Best Time to Go to Vegas: Prices, Weather, Events & More

Vegas is the self-styled Entertainment Capital of the World, and no matter what time of year you visit, from casinos and shows, bars and restaurants, world-class nightclubs and so much more, you’ll never be short of something to do.

However, some times of year are more amenable for a trip to Sin City than others – so to help you decide when to plan your trip, in this post, we give you all the details you need about the best time to visit Las Vegas.

Factors to Consider when Deciding What Time of Year to Go to Vegas

What Time of Year to Go to Vegas

Vegas is open year-round, and whenever you visit, you’ll always find something to keep you entertained, whatever your tastes. However, there are several factors to consider when deciding which is the “best” time of year to be in town.

One of the most important of these is the weather, which can vary significantly. For example, since Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, summer temperatures can be punishing.

However, for people who imagine that being in a desert equals hot all year, the low winter temperatures can come as a surprise.

The next aspect to think about is the crowds, and while Vegas is never a ghost town, there are times of the year when it’s quieter and others when it’s positively rammed – so if you prefer things a little less hectic, you’ll want to plan your visit when fewer people are there.

Of course, then there’s the prices, which can change significantly throughout the year. Logically, prices tend to rise during the busiest times and drop when room occupation is at its lowest.

You might also want to consider which events are taking place at certain times – and plan your visit to coincide with them or avoid them, depending on your preferences.

So in short, choosing the best time to visit Vegas involves taking into account factors like the weather, the crowds, the prices and the events the city is hosting – so now let’s look in more detail at how these combine to affect the Vegas experience throughout the year.

Vegas Throughout the Year – an Overview

Vegas has four distinct seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter, and each has its own pros and cons.

Spring – Mar-May

Spring runs from March to May, and at this time, the temperatures are mild and pleasant. In March, the pools begin opening up again after being closed for the winter season, and Vegas’ famous pool party season begins.

Expect temperatures in the 70s and 80s during the day – although they can drop when the sun goes down, so you’ll still need to bring something warmer to wear for the evenings.

Except for during spring break, this season also sees fewer visitors, and this in turn means that room rates can be highly attractive.

Spring also sees Vegas play host to a range of events, which is understandable since this is one of the best times for weather and being outside.

So all in all, spring has many advantages and few disadvantages, making it one of the best times to plan your trip.

Summer – Jun-Aug

The heat of summer begins in earnest in Jun and reaches a crescendo in July when thermometers can hit 105°F. Temperatures remain high until the latter part of August, and throughout the whole of summer, highs of around 100°F are not uncommon.

This means if you stay in Vegas during this period, the heat is going to be a major factor in everything you do. While everywhere in town has air conditioning, you’ll roast as soon as you step outside, and you’ll probably want to stay indoors as much as possible.

The heat doesn’t deter the crowds though, and the summer months are a busy time of year. This means you’ll pay premium prices for the pleasures of sitting by an overcrowded pool or visiting a packed casino.

For these reasons, summer is one of the times most people prefer to avoid, but if you want to experience Vegas at its most chaotic – and you don’t mind the crowds or the heat – it can still be a fun time to drop by.

Fall – Sep-Nov

Toward the end of August, more bearable temperatures begin to return, and from September to October, you’re more likely to see the mercury hit the 80s and 90s.

As kids go back to school after the summer vacation, visitor numbers drop off too, so fall is another great time to be in town for the same reasons as spring.

However, be aware that as temperatures drop toward the 60s in late November, visitor numbers also start picking up again – as do the prices – so to take advantage of everything great about fall, try to time your visit for September or October.

Winter – Dec-Feb

The winter gets going properly in December, and during this month and the next, you may even see temperatures drop to around freezing. This means you’ll need to bring warm clothes, even for the daytime – and at night, you may even need a hat and gloves.

However, despite the cold, this is a popular time of year to visit, so you’ll also find the place quite busy – and the prices rise accordingly.

Furthermore, most of the pools are closed during the winter, so while there are still a few places to go for a dip, this is not the time of year to visit if you want to swim.

