Top 11 Parking Places in Downtown Las Vegas 2024

The beauty of parking in Downtown Las Vegas is that most establishments will validate your parking ticket if you spend a good amount of money for their services.

You can expect to typically get your parking validated in Downtown Las Vegas facilities for less than $30 worth of service. Ensure to talk to the management about the availability of parking validations to get these offers.

Another perk of parking in Downtown Las Vegas is that you can get free parking at some of the hotels and casinos. This is great since other facilities like the Las Vegas Strip have almost completely stripped off the free parking option.

Valet parking is usually free in most places in Downtown Las Vegas, but it is always expected that the driver will tip the valet.

For example, Plaza Hotel and Casino offer free parking to their hotel guests – both self-parking and valet parking. Moreover, you can get free parking validation in places like the Oscars Steakhouse and the Casino based on how you spend on plays.

This article will show you the various places you can get parking when visiting Downtown Las Vegas. You will get to know of the free parking options available in the region and parking costs at the paid parking facilities.

Keep in mind that parking fees change all the time and can be shifted without notice. We have included contact details to the various locations to help you call ahead of time to confirm the charges.

Top 11 Places to Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Map of best places to park in Downtown Las Vegas:

1. Fremont Hotel & Casino

Fremont Hotel & Casino


  • Address: 200 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Website: Fremont Hotel
  • Telephone Number: 702-385-3232

The parking space at the Fremont Hotel & Casino is located behind the facility. The entrance to the parking is on the side of the Casino Center Drive when coming from the Fremont Street Experience. You can get to see it between Ogden and the pedestrian lane at the Fremont Experience.

Parking is usually restricted to hotel guests at this hotel since the parking spaces are not that many. Holders of higher Reward Club tiers are prone to getting parking space before anyone else. Moreover, there is no self-parking at the establishment. You only get valet parking.

Proceed to B Connected Booth at Fremont Hotel & Casino to get your parking ticket validated. The management will determine if you are eligible before granting you the offer. Valet parking is free for the hotel guests, and B Connected members Sapphire and above.

Visitors get charged $8 per 24 hours from Monday to Thursday and $13 per 24 hours from Friday to Sunday. You can get these charges waivered if you spend $20 in a restaurant or 200 tier credits on B Connected cards and get the parking validated.

There are also parking garages on the Fremont street experience where you get to pay $4 per hour. The charges increase up to $20 maximum per day.

2. Fremont Street Experience Parking Garage

Fremont Street Experience Parking Garage
Source: @fremontstreet

The Fremont Street Experience parking garage is huge, with over 1,300 parking spaces. You will rarely find the spaces full, even when there are huge events around the area. It is located at the center of many Fremont Street Experience attractions like SlotZilla and the Viv Vision Canopy.

The parking fee is just $4 per hour, which adds up to $20 for a full day of parking. Keep in mind that if you lose your ticket, you won’t be charged for the number of hours you parked by rather a flat fee of $20.

$20 is the flat fee that you will usually need to pay during special events and holidays. Some events will cause the charges to go higher than $20, but you can expect the cost to be half of what other nearby parking garages charge.

All you need to do to park in the garage is to enter the premises from 4th Street and get a ticket at one of the nearby ticket machines. Ensure your vehicle is lower than 8-foot-2-inches since the parking structure cannot accommodate any vehicle larger than that. Also, the parking garage height decreases as you go up the stories.

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3. Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
Source: @goldennuggetlv

The self-parking fee charge at the Golden Nugget for non-guests is $10 for up to 2 hours. If non-guests park for more than 2 hours up to 24 hours, then they get to pay a flat fee of $20. The valet parking charges are $15 per day for non-guests, but you can get it free if you spend a certain amount of money on gaming, dining, and drinking.

Loyalty program members at the Golden Nugget hotel get free parking to earn the Elite status.

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4. Four Queens

Four Queens Hotel & Casino
Source: @4queenshotelandcasino

The Four Queens Hotel and Casino parking garage is located off Carson Avenue. There is a self-parking option as well as valet parking. Everyone is going to be charged for self-parking, be it guests or visitors of the Four Queens. However, members of the Royal Player’s Club receive complimentary parking. The customer needs to submit the Royal Player’s Club card at the front desk to waive the parking fee.

Guests are charged $5 per day for self-parking. Non-guests, on the other hand, are charged on an hourly basis. $3 for the first hour of parking, $6 for the next one hour, $9 for the afterward two hours, and $12 for the 4th to the 6th hour. The charges end at $18 between the 6th hour and 24 hours thereafter.

Valet parking is complimentary since the valet ticket is supposed to be validated where you eat, drink, or gamble. Ensure to let the management of your respective residence know you need your valet ticket validated. Gratuity is appreciated, but no payment is required once you are served at the premises.

5. Plaza Hotel & Casino

Plaza Hotel & Casino
Source: @plazalasvegas

The parking garage at the Plaza hotel is located on Main Street at Bridger Avenue. There is the option of having your parking ticket validated, and the first hour is free for anyone who is parking at the beautiful establishment.

Guests receive complimentary parking every day, but non-guests get to pay for self-parking after the first hour. After four hours, the charge is $5 and $10 for any time between the fifth hour and the 24th hour. Another upside of parking at Plaza hotel is that it is open to the public 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

Keep in mind that the maximum height for vehicles at Plaza hotel and casino parking garage is 6 feet and 4 inches. Vehicles bigger than this will not be allowed into the premises.

