6 Newest Casinos in Las Vegas

In recent times, Vegas has continued to get massive guest lists from people visiting the city for a good time. This has pushed developers to invest heavily in the entertainment industry to ensure that quality exists in their establishments.

New casinos in Vegas feature more modern looks with better finishes to attract you to the top client. They play every game, from dice to blackjack. To ace the game, they offer you better deals so you can stay longer on their tables once you are inside. Entering one of these casinos, you feel like a king queening in your yard.

Newest Casinos in Vegas

Newest Vegas Casinos Map:

1. Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Casino Floor


  • Location: 2777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Date Opened: December 13, 2023

Fontainebleau on the Strip is the newest luxury casino in Las Vegas.

It features a huge casino floor covering 150,000 square feet of space filled with warm gold glowing lights and chandeliers.

It is a world-class upscale casino with a welcoming luxurious atmosphere, handcrafted comfy Italian chairs, and high-elevated ceilings that immerse you in a unique world of its own. The artsy interior is filled with intriguing art pieces, stunning light fixtures, high-end décor, and a classy ambiance.

The casino is made up of 1,300 slot machines, a 13,480 square feet sportsbook, 6 private gaming salons, an 18,350 square foot high-limit gaming area, and 128 gaming tables. The only lacking section in Fontainebleau is a dedicated poker room, but they do offer video poker machines.

A VIP rooftop gaming experience is at the ready for high-limit players who want to indulge in the striking view of the Strip’s cityscape. 105 high-limit slots are included and the Tavern at Fontainebleau stands as the ultimate luxury sportsbook in Vegas with plush seating and picturesque interior decor.

Poolside gaming will also be available in the Spring of 2024 when Fontainebleau opens its seven distinct pools.

Do not forget to join the Fontainebleau Rewards program while you game. The Program offers great discounts and prices for rooms, beverages, food, parking, and resort fees.

2. Durango Las Vegas

Durango Casino Las Vegas
Credit: Durango Las Vegas
  • Location: 6915 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89148
  • Date Opened: December, 5, 2023

Venturing off the Strip, the newly opened Durango Las Vegas offers a more intimate and community-oriented experience. Located in the southwest region of the city, the resort exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a relaxed Vegas getaway.

Durango’s Casino was specifically designed for those who want a more local experience rather than the eclectic Strip rowdiness. And since it is far from the Strip, you can expect better odds, more lucrative discounts, and a more serene ambiance.

The casino floor, at 83,178 square feet, though not as big as the new Fontainebleau is still spacious and inviting, featuring a delightful blend of classic and modern games. Over 2,300 slot games make up the casino and over 60 table games are available including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

The sportsbook is massive covering 10,000 square feet across both indoor and outdoor seating sections. Over 4,200 square feet of digital LED Screen space surround the sportsbook, complimented by 205 seats across circular bars and doubled-sided LED displays.

Relish in the Bonus Multiplier Days where there is No Limit on many classic games at the casino. You may also join the Senior’s 50+ program if you are eligible to enjoy exclusive promotions and benefits.

3. Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Resorts World Las Vegas Casino 1

  • Location: 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
  • Date opened: 24 June 2021

Resorts World is a massive development that opened in mid-2021 in the sin city. It features state-of-the-art technology, which the developers say to be the missing piece of the puzzle in Vegas’ casino games. In other words, Resorts World Las Vegas has revamped the gaming entertainment sector in Vegas by disturbing what is possible.

The hotel spans over 87 acres of land with a casino space of 117,000 square feet. This gaming lounge features slot machines, gaming tables for your favorite table games like blackjack, and a poker room for individual or tournament gaming.

Resorts World Las Vegas Casino 2

The professional staff holds you to the gaming table with expert handling of the games. Be careful not to spend too much on the beautiful enchanting gaming experience at Resorts World.

Technology is the frame of this casino. Using a cashless payment option sets Resorts World apart from the crowd. The casino Play+ allows you to transfer credit and receive instant payments on your winnings without leaving your table. If that is not exclusivity and comfort, what is?

Get entertained at the Dawg House Saloon and Sports Bar while you play your cards. Grab a beer or some of the exquisite cocktails at the bar as you take a break to refresh your gaming brain back to action. You can also get personalized gaming at the private Crockfords Casino and Lounge.

Alternatively, the 66th-floor sky casino will offer the serenity of an alien play if you are into more than just rolling the dice. Slot machines are also available if you are into more traditional gaming.

The casino has a loyalty program where participants get Genting Rewards points for continued play at the casino. You can redeem these points for exclusive offers and benefits at the casino.

The casino has fronting services where you can load your account before gaming. That way, you are assured of the amount you want to bet.

Plus, it is a great way to encourage safe gambling as you can deposit the amount you are only flexible on waging without the risk of having an impulse credit. Patrons can also access credit to cover their bets at the casino, a great perk of gaming at the resort.

After the game, you can enjoy the wonderful meals at the Chinese restaurants in the hotel and lay down in the relaxing world-class luxury rooms at the hotel.

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4. Mohegan Sun Casino at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Mohegan Sun Casino 1
Source: @mohegansunlasvegas
  • Location: 4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Date opened: 25 March 2021

The Virgin Hotels chain opened a spot in Las Vegas to replace the Hard Rock Hotel, which operated until early 2020. While opening the hotel, billionaire owner Richard Braddson said the move was to paint Vegas red with the theme color of Virgin hotels. The hotel was to bring new light to gaming and hospitality and has gone over the top with it.