Since it’s a busy and popular time of year, there’s always plenty to do during the winter months in Vegas, but due to the cold weather, higher prices, crowds and lack of pools, few people would recommend winter as the best time to visit.

The Weather

Let’s have a look at the weather in Vegas in a bit more detail.

Spring average maximum and minimum temperatures

  • March – Max 71.1°F, Min 50.5°F
  • April – Max 78.5°F, Min 56.9°F
  • May – Max 88.5°F, Min 66.1°F

Spring, along with fall, is the most pleasant time to visit Vegas for good weather. It’s warm but not hot, meaning you’ll be comfortable walking around outside and can usually wear lighter clothes like shorts and t-shirts during the day, especially toward the end of May.

The evenings can be warm, but sometimes they can be a bit chilly too – so you’ll want to make sure you bring at least a couple of long-sleeve tops for after the sun goes down, especially during the earlier part of the season.

Summer average maximum and minimum temperatures

  • June – Max 99.4°F, Min 75.8°F
  • July – Max 104.5°F, Min 82.0°F
  • August – Max 102.8°F, Min 80.6°F

As spring turns to summer, temperatures begin to climb to 100°F, and leaving air-conditioned buildings during the day starts to become more unpleasant.

You’ll want something like shorts and t-shirts for during the day – and probably not much more during the evenings. However, be aware that you’ll still need at least one warm top because you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors, and the air conditioning can be cold!

July is the very hottest time of the year, but August is not much better. If you’re in Vegas during the heat of the summer, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of time by the pool – but outdoor activities such as trekking won’t be very enjoyable at all.

Fall average maximum and minimum temperatures

  • September – Max 94.9°F, Min 72.4°F
  • October – Max 81.2°F, Min 59.6°F
  • November – Max 67.1°F, Min 47.3°F

Like spring, fall is another of the best times to visit Vegas if your primary concern is the weather. The heat of the summer will be over, and you’ll be comfortable walking around outside again wearing light clothes during the day.

As November wears on, temperatures can drop a little, so this is something you’ll need to be prepared for – and you’ll need warmer clothes for the evenings at any time during fall, especially toward the end of the season.

Winter average maximum and minimum temperatures

  • December – Max 56.9°F, Min 39.6°F
  • January – Max 58.5°F, Min 40.5°F
  • February – Max 62.9°F, Min 44.1°F

If you make the mistake of imagining that deserts are scorching places all year, you’re in for a shock – because the winter temperatures can be decidedly cold.

During the day, you’ll need a long-sleeve top outside at all times – and often, you’ll need something more substantial.

At night, temperatures are even colder, so make sure you bring proper winter clothes.

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The Crowds

The crowds in Vegas fluctuate throughout the year, and the busiest and quietest times are largely predictable.

For example, the summer and winter are both busy because that’s when the schools are closed and families are free to travel.

On the other hand, most of spring and fall are quieter in Vegas, just like most other places, for the opposite reason.

That said, there are other things happening in Vegas that can also bring in the crowds at times you might not immediately think of.

For example, during spring break, Vegas is always busy, and the same is true for Halloween, Labor Day and the July 4th holiday.

Vegas is a popular town among sports fans, and huge numbers descend on the town for the Superbowl – or any other major sporting events.

One of the busiest times of year is during the New Year’s festivities – at this time, the parties are wild, but prices are sky-high and Vegas is about as full as it gets.

Then there are the conferences, which can bring in as many as five million visitors per year, so it’s always worth checking what’s booked for when you’re planning to be in town.

In short, summer and winter are the busiest times while spring and fall are quieter – although this can be affected by holidays and events, so it’s best to double-check before booking your trip.

The Prices

Prices in Vegas follow demand, so if you want to come when it’s busy, you’ll have to expect to pay a premium. On the other hand, visiting during the off-season will allow you to score some exceptionally attractive room rates.

At the same time, prices go up at weekends – so if you can visit during the week instead, this will also help you save a lot of cash.

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We touched on national events like the Superbowl above, but Vegas also hosts its own events, and these may bring in huge numbers of extra visitors while they’re on.

