The Jupiter Pool

The only pool built with children in mind at the Garden of The Gods Oasis is the Jupiter pool. Named after the king of the Roman gods, Jupiter Pool is the perfect retreat for your kids in the summer. It features a kid-friendly environment with a food and beverage menu to match. Themed floaties, bubbles, and life-sized games are a perk your kids will love.

The Qua Spa Poolside

One of the Jupiter Pool cabanas is the Qua Spa Poolside Therapy, where you can get a relaxing massage from a professional masseuse. Their treatments include:

  • Cabana massage: $215 for 50 minutes and $275 for 30 minutes.
  • Deep tissue treatment: $235 for 50 minutes and $325 for 80 minutes.
  • “Love My Legs” Chilled leg treatment: $99 for 30 minutes; $75 for an extra 20 minutes.

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Which Is the Best at Caesars Palace?

Your pool selection is determined by what you need to achieve with it. If you are looking for fun and interaction with a party vibe minus the children, Venus is the place to be. This pool allows non-loungers to attend, so it’s pretty cozy. If your vibe is social media and influence, Temple Pool will get those likes on that picture next to the Roman emperor, Caesar.

The Neptune pool is perfect for all ages and is the largest, so there is plenty of space to move around. The Fortuna pool is desirable for gambling, with four blackjack tables up for grabs. That, and a bar nearby making drinks to keep you quenched, is a real bargain.

Are you feeling more extravagant and in need of VIP treatment? The Bacchus Pool is just the thing. Book a deluxe cabana or daybed and experience the exclusive VIP hospitality and serenity that Elon Musk yearns to get. If you want to sunbathe away from the crowd, a daybed at the Apollo pool will do you good. What if you need a family pool? Well, why don’t you head over to the Jupiter pool with your children for a fun-filled swimming experience?

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Whether you are looking for a fun swim day or a laid-back sunbathing by the pool experience, a visit to the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis will have something for you. Six of the pools have exclusivity for Nobu and Caesars Palace guests, so book a room at these Vegas hotels for a chance to dance with the gods of Rome.