Top 12 Heated Pools in Vegas: Year Round Pools

Vegas is rightly famous for its pool scene, and for some, lazing on a sun lounger with a cocktail in their hand against a poolside backdrop is as much a part of the Vegas experience as the casinos, the nightclubs, the shows and the restaurants.

However, in winter Vegas can get cold – but the good news is, many hotels now offer heated pools that are open year-round, allowing you to go for a swim whenever you visit.

Furthermore, some people might also enjoy the luxury of a temperature-controlled pool, even during the warmer months, so for those who care about the water temperature, here’s our guide to the best heated pools in Vegas.


Most of the resorts on the Strip have heated pools, and here are some of the best options.

MGM Grand

MGM Pool 1
Source: @mgmgrand

Open all year: The Main Pool is kept open during winter

The MGM Grand is one of Vegas’ most iconic hotels, and covering a total area of 6.5 acres, the Grand Pool Complex there is huge.

The pool area boasts four pools along with waterfalls, whirlpools and more. For a touch of extra luxury, you can opt for a daybed or a cabana, and one of the most fun things to do there is to take a ride down the renowned Lazy River.

MGM Grand Main Pool Heated Pool
MGM Grand Heated Pool

The Main Pool is heated to around 80°F, and it’s open year-round. However, during the winter months, the rest of the complex is closed – including the Lazy River – so don’t expect it to be nearly as lively as during the summer.


Bellagio Pool
Source: @bellagio

Open all year: Pool deck and two pools open in winter

The elegant and luxurious Bellagio hotel offers a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired pool area with five distinct sections, each exuding the kind of classy style for which the resort is known.

You can choose from poolside daybeds or cabanas for a more indulgent experience, and hot tubs are also provided when you need somewhere to soak away the excitement of Vegas’ nightclubs or the stress of the casinos.

At a temperature of 84°F, the pools at Bellagio are some of the warmest in town, and even during the winter months, the pool deck and two of the pools remain open, allowing you to enjoy a rejuvenating dip at any time of the year.


The Chelsea Pool 1
Source: @cosmopolitan_lv

Open all year: The Chelsea Pool is heated and open year-round

For a chic yet wickedly playful atmosphere, the Cosmopolitan is the place to head. The resort is as trendy as they come, and the pools are perfectly designed to cater for the hotel’s hip clientele.

In summer, the expansive Boulevard Pool is the main part of the so-called Pool District, and the popular Marquee Dayclub is also a major draw for those who want to enjoy poolside cocktails and music in sumptuous surroundings.

Unfortunately, both the Boulevard Pool and Marquee Dayclub are closed during winter, but you can still go for a swim in the more intimate Chelsea Pool, which is kept open and heated to 80°F year-round.

Mandalay Bay

Moorea Beach Club
Source: @mooreabeachvegas

Open all year: One pool is kept open year-round, usually the Moorea Beach Club pool

With arguably the most impressive pool complex on the Las Vegas Strip, Mandalay Bay is a big draw for summertime sun worshippers heading to Vegas to catch some poolside rays in plush, luxurious surroundings.

The pool area is spread over an impressive 11 acres and boasts a wave pool, a lagoon and a Lazy River. Cabanas and gazebos are also available for those who want to take their comfort and relaxation to the next level.

Much of the complex closes down during the winter months, but one pool, usually the small Moorea Beach Club pool, is heated and stays open all year.

During summer, this pool is more adult-oriented, but when everything else shuts, it becomes a more family-friendly area, making it suitable for winter guests of all ages.

Palazzo and Venetian

Venetian Pools
Source: @venetianvegas

Open all year: Heated pools are open year-round

At the Palazzo and Venetian resort complex, all pools on the gorgeous Italianate pool decks are heated.

The Palazzo pool deck offers a shallow Lounge Pool that’s ideal for summertime relaxation, and cabanas are also available for hire. Then, during the winter, the luxurious heated pools, allow you to continue to make the most of the outdoor area.

The Venetian pool deck boasts four pools, including three infinity pools, along with loungers, daybeds and poolside chairs.

Heated pools there are also open throughout the winter, allowing you to go for a swim, whatever time of year you happen to stay.


Mirage Oasis pool
Source: @themiragelv

Open all year: Smaller Private Oasis pool heated and open during winter

The pool area at Mirage has been created to resemble a paradisaic oasis of lushness surrounded by the heat of the desert, and when you’re looking for somewhere to kick back and take it easy, it’s hard to beat.

There’s a large Main Pool area along with the smaller Private Oasis pool and the adult-only Bare Pool, where European-style topless sunbathing is permitted. Cabanas and daybeds are available for hire, and you can find refreshments in the Paradise Café.

During the colder months, the Private Oasis pool remains open and is kept heated to a constant 70°F, which, while not the warmest, is still comfortable for wintertime swimming.

Wynn and Encore

Wynn and Encore Pool
Source: @wynnlasvegas

Open all year: One pool at Wynn is heated and kept open all year

For top-end opulent luxury, the Wynn and Encore Resort has few rivals. Attention is paid to every detail to ensure that your stay is second to none – and that goes for the pool areas too.

Both halves of this twin resort boast stunning poolside settings that are ideal for lazing in the summer sun, perhaps while sipping a perfectly crafted cocktail and enjoying life at a slowed-down pace.

