The Buffet at Luxor 2024: Menu, Prices

The Buffet at Luxor Las Vegas is a uniquely themed buffet that offers only brunch dishes, from the delectable eggs Benedict at 8 am to the slow-roasted beef steamship at lunchtime. The Egyptian-themed interiors are captivating and one of a kind giving it an enticing ambiance.

Luxor Las Vegas brings you the famous 30-foot salad bar at their buffet, the largest salad bar in the Las Vegas Strip. The make-your-own sandwich section during lunch is a must-try for sandwich lovers, while the seafood plates are plenty for those who prefer unlimited shrimp and crab legs.

It is a great place to dine, especially with kids under four (they eat for free). If you are looking for a value meal that checks all the boxes without being too overwhelming, then the Buffet at Luxor has a lot to offer.

Luxor Buffet Overview

Luxor Buffet Overview
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  • Address: 3900 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Location: Lower Level of Luxor
  • Phone: 702 262 4000
  • Operation Hours: 8 am – 3 pm on Monday, and Thursday – Sunday
  • Menu Highlights: egg benedicts for brunch, a slow-roasted beef steamship on the carving station, and bottomless drinks

The décor is filled with Egyptian-themed designs only. Hieroglyphics can be seen on various parts of the venue, from the walls to the stands and structures. Take in the beautiful Egyptian-themed tiles and statues that adorn the entire buffet.

A life-size statue of an Egyptian queen/goddess introduces you to the laid-back buffet right in front of the fruit and salad station. Lights are dim and bring out the ancient ambiance of the buffet, while the brown and yellow themes are reminiscent of the desert landscape and Egyptian designs.

The 30-foot salad is hard to miss near the entrance, and the homemade pizza station draws you in during breakfast. Take a look at the mouthwatering carving station filled with lots of meats, from turkey to steaks and sausages.

luxor buffet desserts
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The dessert station is among the biggest, with lots of pastries and sweet tooth items bound to fill your stomach for lunch or breakfast. Anything you may be looking for from your typical buffet-style restaurant, Luxor Buffet, got it.

Its menu is not as diverse as those in gourmet buffets like Wicked Spoon in the Cosmo or the diverse, high-quality foods in Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars.

Luxor Buffet is a good choice if you are looking for a cheap yet decent prime rib. For delectable, high-quality prime ribs and other dinner dishes, head over to the Garden Buffet at South Point or the popular Buffet at Wynn.

With that said, it is great to note that Luxor Buffet offers value for money. The limited yet sizeable dishes include international dishes from Asian regions and local staples at affordable prices. The buffet also runs promos from time to time that may include 2 for 1 deal where you can eat for half the regular price.

It is also unique in terms of unlimited drinks. You will notice an attractive bar at the back of the buffet, which serves all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages from mimosas to Bloody Marys, red wines, and white wines. There are also unlimited craft beers.

The Buffet Pricing & Opening Hours

So, what is the cost of a buffet at the Luxor? The prices at the buffet vary daily whether you are an adult or a child.

The prices also go up during special occasions like their Thanksgiving Day special brunches that cost $34.99 for adults and $17.99 for children between 5 and 11 years old.

Opening hours are standard from 8 am to 3 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. However, the hours change depending on occasions and events. Special celebrations, including Christmas and Thanksgiving brunches, go for longer till 5 pm instead of 3 pm.

Please keep in mind that only brunch is served with breakfast items on the menu from 8 am to 10:30 am when lunch items start rolling into the various stations.

Opening hours Adult Prices Children (5 – 11 years old) Prices
Weekday Brunch
Wednesday and Thursday (8 am – 3 pm)
$30.99 $17.99
Weekend Brunch

Friday – Sunday

(8 am – 3 pm)

$33.99 $18.99

The drinks at the bar are discounted to offer guests the all-you-can-drink offers. Unlimited drinks run for a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes. Pay just $14.99 + tax to feast on unlimited beers, mimosas, whites & reds, and mimosas.

