Resorts World Parking Fees & Directions 2024

Resorts World Las Vegas used to offer complimentary valet parking until November of 2021 when they switched to paid valet. Self-parking remained free until January 2023 when the officials at the resort confirmed that Resorts World Las Vegas would be charging a daily flat fee for self-parking. 

Resorts World was one of the last few establishments that still offered free parking on the Vegas Strip. The number is shrinking by the day and the only places with free self-parking in Vegas currently include the Treasure Island, Circus Circus, and Sahara.

The recent change in parking rates in Vegas, including at Resorts World, is of no shock since most places in Vegas have always charged a fee. The good news is the charges are lower compared to the other Strip resorts, and you can still get complimentary parking if you belong to the Resorts World loyalty program.

Resorts World Overview

Resorts World Las Vegas
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Resorts World hosts three Hilton-affiliated hotels within its premises. This includes the Las Vegas Hilton at Resorts World, the Crockfords Las Vegas, and Conrad Las Vegas.

Despite each hotel has its own lobby, any guests residing in these three hotels use the same parking space provided by the Resorts World management.

Located on the north side of the Vegas Strip, Resorts World is strategically placed next to popular destinations, including the Fashion Show Mall and the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is an Asian-themed resort that has 117,000 square feet of gaming space and is owned by the Genting Group.

Over 40 restaurants are situated in the resort, including Carversteak, one of the most craved steakhouses in Vegas with multiple accolades. Famous Food Street is also a renowned destination with over 15 stalls where you can enjoy the many Asian delicacies.

Famous Foods features the famous DJ and producer Steve Aoki’s eateries that are aimed at spreading Asian culture and traditional delicacies with modern twists.  

Resorts World Las Vegas Pool complex has a lot to offer, from the adult-only Athena infinity Ultra pool with stunning rooftop Vegas skyline views to the family pool for kid-friendly affairs.

Resorts World Parking Fees

Resorts World is an attractive site for many Vegas guests. Parking is in demand, more so since the renovation of the resorts in 2021. This shiny red building offers the Vegas Strip with numerous parking options, not just one but two self-parking garages and four valet parking slots.

Self-Parking Fees

Self-parking at Resorts World used to be complimentary to both guests and non-guests, regardless of special holidays or events.

However, in 2021, non-guests started paying a $25 daily flat fee to self-park. This shift brought up worries that it would only be a matter of time before free self-parking at Resorts World is over with entirely. And this eventually happened in 2023.

Resorts World did away with free parking and implemented a paid-parking system in January 2023 for both guests and non-guests.

The good news is that their paid-parking system is more flexible than most Strip hotels including Caesar Entertainment and MGM Resorts.

Currently, Resorts World charges a flat daily fee of $18 for self-parking.

Also, Resorts World has a loyalty program, the Genting Rewards Loyalty Program, where guests can sign up to get free self-parking.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the officials stated in an email statement, “Guests who are not Genting Rewards members can receive immediate access to free parking and other benefits by signing-up for the loyalty appreciation and recognition program on property or through the Resorts World Genting mobile app on their smartphones…members will receive free self-parking regardless of day or special event.”

Caesars and MGM Resorts only offer free parking to top-tier members of their loyalty programs. Since Resorts World offers it to all of its members, we can still count it as one of the cheapest parking on the Las Vegas Strip.

Valet is free for Imperial level rewards members.

Valet Parking Fees

Resorts World charges a flat fee for valet parking, regardless of guests or non-guests. The fee is $35 for parking for any duration, from a few minutes to 24 hours. Any additional day of parking incurs the same $35 fees.

This means that if you park for a given number of hours, pay the $35, go on to run your errands, and then come back to the valet park, then you will be required to pay an additional $35 since you checked your vehicle out of the garage.

However, the valet charges can go up to $75 depending on the season, events, and special holidays.

Summary of Resorts World Las Vegas Parking Fees/Charges:

  Self-Parking Valet Parking
Hotel Guests $18 daily flat fee $35 flat fee for 0 – 24 hours

$18 daily flat fee

$35 flat fee for 0 – 24 hours
Genting Rewards Members Complimentary for all Genting Reward tiers Complimentary for only Imperial Genting Rewards tier

Resorts World Parking Directions and Garages

The six parking sections in Resorts World have enough space to fit hundreds and thousands of vehicles in the four hotels. It also features an oversized parking area for big vehicles like RVs.

Self-Parking Garages

The first self-park garage is on the north end of Resorts World, and the second is on the south side of the resort. The North garage is easily accessed on the left off Goh Tong Way. Reach the Goh Tong Way by taking a right off Genting Boulevard.

The south garage is the most accessible since it is on the left of the Resorts World Drive off the Strip.

Valet Parking Garages

The main valet parking in Resorts World is accessed through the entrance that takes you to the South of the resort. Hilton, Crockfords, and Conrad have separate valet parking slots that are easily accessed by following the directions from the entrances. All are reached using the W. Resorts World Drive from the Vegas Strip.

Oversized Parking Garage

The oversized section is also accessed using the W. Resorts World Boulevard that takes you to an open lot. The lot is across from Crockford’s free valet parking garage.

Remember that the space is only available to vehicles that cannot fit into the regular parking garages on the premises; RVs are the most parked vehicles in this section.

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Final Thoughts

Resorts World used to be a top recommended place to park on the Vegas Strip for free. However, it has become less popular with the addition of resort fees and parking charges that rival other more popular destinations on the Strip.

Regardless, it is an excellent parking spot if you are attending an event at the Vegas Conventional Center or visiting multiple places on the Vegas Strip.