The 6 McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip 2024

There are only six McDonald’s located on the Las Vegas Strip; two of them are located in some of the most prominent hotels & casinos in Las Vegas. McDonald’s is the go-to place for quick fast food at any time of the day. These restaurant chains are great options for those touring Sin City who want a quick bite to fuel their adventurous escapades.

With rivals like Shake Shack, Burger King, and Wendy’s, McDonald’s stands out by offering several eating locations that you can easily access. The multibillion-dollar franchise graces the Las Vegas Strip to offer hamburgers, desserts, milkshakes, hotcakes, cheeseburgers, French fries, wraps, and chicken.

Read more to get to know where the six Las Vegas Strip McDonald’s are located. The list showcases the various differences between the six locations plus what is exciting and attractive at each destination. The FAQ section at the end will help answer a few of the burning questions you may have about McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip.

6 McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip

Map of McDonald’s Las Vegas Strip:

Circus Circus Hotel McDonald’s

  • Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109-1120
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-731-1575
  • Business Hours: Open from Monday to Sunday. 9 am to 10 am from Sunday to Thursday, and 9 am to 12 am on Friday and Saturday

Circus Circus houses a Mcdonald’s restaurant that is located on the Midway level. It is the only McDonald’s that is located inside an MGM Resorts property. There used to be McDonald’s in other MGM resorts like the MGM Grand, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, and Luxor, but those disappeared before 2017.

McDonald’s at Circus Circus covers two large rooms that are typically quiet and serene. Circus Circus is home to several upscale and quick bite restaurants, which remove most of the attention from this casual dining place.

Lunchtime is the busiest period so make sure to pass by before or after to avoid those tiresome waiting periods. This Big Mac place is your best pick when you are in a hurry moving up and down from the Circus acts to carnival games.

Between Casino Royale and Harrah’s Las Vegas McDonald

Between Casino Royale and Harrah's Las Vegas McDonald
Source: @wei_cheng_photography
  • Address: 3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Nv 89109
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-734-3058
  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday

This McDonald’s is located near multiple hard-hitting casinos and hotels. They include the Flamingo Las Vegas, the Linq Hotel + Experience, The Mirage, Casino Royale, and Cromwell hotel & casino. It occupies two stories and features unique artistic paintings on the roof that are reminiscent of chapel decors.

Not all McDonald’s are operational 24 hours per day. This Mcdonald’s next to Harrah’s Las Vegas is one of the few that serves you delicious fatty food all day and all night long. Needless to say, it is a busy restaurant, and you can expect to always get a good number of customers awaiting their orders. There is free Wi-Fi, and you can get mobile deals and gift cards at the restaurant.

The menu is as standard as all other McDonalds with the usual burgers like the Big Mac, McDouble, Quarter Pounder with cheese bacon, Quarter pounder with cheese deluxe, cheeseburger, and the double cheeseburger. Let us not forget the classic hamburger.

The Strat Hotel McDonald’s

  • Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89104
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-678-5115
  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday

McDonald’s at the Strat is located on the retail level next to other popular quick bite restaurants like Fat Tuesday and Nunzio’s Pizzeria. It is open every day of the week, and it serves its customers every minute of the day and night.

The busy location is filled with lots of hungry gamblers and hotel guests during lunch hours as well as late afternoons. The staff is great, and the cleanliness is on point. One great perk of this McDonald’s is that it is not located on the casino level, where you usually expect a lot of noise and crowded areas.

Akita Plaza McDonald’s

Akita Plaza McDonald’s
Source: @james_hatheway
  • Address: 3999 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89119
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-739-3423
  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday

McDonald’s at Akita Plaza comes with a drive-thru option that is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, just like the restaurant itself. The casual dining place features McDonald’s expanded menu consisting of new foods like the Hash Brown Mc Muffin with a sausage McMuffin, egg, and a hash brown stacked. The Crunchy Double also has chicken McNuggets with a Double cheeseburger and tangy barbeque sauce.

Harmon Retail Corner McDonald’s

  • Address: 3717 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-891-0586
  • Business Hours: Open from Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 10 pm

This McDonald’s is next to Planet Hollywood in the Harmon Retail Corner south of the Miracle Mile Shops. You won’t miss it as it is along Harmon Avenue once you take a corner from the gigantic Walgreens. Additionally, it is close to popular hotels like Cosmopolitan, Paris Las Vegas, Horseshoe Las Vegas, and Planet Hollywood.

The dining eatery was opened in 2012 and dubbed Metro McDonald’s. According to Josephine Wee, former Rocky Mountain Operations Manager for McDonald’s USA, LLC, “We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind restaurant that complements the current metropolitan landscape and character of Las Vegas. Featuring 24-hour service, bright decor, and unique art in a modern setting, Metro McDonald’s provides a fresh dining experience that guests will enjoy for years to come.”

It covers about 6,734 square feet in its two-story structure and bears the only Metro mark among McDonald’s restaurants. This is the place to be in case you are looking for a unique McDonald’s experience in the world.

Viva McDonald’s

  • Address: 2896 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109
  • Website: McDonald’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-732-3200
  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday, 4 am to 1 am on Monday, 6 am to 1 am on Tuesday, 6 am to 1 am on Wednesday and Thursday, and finally 6 am to 4 am on Friday.

Viva McDonald’s is the largest McDonald’s in entire Nevada. It opened in 2008 to attract more visitors and become a beacon of culinary excellence in its design and ambiance.

The 8,600 square-foot space began as an inviting place with flowers on the tables, abstract art on the walls, and an array of TV screens streaming McDonald’s videos. The once ambitious project has now turned into a regular Mcdonald’s with all the regular items you would expect from the franchise.

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McDonald’s Las Vegas Strip: FAQs

How many McDonald’s are on the Las Vegas Strip?

There are only six McDonalds on the Las Vegas Strip as of 2022.

Are the 24-hour McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip?

There are three McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip that are open 24-hours per day. One is located in the Start Hotel, another near Harrah’s Las Vegas, and one in the Akita Plaza.

How many McDonald’s locations are in Las Vegas?

There are 110 McDonald’s restaurants in Las Vegas, six of which are located on the Las Vegas Strip.