For example, each year, Vegas hosts the Electric Daisy Carnival, a three-day event featuring some of the world’s biggest DJs and electronic music artists and attended by up to 400,000 revelers. As a results, during the festival, visitors to the town rise significantly.

Another major event is the National Finals Rodeo, held in Vegas annually during the first full week of December. At this time, thousands of cowboys arrive in town, filling up rooms and pushing up prices.

There are too many other events to mention, but the key takeaway is that before booking a trip to Vegas, you should check what’s happening in town at the time – and plan around any major events if you want to enjoy lower prices and thinner crowds.

The Best Time to Visit If…

Las Vegas

Having looked at the various factors that can affect your Vegas experience, here are our suggestions for when to visit according to your priorities. Here’s when to visit Vegas if…

If You Want Cheap Rates

If you want cheap rates, aim to visit during spring or fall, but make sure you avoid spring break and try to book around any major events that might be taking place at that time.

Also, remember that prices begin to rise again throughout November – and to score the cheapest deals, try to visit midweek.

If You Want to Avoid the Crowds

Avoiding the crowds is essentially the same as finding cheap rates because the busier Vegas is, the more expensive it gets. This means spring and fall are the best options – as long as you avoid spring break or major events.

If You Want to Avoid the Heat

If you want to avoid the heat, don’t go in the summer. The best weather is during spring and fall, but if you don’t mind the cold, winter can be a fun time to visit too.

If You Want the Best All-Round Experience

You may have guessed by now that the best all-round experience can be had during spring or fall. That’s when the temperatures are most pleasant, there are fewer people in town and the prices are at their lowest.

This means if you want to visit Vegas and can plan your trip for any time of the year, the months from mid-March to May or from September to early November are the ones to go for.

When Is the Worst Time?

And what about the worst time? This is a difficult question since there’s no “bad” time to visit Vegas.

Some people will find the heat of summer unbearable so they might prefer to avoid that. However, for us, due to the crowds, the high prices, the cold weather and the lack of pools, we would say winter is our least favorite option – although it can still be a fun time to be in town.

Tips for Choosing the Best Time to Go to Vegas

Visit Mid-Week

At any time of year, prices tend to be cheaper during weekdays than at weekends, and if you visit then, you can score some exceptionally low room rates, allowing you to save a whole lot of cash.

Book Flights Early to Score the Best Prices

Vegas is a tourist town, and it’s well served by all kinds of flights – including budget ones. You can find some exceptionally cheap flights into Vegas year-round, even during peak times, and the secret is to book early.

If you plan your trip several months in advance and book your flights early, you can expect to benefit from some of the lowest rates available.

Check for Conventions Before Booking

When planning a trip to Vegas, don’t forget to check the conference calendar.

You might remember to take everything else into account, but then when it comes to booking your trip, you realize a major conference is being held just when you planned to visit, and the prices are a lot higher than you expected.

Understand that Pools Close in Winter – and That Pool Parties Start in March

If you want to swim, don’t visit during winter. Vegas does have some hotels with heated outdoor and indoor pools that stay open all year, but there are far fewer pools open during the colder months.

And if you want to attend one of Vegas’ notoriously wild pool parties, the season kicks off in March.

Avoid Major Holidays

Major holidays like spring break and other school holidays see visitor numbers swell – so to score the cheapest rates and avoid the crowds, time your visit to avoid these periods.

Room Prices Will Tell You if It’s Going to Be Busy

If you’re looking for a hotel room and prices seem to be especially high, it’s a clear indication that something is going on and Vegas is going to be busy at that time.

This means if you were hoping for a quieter break and didn’t know there was any reason for rooms to be booked up, you might want to do a bit of extra research to see why prices are so high.

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The Best Time to Visit Depends on You

As we’ve seen, there’s plenty to do in Vegas at any time of year, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time there, whenever you go.

However, if you want to choose the optimal time for your trip, you’ll have to weigh up considerations such as weather, crowds, prices and events – and then decide which time of year seems best for you.