The casino by Mohegan Sun is one of the most attractive features of the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, and gambling here gives you the exclusivity of real gambling. The casino management has been in the business for decades operating successful joints in states like Pennsylvania. They measure up to the standards of the elevated gaming experience in Vegas.

Mohegan Sun Casino 2
Source: @mohegansunlasvegas

Featuring slot machines, table gaming, and poker, the hotel assures fulfilling gaming with exotic entertainment. You can get a free game, a social casino game, which you can play online with friends as you wait to start gambling the big cash.

One astounding feature of the Casino is the Betfred Sportsbook, where you can wager on your favorite teams. Momentarily, it is not open, but the hotel puts the sportsbook betting as a coming soon feature.

The virgin hotel did a wholesome overhaul of the old hotel to feature state-of-the-art artistry in the design of the place. The rooms were reinvented, and new fittings were done to give that Virgin look you will fall for.

Spending a night in this hotel after a night at the Mohegan Sun Casino is fair play. You get to spend your winnings dining and relaxing in luxury and posh like a true winner.

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5. Circa Hotel and Casino

Circa Hotel and Casino 1

  • Location: Fremont Street
  • Date opened: 28 October 2020

Circa is one of the most iconic and extravagant hotel constructions to be seen in downtown Las Vegas in years. Most casinos have been reinvented from existing builds, but Circa Hotel and Casino was built from the ground up.

Circa Hotel and Casino 2

It features state-of-the-art gaming areas with high tables and private tech playing tables. The slot machines at the High Limit Slot area are up to date to feature the latest technologies to give you the extra fun you crave while rolling the pin.

You are assured of a good time at the casino with the loyalty reward program, and joining Club One, and qualify for free merchandise, slot time, and discounts in the casino.

The hotel room experience rating has been rated as one of the best in downtown Las Vegas by critics. You can enjoy a hot sunny afternoon at one of the six pools in the hotel. When gaming is over, enjoy the night in the hotel’s rooms for a relaxing, affordable experience altogether.

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6. Sahara Las Vegas

Sahara Las Vegas 1
Source: @saharalasvegas
  • Location: 2535 Las Vegas Boulevard, South Las Vegas
  • Date opened: 2019

The Sahara Las Vegas is known for hosting the Eddie Griffin Experience comedy show. The hotel also has a casino area spanning over 60,000 square feet. You get an amazing time playing the slot machines or placing wagers at the casino’s sportsbook on olive games. You get to choose the vast 50 tables to play on. Roll the dice, and win!

Sahara Las Vegas 2
Source: @saharalasvegas

As an extra perk, the casino has a reward program when playing at the casino. You qualify for discounts and free stuff at the casino. As icing to the cake, your credit can be added when you run out of cash and are indisposed to get more. You get to continue playing without actually having money. How cool is that?

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7 Tips To Safe Gambling In a Casino

Gambling is fun and relaxing, more so if you are winning. The feeling of cashing in at the cashier is bewildering to any gambling fanatic out there. You feel like you have been racing, and you have just won majorly.

But winning doesn’t always happen. Statistically, only around 40% of gamblers win in casinos. That leaves 60% of gamblers losing all their bets.

Losing is upsetting and can harm you in more ways than one if not tamed well. How exactly do you minimize the risk of gambling your life savings away in Vegas? Below are seven tips that if you follow carefully, you stand a good chance of winning against the house.

  • Gamble only what you can afford to lose. The biggest mistake you can do is gamble away your last coin or essential funds.
  • Set a limit to the amount you are willing to gamble. Ensure that you stick to the limit, whether you are winning or losing.
  • Set a limit to the time you are to spend gambling. This will prevent time wastage and addiction as you will have control over the schedule of your time.
  • Don’t take gambling as a money-making activity. Gambling is an entertainment activity, not a money-making venture. Taking it as a money maker will get you attached to the gaming, and this can prove to be dangerous as you will be pushing to recover losses.
  • Don’t take extra money with you apart from what you wish to gamble. The perfect way to tame your spending on the casino is by having the exact cash you have set aside as disposable money. Leave credit cards and money accessing devices at home or in your hotel room to avoid impulse spending.
  • Make sure you are emotionally quiet when you want to gamble. Gambling while angry or over-excited can make you take drastic and regrettable actions that hurt your finances. Gambling should be when you’re stable to understand that the house always wins.
  • Taking gambling breaks helps you overcome the adrenalin at the gambling table. You can guide your mind to better position yourself to enjoy the game more.


Casinos in Las Vegas are a major attraction to many visitors who grace the city. New establishments have come up over the past few years with a promise of being more involved while offering elevated gaming experiences to patrons.

You can play most of your favorite games, from table games to slot machines. Some casinos offer a personalized gaming experience with their patrons with a VIP lounge to experience your game in comfort and serenity.

If you are a gambling nerd, you will have to explore the new casinos in vegas. You will have a blast experience while cashing in big money at the same time. However, responsible gaming is essential.

Always gamble for entertainment, not work-unless you work in the casino. Otherwise, be chill always and look for ways to maximize fun without tearing your wallet apart. Play safe, and may the best gambler win!