How Often Does it Snow in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is not known for heavy snow sessions. Fact is, Las Vegas is generally hot, receiving more than 300 days of sun-lit days. It is located in the Mojave Desert of Nevada State, in an arid subtropical climate. This makes Vegas one of the hottest summer cities in the US, with temperatures of 100F during the day.

Mojave Desert
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Competing “hot” states include Florida (the hottest place on US soil), Texas, and Hawaii. If you have ever been to one of these places, you understand how hot Vegas can get.

However, there are times when snow is falling in this desert city. Most of the time, the snowfall is light and doesn’t qualify Vegas as a snow city, especially when compared to other cities at similar times. The metrology department labels any precipitation and snow less than an inch immeasurable. Vegas received average snow of less than an inch of snow, so yeah, negligible.

If you are a visitor in one of the top-floor hotel rooms in Vegas, you may notice mountain tops with snow caps and some light white on your windows, but that is it. This makes Vegas an all-year destination for your vacations and travels. You need only to bring warm clothing, and alas, you are enjoying your Vegas stay as you would in summer.

How Frequently Does It Snow in Vegas?

las vegas snow
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Snow in Vegas is as frequent as Santa Claus is in a year-once. Around December up to February, when winter is here, it snows. The last time Vegas received heavy snow was in 2008 December, when it recorded some 3.6 inches of snow in the Henderson area.

Typically, snowfalls in Vegas after a couple of years, and its interval cannot be determined. But gauging with the average annual snow of 0.3 inches, you can be confident that Washington will not be happening in Vegas.

Vegas has had a couple of snow incidents all through history-some heavier than others. In 1909, Vegas recorded the highest snow depth of 12 inches. This was followed by 7.4 inches in January 1979. The 30s and 40s will see a periodical snowfall of 4 inches.

Judging from history, Vegas will receive not much snow to call for snow clearing tractors. You can visit this magical city and enjoy the party as here it doesn’t stop-whether rain, sun or snow.

How Are the Temperatures in Hotels and Casinos During Winter?

Most of the hotel-casinos and resorts have air conditioning meaning that you can expect the climate inside these shopping complexes to be optimal. So, what exactly do you wear while going inside a casino? If you plan to gamble in the in-house casino of your hotel, then wearing warm clothes will be enough.

Remember, the rooms and the casino floor air are controlled. But if you plan to get outside to another venue or casino, wear a little heavier clothing, as the outside temperatures are lower.

Which Are the Coldest Months in Vegas?

The coldest months of any city are in winter. Vegas winter is, however, a little different from the North, and it will snow almost negligibly. What is common down here is rain rather than snow. There are cold nights and cooler days than you would see in summer and spring, but they are not characterised as freezing.

December and January are the coldest months in the city of sin. They can rake lows of 30F and highs of 50F, temperatures at which you will need to wear something over your t-shirt. February records the highest precipitation, seeing 3-4 days of rain.

The sun is a blessing in winter, and these blessings come in pairs while in Vegas. As much as it snows or rains, Vegas has some pretty warm winter days. Generally, Vegas has 86% of its days with sunlight.

So, booking a hotel with a balcony in Vegas can still pay off. You get to bask in the rays of the star as you enjoy a freshly brewed hot coffee-what a feeling!

What Is the Temperature Like at McCarran International Airport?

The airport also acts as the official weather site for Las Vegas and the surrounding locale. Typically, the airport, like most of the city, has few recorded cases of heavy snow. You will find mild snow once in a while, but the state is not extreme to warrant a shutdown.

However, in 2021, the airport had to close down and even forward a similar directive to the road and rail network as the snow had fallen and reduced visibility, and the tracks would skid, causing danger to all.

What Clothes to Bring to Vegas in Winter?

You will be at peace to know that even if cold and snow is the capital of winter, the city of light does not agree. Warmer temperatures are to be expected with the occasional sunlight. The hotels are air-conditioned and heated to treat you with optimal conditions.

But outside, it can be colder, not freezing. You can bring a light but warm coat for those outside excursions in the city, especially at night.

The good thing with Vegas is that you cannot fail to find whatever you seem to need. So, say it snows, and you are feeling colder than usual. Get to the nearest resort and shopping mall for discounted sales in factory outlets, and you are set. Vegas has all sorts of shopping complexes, and you will never lack them as most are open all year.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas for summer enjoyment, i.e., swimming, beach parties, and the like, you will have to shelve that bikini as this time the city is cold. You will have to wait for Spring when such activities pack once more.

But overpacking can be a real bummer as you don’t want to have loads of luggage with you at the airport, especially if your hotel doesn’t have a shuttle to collect you. Catching a ride in Vegas while you have loads of travel bags will leave you more tired than relaxed.

Pack light, essentials only kind of light. Avoid packing consumables and unnecessary clothes. In winter, carry your winter coats and snow boots, but no-please don’t. You are going to Vegas, not Texas. -no offence to the delicious BBQ state.

When Does Las Vegas Warm-Up?

Las Vegas lies in the Mojave Desert subtropical climate. This means it is hot for the most part, with warm temperatures evidenced till winter. Even winters in Vegas are phenomenal, with brushes of sunlight keeping the area warm still.

The warmest months are June and July, with crazy high temperatures warranting sunscreen use. But from April all through to October there is good weather and enough sun to bathe in the sandy beaches. But like any other place, summer and spring are the best months for warm weather in Vegas. Summers can get hot-100 Faraday high.

Is it better to visit in warm months than cold ones? It depends on what is on your bucket list, your schedule, budget, and compromise rate.

Say you have a low budget but want to be in Vegas for Christmas and still have a swim. Then booking earlier than December, say in September or November, will do the trick. You can satisfy your Vegas swim craving at the heated swimming pools in your hotel.

Why Does Vegas Have Little Snow?

The geographical placement of Vegas is in a subtropical desert climate. But that doesn’t rub the fact that it has a higher sea level than other snowing states like Washington, with a sea level of 520m. Compared with the 13 inches of snow in Washington, the 610m sea level in Las Vegas ought to be colder and snowier. But that’s not the case.

Yes, Vegas is a little higher, and typically it would receive tonnes of snow were it not for the mountains surrounding it. It is in a valley, with mountains blocking cool air from entering. When the sun hits the city, the warmth doesn’t escape making the area warmer and less likely to snow. And that is the end of your science lesson today.

Things to Do in Vegas During Wintertime

Since most outdoor activities are closed, like swimming and beach parties, you can rely on the indoor shows to blast you away. Most shows in Vegas don’t close, and you will still enjoy that nightclub experience. Gambling is still on, with many resorts open for business.

Some hotels and outlets may be closed for the season, but you will find deals worth your time in malls and resort complexes. Below are interesting places to visit while in Vegas this winter season:

  • Ghost towns-there are several ghost towns in Vegas that you need to look into-a a guide will take you through, so there are no actual “ghosts” for the superstition kin.
  • Spring Preserve-a good family attraction with a relaxing park. The museum here gives you a sneak to the past stone sculpturing and art.
  • Red Rock Canyon-Enjoy the scenic views of the rocky hills and the bare sand. Take an Instagram picture as the background is perfect.
  • Valley of Fire-the hottest place in Vegas, with highs of 102F, can be accessed comfortably in winter. Take pictures and let you remember that you cheated heat and visited the oven, so to speak.
  • Snowboarding-slide down the slopes of the mountainous desert during winter.

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