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15 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas

24 hour restaurants las vegas

24-hour restaurants on and off the Las Vegas Strip are among the significant contributors to the upbeat nightlife in Nevada. You never know when you might get caught out late and need a quick bite or a late-night cap. There are very few fine-dining 24-hour restaurants in Vegas. Most fine-dining restaurants that also serve as … Read more

16 Best Late Night Food Places in Las Vegas

late night food las vegas

You would think that for a city that never sleeps, you will never run out of food options, even at night, but you would be wrong. Las Vegas is a culinary giant but the number of great restaurants at night, especially past midnight, is limited. Majority of the eateries on the Strip close at around … Read more

13 Places To Get The Best Wings In Las Vegas

best chicken wings las vegas

Las Vegas is the home of extravagant living and flavorful eats, meaning you won’t miss the best wings the world has to offer in the city’s elite culinary scene. There are plenty of options, from restaurants offering over 80 different flavors of wings to others that feature an all-you-can-eat wings menu. Head into Voodoo Wings … Read more

Paris Las Vegas Le Village Buffet (2023 Closed)

le village buffet

Author’s Note: Due to the pandemic restrictions in 2020, the Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas remains closed till further notice. Le Village Buffet, as you may have guessed from the name, is a French-inspired buffet that presents you with international French flavors, from pastries to greens and upscale cuts of meat. The strawberry … Read more

Top 16 Fun & Coolest Restaurants in Las Vegas 2024

fun restaurants in las vegas

Have you ever wondered where all the celebrities go to eat in Las Vegas? How about unique diners with the highest qualities and ratings? What of the most fun restaurants to hang out with friends and family? Do you want to know the coolest restaurants in Las Vegas? Because they are plenty, from romantic world-class … Read more

Main Street Station Garden Court Buffet: Menu & Prices

Main Street Station Buffet

The Main Street Casino buffet is one of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas, cheaper than the MGM Grand Buffet, Buffet at Luxor, Excalibur, or Buffet at Circus Circus, all of which have below $30 offerings. Additionally, members of the Emerald rewards club get at least $3 discounts on all buffets at the casino. Despite … Read more

19 Best Off the Strip Restaurants in Las Vegas 2024

best restaurants off the strip in las vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its many culinary hotspots, from Michelin Star to celebrity chefs’ restaurants, so much it is easy to forget the incredible and innovative eaters that off the Strip eateries have to offer. If you are looking for a great restaurant where lots of celebrity chefs in Las Vegas dine … Read more

The Buffet at Luxor 2024: Menu, Prices

the buffet at luxor

The Buffet at Luxor Las Vegas is a uniquely themed buffet that offers only brunch dishes, from the delectable eggs Benedict at 8 am to the slow-roasted beef steamship at lunchtime. The Egyptian-themed interiors are captivating and one of a kind giving it an enticing ambiance. Luxor Las Vegas brings you the famous 30-foot salad … Read more

23 Best Fremont Street Restaurants to Visit 2024

fremont street restaurants

The Fremont Street in Las Vegas draws in more than 20 million tourists each year, half of what the Strip attracts annually. Viva Vision Light Shows and the SlotZilla ziplining are among the most enticing attractions but wait till you see the culinary scene in the Downtown district. Steakhouses populate fine dining in Fremont Street, … Read more

15 Best Lunch Spots on the Las Vegas Strip

best lunch las vegas strip

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its extravagant lifestyle and all-day dining scene. You won’t miss a great diner or eatery ready to serve you some overpriced food or international cuisines while making your rounds at the casinos. Our comprehensive guide takes you through all the most extravagant places to dine in, like the … Read more

10 Best New York New York Hotel Restaurants 2024

new york new york vegas restaurants

New York New York in the Las Vegas Strip is home to more than 15 restaurants: upscale fine dining destinations and fast food joints. The hotel, with over 2,000 rooms, is among the best places to eat because of its international cuisines and signature attractions, including the Big Apple Coaster and Hershey’s Chocolate World. The … Read more