6. El Cortez Hotel & Casino

El Cortez Hotel & Casino
Source: @elcortezlv

The El Cortez parking garage is not one of the biggest or the smallest parking spaces since it has room for under 1,000 parking spaces. It is great to know that hotel guests also get free parking at this facility, like Upper Player’s Card Members.

The main garage is located on the eastern side of the hotel & casino, while the other option is right around the corner from the main garage. Parking fees for non-guests change from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. The fee is $5 per day for Monday to Thursday and $10 per day for Friday to Sunday.

Special events and holidays cause the parking fees to go up to a flat $10 per day. Valet parking is free like most places in Downtown Las Vegas. However, tipping is considered customary as usual.

7. California Hotel & Casino

California Hotel & Casino
Source: @thecalcasino

The Cal does not charge hotel guests or members of the B Connected Emerald and above clubs for parking. They only accept cash from the non-guests visitors who are charged $15 for valet parking from Monday to Thursday and $30 from Friday to Sunday. However, one downside of parking at the California Hotel & Casino is that there is no valet parking validation.

From Monday to Thursday, the charge for self-parking is $10 per 24 hours at the Cal. Non-guests, pay $25 per 24 hours for parking from Friday to Sunday, where they get the first 30 minutes free of charge. Visitors may opt for a monthly pass of $60 that permits them to park at the establishment at any time.

Lost tickets are charged a flat fee of $25 regardless of how long the vehicle is parked. Parking tickets are validated for dining guests who spend a minimum of $30 at the Boyd-owned restaurants. Moreover, the tickets can be validated at the gaming sections if the guests earn a minimum of 10 tier credits. The offer is valid once per day only.

8. Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas

Garage Mahal at Circa Resort & Casino

The Circa Las Vegas offers parking at the Garage Mahal, its well-lit and clean parking spot. The Garage Mahal has 82 parking spaces in its eight-story coverage area surrounding a half-million square feet.

Guests, as well as non-guests, are charged for self-parking and valet parking at this garage. The self-parking fee is $5 per hour, which adds up to a daily maximum of $35 for non-guests and $25 for hotel guests. Members of the Club One Player Maverick and Legend clubs receive complimentary parking for self and valet parking.

Valet parking is cheaper than self-parking at Circa, which is quite unusual. Non-guests are charged $15 per day for valet parking and $7.5 per day for hotel guests.

9. Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino
Source: @downtown_grand

Self-parking at Downtown Grand is always complimentary for hotel guests. Visitors to the hotel are subject to parking fees but can get them waivered by having their tickets validated. The management does the ticket validation so long as you spend $25 at any of the restaurants located inside the establishment.

Valet parking validation can also be done if you earn 500 points in the casino or spend $25 at Triple George Grill in the facility.

The self-parking fees for the visitors/non-guests vary from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. The weekends are more expensive. There is no grace period for self-parking as you would expect in other establishments in the Las Vegas Strip. The charges apply the moment you get your vehicle into the premises.

The parking fee is $10 for the first two hours from Monday to Thursday. The charges increase to $13 for 204 hours of parking, $15 for 4-12 hours, and $18 for 12-24 hours. A flat parking fee of $20 per day applies for self-parking from Friday to Sunday.

There is also valet parking at Downtown Grand. The valet parking fee is charged to both overnight guests as well as visitors. As an overnight guest, $20 will be charged to your room bill for valet parking, and $25 is the price of the valet parking ticket per day for non-guests. Keep in mind that valet hours of operation are between Thursday 12 pm and Monday 12 pm. Valet is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

10. Neonopolis Las Vegas

The Neonopolis
Source: @why_vegas_is_awesome
  • Address: 450 Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Website: Neonopolis
  • Telephone Number: 702-243-0654

Neonopolis Las Vegas houses the Heart Attack Grill. It is located along the Fremont Street and offers an underground parking space for the public.

The parking garage is usually crowded during the evening and the weekends. You may find yourself looking for a parking spot for a while at these busy hours.

Check this video guide:

The parking is on the 4th street once you go past Danny’s. You will get to see it just across Nacho Daddy. The charges are fair and reasonable with the first hour being free like most places in Las Vegas. The second hour will cost you $3 and every additional hour after that is $2 per hour.

The charges increase exponentially but max out at $9 per hour regardless of the day. $9 is also the flat fee if you are going to park in the garage for 24 hours. Keep in mind that the charges change from time to time. It is important you check the website page of Neonopolis to see the recent updated charges.

11. The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Self Parking Entrance


  • Address: 304 E Carson Ave suite 370, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Website: The D
  • Telephone Number: 800-274-5825

The D Las Vegas offers complimentary self-parking to its hotel guests. The eleven-story parking garage is located off the 3rd street entrance from Carson Avenue. It is conveniently located close to the elevators to provide the drivers with a quick access into the establishment.

Self-parking for non-guests is $4 per hour, which increases to a daily maximum of $20. Valet parking is free like most places in Downtown Las Vegas but tipping the valet drivers is recommended and encouraged.

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Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of parking spaces in Downtown Las Vegas. You can get cheap options for as low as $4 per hour, which is cheaper than parking at the Las Vegas Strip.

Moreover, valet parking is free in most listed establishments, making for a great and relaxed day as you move up and about.