Museum of Dream Space in Las Vegas (Closed)

Note: The Museum of Dream Space is currently closed. Check back on this article in the coming months to see if this immersive digital museum will reopen to the public.

Museums have a reputation for being clean, sleek, and quiet—like you could hear a pin drop even in a room full of people admiring a tiny work of art on a blank wall. It can be intimidating to visit fine art museums, so they aren’t necessarily people’s top choice for a fun, free-spirited way to enjoy art.

But Las Vegas is a city of colorful, flashy lights and unapologetic flamboyance. It only makes sense that museums in Sin City are just as vibrant and energetic, right?

Enter the Museum of Dream Space. This immersive digital art museum has all the captivating colors, bright lights, and art you’re free to touch and pose with, which are only fitting for Vegas. Today, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about this unique museum.

What Is the Museum of Dream Space?

Museum of Dream Space
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The Museum of Dream Space (also fondly called MoDS) is America’s first digital art museum. Instead of looking at art from a few feet away, like at traditional museums, the exhibits at MoDS are artistically curated rooms you can enter, interact with, and explore.

The concept of MoDS is inspired by the great Yayoi Kusama, an avant-garde Japanese artist who is known for her infinity mirror rooms and experimental, colorful art. With a touch of technology, MoDS takes the spirit of Kusama’s art and presents an innovative digital art escape in Vegas.

Each room at MoDS features its own theme, colors, lights, and digital art projections for you to admire. It’s similar to the likes of TeamLab in Japan or the ArtScience Museum in Singapore—but right here in the United States.

The rooms have their own unique story to tell. Some are filled with lightbulbs that change color, or relaxing orbs to change the ambiance of the room. Every room makes for stunning photos, which is perfect for content creators or anyone who loves non-traditional, technicolor art installations.

Cameras are allowed inside, and you’re permitted to take as many photos and videos as you want in the rooms. There’s also no limit to how much time you spend in each room, so you can take your sweet time getting the perfect shot. Just make sure you aren’t holding up a line of people waiting their turn to take photos, too!

However, note that only small professional filming equipment is allowed. Tripods, production lights, and other big, bulky equipment are prohibited in the museum.

All in all, MoDS is a tantalizing digital art experience you can’t miss when you’re in Vegas. Bring the whole family with you too—even kids and grandparents will love exploring all the rooms!

Where Is It?

Museum of Dream Space
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In a city full of luxurious hotels, opulent restaurants, and exuberant casinos, you might be wondering, where in Las Vegas would there even be space for a museum? Well, you might be surprised to learn that MoDS is tucked away in one of the most popular tourist spots in Sin City.

You can find the Museum of Dream Space in the Grand Canal Shoppes—a Venice-inspired mall in The Palazzo. This can be found within The Venetian Resort. If you’re staying within the resort or any other hotel or villa along the Las Vegas Strip, MoDS is a must-see that is easy to go to.

If you’re bringing a car, there is a valet parking service available care of The Venetian Resort.

Note that while there aren’t any food concessionaires inside of MoDS, there are tons of delectable food options at the Grand Canal Shoppes in case you get hungry between photo ops.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tickets to the Museum of Dream Space are a bit more expensive than your usual entrance fee at traditional museums.

It’s safe to assume that this is because much of the art is powered by lights and energy sources. But because digital art museums are a novelty, the price is worth the experience of a fully immersive museum.

General admission for adults starts at $48. For senior citizens, students, and members of the military, there is a discount available, putting tickets at around $41. The discount is even steeper for children between the ages of 6 and 12; tickets for them are worth just $15.

Note that these prices can change at any time. Check the MoDS website for the most up-to-date prices for a trip to the museum.

If you’re lucky, you might chance upon awesome deals on the MoDS website. Some discounts go up to 50% off, usually when you make your reservation way ahead of time and pay in advance. Aside from the official website, you can also buy tickets from Viator or Groupon.

When Can I Go?

Museum of Dream Space
Source: @museumofdreamspace

The Museum of Dream Space was open daily. From Monday to Thursday, you can go from 11 AM to 9 PM. On the weekend, they’re open for an extra hour, so you can come in from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Pro-tip: Try to go on a weekday so that you don’t have to compete with the huge crowds wanting to take photos at this aesthetically pleasing digital art museum. On the weekend, be ready to wait in a line for your turn to enter the museum. The wait may take up to 30 minutes long on peak days.

While there’s no time limit for your visit, people usually stay for about half an hour to fully immerse themselves in every room. Make sure to carve out at least an hour of your day for this attraction just in case you want extra time to take more photos and videos.

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Final Words

There are plenty of Vegas photo spots that tourists love, like the colorful “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!” sign or the decadent Bellagio Fountain.

But if you’re more interested in bright colors and immersive art installations, taking cute snaps at the Museum of Dream Space at the Grand Canal Shoppes will be much more enjoyable for you.

This museum gives you the rare experience of fully immersing yourself in rooms full of lights and digital art. Not only is MoDS a unique, contemporary way to consume modern art, but you can also get tons of beautiful photos to post on Instagram.

Hopefully, in no time, you can explore the Museum of Dream Space’s dazzling, innovatively artistic rooms again someday!