However, during the winter, the pool complex at Encore closes, and only one pool at Wynn remains heated and open.

Guests at both Wynn and Encore are entitled to use the Wynn pool out of season. However, if you are planning to spend any significant amount of time poolside during winter, you’re better off staying at Wynn since it will save you a short walk.

Resorts World

Resorts World Pool
Source: @resortsworldlv

Open all year: All the pools at Resorts World are heated and open all year

Having finally opened in 2021 after several years of delay, Resorts World, the newest addition to the Las Vegas Strip, is home to one of the most spectacular pool complexes.

With seven pools set in a 5.5-acre outdoor area and offering daybeds and cabanas as well as a selection of places serving food and beverages, this resort has something for everyone.

Although the Main Pool area has the liveliest atmosphere, those with kids can head to the Family Pool for a more children-friendly environment – and for a more unique setting, the Bimini pool offers a creative artistic poolside backdrop.

Alternatively, there’s also a VIP area with an infinity pool looking down over the main Strip, providing sublime views that will live long in your memory.

Even better, all the pools are heated and remain open throughout the winter. This means if you don’t want to settle for a small corner of the pool area being open while most of it is closed – as is common in most Las Vegas resorts – this is, without doubt, the place to go.


If you prefer to stay in the downtown area, there are also several resorts that offer heated pools, and here are two top picks.

Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel

Open all year: The pool is heated and is open all year

Plaza Hotel is known for its attractive rooftop pool set on a 70,000 sq. ft. pool deck.

The pool itself is relatively small, but you’ll have access to extremely reasonably priced cabanas and daybeds. When renting one, most of the money goes into the minimum beverage spend, which means the money you pay purely for rental is minimal.

The décor is modern and funky – and there’s a giant mural entitled “Behind Closed Doors” towering over the pool area to add to the arty vibe.

The pool is heated too and is open year-round. There are also hot tubs available if the pool is not warm enough for you, and one quirky addition to this pool area is the pickleball courts that allow you to try your hand at this unique hybrid of badminton, tennis and table tennis.

Circa Resort and Casino

Stadium Swim Seating Area
Source: @stadiumswim

Open all year: Pools are open and heated year-round

If you want to catch a big sports game while sipping drinks at a bar and enjoying a heated swimming pool all at the same time, there’s only one place to head, and that’s Circa’s Stadium Swim.

There, you’ll find six separate pools and two different bars arranged around a giant 143-ft. screen, with each of the six pools set to a different temperature so you can find one that perfectly matches your preferences.

Even better, the pools are open all year, so even if the match you want to see is on during the winter, you can still watch it while sitting in a pool with a drink in your hand. And for sports fans, things can hardly get any better than that!

Rest of Vegas

Away from the main areas, some of the other resorts in Vegas also have heated pools, and here are two of the best choices.

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Red Rock Resort 2
Source: @redrockcasino

Open all year: Sandbar Pool complex is heated and open all year

One of the best options away from the Strip and downtown is Red Rock, which is located right out in the west of the city.

This resort is perfect for families with kids or simply people who want somewhere more relaxing and peaceful than the chaotic and boisterous locations nearer the action.

At Red Rock, the main Sandbar Pool area is open year-round, and the water is heated to a comfortable 78°F, ideal for swimming or soaking during Las Vegas’ colder periods.

What’s good about this is that, whereas, in most other resorts, the main pools close and only one of the small ones is left open, at Red Rock the opposite is true.

This means you can take advantage of the main pool at any time of the year while only missing out on some of the smaller ones during winter.

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch Pool
Source: @gvrcasino

Open all year: Heated Cabana Pool open all year

Located over in Henderson, the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino is a beautifully serene place to base yourself away from the chaos of the Strip and the bright lights of downtown.

You can choose between regular sun loungers, daybeds and private cabanas, and one of the highlights is the sand-bottom, beach-entry pool, the like of which you’ll find in very few other resorts in Vegas.

You can also have drinks delivered right to you without needing to leave your lounger, and there are several tempting food options on offer too.

The pools are heated, and while the main pool is closed during winter, the guests-only Cabana Pool is open from the start of November to mid-March from 10am to 4pm daily.

When Are Pools Open in Vegas?

Regular pool season in Vegas runs from April to October, and during that time, all the resorts have all their pools open, regardless of whether they are heated or not.

However, from November to February or March, things are a little different.

Although most people associate Vegas with its often punishing summer heat, during the winter months the mercury drops, and you can expect to encounter some distinctly chilly conditions.

Between December and February, daytime temperatures usually sit at around 60-65°F, while at night, temperatures can drop below freezing.

This is hardly pool weather, but in the last decade or so, many resorts have taken to keeping at least part of their pool complexes open, allowing guests to swim in heated pools year-round.

However, if you visit during the winter months, you shouldn’t expect to find the full range of facilities and amenities available – and for those looking to party, Vegas’ famous pool parties shut down for the season, only returning when the temperatures begin to rise again.

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Plenty of Heated Pools to Choose From

As we have seen, when in Vegas, it’s possible to go for a swim, even during the coldest months of the year since many of the hotels have heated pools that are open year-round.

So whether you want a heated pool for a wintertime dip or just prefer the luxury of a heated pool, even in summer, with our guide now you know which resorts to book.