South Point Garden Buffet: Prices, Menu & Tips

There is one definitive reason why the Garden Buffet at South Point Casino is loved by many diners: value for your money. It is an inexpensive buffet with a huge variety of meals, some of which are more expensive to buy in Vegas.

Budget-friendly prime ribs are hard to come by in Vegas; many buffets also do not include the ribs on their menu. But South Point does. South Point buffet is for those looking to get the most out of their money while feasting on a wide range of cuisines.

Drinks are cheap too. Expect to get domestic bottled beers for just $3. Mimosas do not go past $2, nor do the draft beers or classic cocktails.

One thing to keep in mind is that the food quality is average. Some dishes like the Mongolian grill and desserts have enticing presentations and flavorful tastes. However, most stations have typical dishes with standard flavors and pedestrian presentations.

Garden Buffet Overview

Garden Buffet Overview
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  • Address: South Point, 9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89183
  • Phone: 702 796 7111

The Garden Buffet is popularly known as the South Point Buffet, famous for its excitingly low prices and a vast range of dishes. It is situated on the casino’s first level next to the vibrant casino floor.

The venue is busy on most occasions with noise from the casino machines and lots of chatter from the hungry diners. You won’t be blown away by the ambiance of the buffet since it is a bare minimum venue with primary accents and décor.

South Point buffet is not self-service but staff-served. Before 2020, self-service was the order of the day where you could slide into the venue and pour yourself unlimited Bloody Marys.

Six live cooking stations make up most of the buffet’s offerings. The carving station, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Barbecue, and Seafood stations are complimented by the customizable Mongolian grill that helps you make your unique dish.

All buffets have special offers from bottomless mimosas & Bloody Marys to prime rib deals with two free drinks.

South Point Buffet Prices

One of the first things to note about the Garden buffet menu prices is children 3 and below eat for free. Also, kids between 4 and 8 are only charged half the original food price.

The eclectic menu is served to The Club members at a discounted rate of minus $3. This applies to all the meals, from the breakfast dishes, lunch, and prime rib brunch, to the dinners and seafood nights on Friday.

South Point Buffet Time Specials The Club Members’ Price Regular Price
Breakfast 7 am – 10 am: Monday to Friday Bottomless Bloody Marys $13.95 $16.95
Lunch 11 am – 3 pm: Monday to Friday Gelato bar for dessert $17.95 $19.95
Brunch 8 am – 3 pm: Saturday and Sunday Prime Rib & champagne brunch with Bottomless mimosas $25.95 $28.95
Dinner 4 pm – 9 pm: Saturday to Thursday Prime rib with eat shrimp & peel $25.95 $28.95
Seafood Night on Fridays 4 pm – 10 pm: Friday Prime rib with two glasses of sangria, beer, or wine $44.95 $49.95

Note that prices change depending on the holidays. Most buffets in Vegas increase their prices dramatically during special seasons like New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

South Point buffet increases its prices during holidays too, but by a small margin compared to other contenders like Cosmo, which frequently doubles its prices.

Popular holiday buffets range from the South Point Veterans Day to Mother’s Day brunch, typically $24.95. Holiday buffets come with extensive menus and more special deals.

Christmas dinners at South Point buffet are usually $24.95 for the regulars and $21.95 for Club members. Keep in mind that these prices change from season to season. You can expect to spend about $26.95 on the New Year’s Eve brunch.

Garden Buffet Menu

Garden Buffet Menu
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The five different buffets at South Point Casino utilize the six stations to provide a plethora of international dishes at various times of the day.

Seafood Night on Fridays

Garden Buffet Seafood
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It is a once-a-week affair on Fridays from 4 pm to 10 pm. The menu’s main course is seafood delicacies from oyster on the half shell, chilled crab leg, steamed crab leg, Southern fried catfish, golden fried shrimp, Nigiri rolls, steamed clams, and sushi.

The six stations start with the carving station with prime roast rib made of beef, roast salmon, and house-smoked salmon.

The Chinese dishes are plenty. The seafood station is filled with peel & eat shrimp, Mexican section has the usual south-of-the-border favorites. In case you want some baked pizza, then the Italian station serves it, but for the smoked pork ribs, go to the barbecue station.

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South Point Brunch Buffet on the Weekend

Garden Buffet, South Point

The brunch is a prime rib and champagne affair. The fresh eggs & omelets start the day and feature fresh ingredients. Breakfast is full of European-style meals and international selections like British bangers.

A special addition to the weekend brunch at South Point is the soups & salad bar, all with fresh toppings and dressing.

The Mongolian grill allows you to select from a choice of vegetables and seasonings. Grill masters help you on the grill by adding meats like chicken, shrimp, and beef together with sauces to keep your meal flavorful.

The carving board has your usual prime rib and turkey breast. You will also find the smoked pork ribs in this section.

Have a blast at the seafood, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Barbecue stations available in all the buffets except the breakfast buffet.

Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet does not have the usual six stations. However, it does include bottomless Bloody Marys. There is also a unique Loco Moco Station with rice, scrambled eggs, and beef patties.

European foods are served on the European breakfast counter, and you can get freshly baked items on the Fresh of The Grill counter.

Healthy breakfast options are in plenty, including chicken sausage patties and baked apples. Above all, the fresh eggs & omelets are the order of the day made with choices of fresh ingredients.

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Lunch Buffet

Garden Buffet Lunch
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The lunch buffet offers you the usual six food stations and a soups & salad bar featuring a huge selection of salads and fruits.

The Gelato bar offers you a great selection of desserts. Some of the most praised meals on the bar include French pastries, cheesecakes, and Gateau.

Dinner Buffet

Garden Buffet Dinner
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The dinner is customized with prime rib, peel, and eat shrimp specials. Find the prime rib on the carving board, or make your own meaty dish on the Mongolian grill.

Have a blast at the six live-action stations featuring international tastes, local flavors, and a wide variety of irresistible meals. Do not forget to have a savory dessert from the Gelato Bar.

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Tips and Tricks to Use at Garden Buffet

It is important to remember that you do not have to pay the regular price. The Club Membership is free to anyone who wants to sign up, and this can save you a few bucks without much hassle.

You are not required to gamble or use any other South Point facility to get the $3 discount; all you need is to sign up and be a member. Please do not leave your Club Membership card in your room or car; you will need it on your person to get the discount.

A common trick many buffet hoppers like to use in Vegas involves getting in late for lunch. Most buffets have a one-hour break between the lunch and dinner buffet. Guests are not kicked out during this period, which means you can get in at lunch and be at the venue when dinner items are brought in.

This way, you can feast on more exciting dishes unavailable on the lunch menu. You also get to save a few bucks by eating the more expensive dinner meals at the same lunch price.