The is a locals’ discount: The Local’s Weekday Pricing. Nevada locals with valid NV ID or driver’s license pay:

  • Adult: $27.99
  • Child: $14.99

Menu, Sections, and Stations at the Buffet at Luxor

luxor buffet menu
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The menus change from breakfast to lunch, and only a few stations remain intact for both sessions. Fruit and salad bars are always on the menu offering regular vegetables and fruits from apples to bananas, broccoli, and several toppings plus dressings.

Desert stations are also prominent in the Luxor buffet featuring toasted pastries, giant pretzels, donuts, and a much-appreciated churro machine.

Fruit & Salad Section

The fruits are on the first row close to the entrance. They are the first show once you walk into the Buffet at Luxor. You will find your usual buffet fruits, including cantaloupe and honeydew.

The salad section is the biggest station in the buffet, with lots of greens and toppings. Try their mixed greens and romaine salad. Radishes and cucumbers are always available alongside your much-needed salad staples, from red onions to carrots and beans.

Dress your delicious salad in blue cheese and some Caesar. Top it up with black olives, pepper jalapeno, cottage cheese, cranberry, and some croutons.

This make-your-own salad concept is one of the highlights of the Luxor buffet, but you can choose from their premade salad section. Try the popular pepper salad, Greek salad, and bean and potato salad.

Proceed from the salad bar and head straight to the sushi section filled with lots of assorted sushi.

Seafood Section

Crayfish and mussels take you from the sushi section to the next section, filled with shrimps and clams. Please remember that the shrimps at the Luxor buffet are not pealed, and you may want to stay clear if you prefer your shrimps pealed.

Also, you will notice that most seafood buffets in Las Vegas, including Luxor, are not the freshest. This is because the foods are usually refrigerated and later put out. Seafood dishes are highly perishable, which makes it hard to have them in a buffet-style restaurant.

It is hard to know if food will be eaten at a buffet to order the right number of plates of seafood. This leads to refrigeration, which makes the seafood less appealing compared to non-buffet restaurants with fresh plates.

Beverage Station

Another Luxor Buffet highlight is the serve-your-own-beverage section filled with soft drinks on tap. It is among the few buffets that come with soy milk on tap. Assorted juices are in plenty, alongside iced tea, milk, and coffee.

There are, in fact, two beverage sections; one is close to the omelet and breakfast station, while the other is located close to the entrance/exit.

Latin Section

Mexican corn on the cobb highlights the Latin section next to the nachos and tortillas. Queso Blanco and chicken noodle soup are in plenty in the Latin section, alongside jalapenos, salsa, and churro beans.

Try their cilantro rice, spicy diablo crayfish foil, and pork chili Verde.

Carving Station

Carving Station
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The prime rib is available from 11 am as the lunch hours kick into high gear. Chicken and sausages are the day’s order, with a few beef and turkey dishes selections. Try their carved turkey and slice of roast beef.

Breakfast & Pizza Section

The Omelet Station introduces you to the breakfast section with lots, and I mean lots, of scrambled eggs. If you want a buffet with lots of egg offerings, then this is the place.

Made-to-order omelets are the order of the day, with a sizeable queue during breakfast hours. Pair up your eggs Benedict with many bacon, sausages, and French toast sticks.

Look at the giant pretzel stand near the breakfast pizzas to get a taste of a giant-sized dish. Head to the toast bar to get your usual cookies, cram puffs, and crisp rice treats.

The breakfast pizza section is vast, with humungous pizza offerings, including pepperoni and meat lovers.

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Final Thoughts

The Buffet at Luxor is not where you want to be if upscale and fine dining buffets are your ideal choices. This is the place to be if you are looking for a family meal at low prices, especially during the weekend.

The meals won’t blow your mind, but you will have more cash to have more fun on the Vegas Strip. Try the Garden Buffet at South Point if you want another cheap buffet in Las Vegas.