Quirky Museum of Selfies Las Vegas: What’s Inside?

Every trip to Vegas deserves a Facebook album of the best Strip sights, or perhaps a couple of Instagram multiple-photo posts dedicated to the hottest snaps you took at the club during your stay. But if you’re looking to flood social media with the cutest, quirkiest selfies, here’s the place for you.

The Museum of Selfies is a group of fun, innovative, interactive exhibits that allow you to take selfies and portraits in unique set-ups. Each exhibit also comes with dramatic and playful props that make your photos even more charming!

the Museum of Selfies
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Whether you’re an influencer looking to take outrageous photos or just a group of friends who love selfies, you shouldn’t miss the Museum of Selfies on your next trip to Vegas. Let’s take a look at what this museum has to offer, as well as where it’s located and where to get tickets.

What is the Museum of Selfies?

The Museum of Selfies first made waves in California, where it called Hollywood Boulevard home for years. Now, the quirky, exuberant museum has found a new home—the heart of Las Vegas.

This place isn’t your typical museum. You won’t find hordes of people starting quietly at a painting. Instead, you’ll find excited Millennials and influencers taking vibrant, carefree photos at the museum’s many epic exhibits.

Each “set” or room at the museum has a fun theme that will get you excited to whip out your camera and take tons of selfies. The unique and artistic backgrounds are some that you may not find anywhere else, so don’t miss your chance to pay this museum a visit.

The best part is that this interactive museum is family-friendly. It’s suitable for all ages, so even kids will have a blast taking photos in every set. It’s the perfect place to make fun-filled memories for the entire family, whether you’re a mom, kid, or even a grandparent!

What’s Inside the Museum?

But what makes the Museum of Selfies so fun and exciting to begin with? The answer to that is simple—its plethora of creative, modern, interactive sets and installations.

These rooms each offer something fresh and new, whether it’s an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for an Instagram photo or a mind-blowing optical illusion.

Here are 10 of the best sets you’ll find in the Museum of Selfies. Trust us, you’ll want to take at least a few photos in each one!

1. The Gold Bath

The Gold Bath
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One of the most popular sets in the museum is easily the Gold Bath. Act like a tycoon swimming in money when you get into this luxurious tub filled with gold coins. It even has outrageous props like a fur coat and a gold cap with a dollar sign on it for you to really feel the new money vibes.

2. Emoji Ball Pit

Emoji Ball Pit
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If you can’t live without using emojis in your everyday texts and Instagram captions, you’ll love this exhibit. Instead of a regular ball pit, the museum has set up hundreds of squishy yellow balls with different emojis on them.

Take a photo mimicking your fave emoji while getting buried in this vibrant, playful pit.

3. The Upside Down Room

The Upside Down Room
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Those who love optical illusions will fall in love with this set. The Upside Down room makes it look like you’re climbing walls, doing a headstand, and even levitating over a bed.

If you know how to work your camera and make the funniest poses, you can easily get your followers scratching their heads when they see your photos from this room!

4. Pink Bathroom

Pink Bathroom
Source: @selfie.vegas

Another exhibit with that optical illusion vibe is the pink, aesthetically pleasing bathroom. This bathroom has a large mirror that makes it looks like you’re crawling out of it. If you have a friend with you, you can even pose as if you’re touching each other through the mirror.

5. Infinity Lights Room

Infinity Lights Room
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Love being surrounded by lights? This room has lots of colorful, twinkling lights to illuminate your surroundings. It’s the perfect background for a selfie with a pop of color and brightness on your feed.

6. Neon Wings

Neon Wings
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Feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel as you pose against the many kinds of wings in this part of the exhibit. It’s a darker room that has neon lights in the shape of different types of wings. It’s perfect for a grungey photo with a party vibe.

7. Giant Food

Giant Food
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Foodies will love this set! It has giant food props, like a huge burger and a piece of salmon sushi that you can sit and pose on. Set against the backdrop of an American diner, this area is sure to win the hearts of food lovers.

8. Luxury Private Jet

Luxury Private Jet
Source: @selfie.vegas

Pose like a millionaire in the luxury private jet room. There are tons of cool props in this set too, like champagne glasses and chips from the casino you can play with and toss around. It’s perfect for fooling everyone online into thinking you’ve made it to first class.

9. Falling Statue of David

Falling Statue of David
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The museum has one set that makes it look as though you’ve knocked over Michelangelo’s “Statue of David.” But it’s not just any Statue of David—it’s a replica that is made with light blue and pastel pink to give it a modern, Instagrammable twist.

It makes for a funny photo if you know how to act and put a shocked face on!

10. Pouting Mona Lisa

Pouting Mona Lisa
Source: @selfie.vegas

Lining up at the Louvre in Paris can take hours. So, why not take a selfie with Mona Lisa at this museum? Here’s the catch though—this Mona Lisa is a huge picture. She’s pouting her lips and taking a selfie, too!

Tips for Taking Photos at the Museum

The museum is very flexible when it comes to how guests are allowed to take photos. If you’re alone, you can take selfies with your phone and camera. The museum even has selfie sticks you can purchase in the gift shop to get all the best angles for each photo.

You can also get a friend to take your photos for you. This is the best way to get pictures at the optical illusion sets so you can capture the whole room.

You’re even allowed to hire a professional photographer to get the most high-quality shots possible. This option is available for those booking VIP tickets to the museum. After your visit, the museum will email your digital photos to you.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

You can only buy tickets to the Museum of Selfies online. Admission for adults is worth $30 per person, while it’s only $25 for kids from ages 3-12. Any child below the age of three gets to come in for free.

The place also offers VIP packages, where you can work with an in-house professional photographer to take your photos for you. A VIP ticket is $70 for one adult and $120 for two.

And we get it—your fur babies and pets make for amazing props when taking selfies. Sadly, the museum does not allow pets inside unless they are registered service animals.

Note that all ticket sales are final. The museum doesn’t entertain requests for refunds or exchanges.

Fortunately, tickets are 100% transferable. If you make a last-minute change of plans and can’t visit the museum, you can simply give the QR code to a friend for them to redeem at the museum’s entrance.

Printing the QR code isn’t required either; just show a copy of it as well as the ticket on your phone, and the staff will let you through.

Where is the Museum of Selfies Located?

When the Museum of Selfies opened a few years back, its home was in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Today, they’re located at the LINQ Promenade right across the iconic Caesars Palace. They’re open from Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 12 AM.

Most people stay for an hour on their visit to the museum, but there’s no specific time limit to how long you can stay. If you want to take thousands of photos for hours on end, you’re free to do so.

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Final Thoughts

Photos at the Museum of Selfies
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The Museum of Selfies is the perfect way to spend an hour or two in Vegas if you want to take a break from partying and gambling and do something to spruce up your social media feed. Every set in the museum will get you fun, fabulous photos you may not get anywhere else.

So, what are you waiting for? Score some tickets online and make your way over to the LINQ Promenade to experience a selfie-taking experience like never before. The free-spirited, campy sets at the Museum of Selfies will surely make your day (and your Instagram feed!).