Omnia Nightclub Guide: All You Need To Know

If you have been searching for a great night experience at one of the well-designed and most remarkable nightclubs around, then the Omnia Nightclub, located at Caesars Palace, is the best place to be.

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There are lots of comfortable and well-furnished VIP areas, imported granite used in lining up the walls, and a two-story main room. The largest talking point is its chandelier of 22,000 pounds that hangs over the major dance floor and moves four feet every second, thereby going in line with the music. This is usually seen as a spaceship having a flight. It is a unique spectacle of engineering and LED lights.

Omnia Nightclub Guide
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This club is very impressive. With three different sounds all through its 75000 square feet of seductive playroom, this club will provide you with three different and unique night time experiences, all in one.

Asides from this, Omnia nightclub boasts having the best collection of DJs globally. Headliners here include Calvin Harris, Kaskade, and Zedd. Also present is an open-format intimate ultralounge that features richly luxurious and expensive VIP seating. These incredible views almost match the sophisticated and advanced scenery, which is found within the environs of the club.

More Information about Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub

The Las Vegas Omnia nightclub venue features an architectural design by Rockwell Group, which is well-known internationally. The video and system design was handled by Audiotek, while DMD studios took charge of the Lighting and Media servers. Xitelabs, which was initially called V Squared Labs, handled the interactive.

This venue houses a very seductive ultra-lounge, as well as an exceptional rooftop garden that showcases the strip’s panoramic views. This nightclub has got a huge reputation, and this is why it has won several awards. Vegas Seven voted the Omnia nightclub as the best visual extravaganza. The Las Vegas Review Journal also awarded it the “Best New Nightclub” and in the Vegas Magazine Awards, it was given the “Best New Nightclub” award of 2015.

They have achieved a great feat in contributing to Omnia’s success through their interaction and animation work on display. Their visual designs are based on modern technology and classic designs, which are shimmering, vibrant, and rich golden in nature.

Forms of Identification Accepted at Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub?

To visit Omnia Nightclub, you’ll need a non-expired, valid, current photo identity. The ID forms accepted are:

  • United States, England, Canada, Ireland, DMV Identification Cards or Driver’s License issued by Europe
  • Military Identity Cards
  • Mexico’s Voter ID card
  • Passports

While the following items are not allowed as a form of identification

  • Student ID Cards
  • Paper ID
  • Mexico Matricula Consular ID card (either old or current)
  • Paper ID
  • Age cards
  • Passports with missing pages, expired, handwritten, or issued below 18 years of age.
  • International Drivers License/Documents unless it is included among the “accepted” above

Different Rooms of the Omnia Nightclub

Different Rooms of the Omnia Nightclub
Source: @omnianightclub

Omnia nightclub is a very huge one. It is broken into three distinct parts. Each of these parts has different music playing. When you are admitted into Omnia, you are free to check out the club’s rooms. These three rooms are:

The Main Room – The headlining DJ plays here, and most of the time, it is an EDM artist. This room is made up of the ground floor and the balcony that overlooks the DJ stage and dance floor.

Heart of Omnia – Here is the second room, which can also be found on the ground level. This room has a hip-hop DJ, with its dance floor as well as VIP tables.

The Rooftop Terrace – This room can be found on the venue’s roof with the strip clearly seen. This has more chill, and with their DJ providing deep house music playing. Also, present here are cabanas and tables for renting.

Tickets of Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub Tickets
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To gain entrance into the Las Vegas Omnia nightclub, you need to have a pre-sale ticket. However, what if some members of your group bought tickets successfully and the others could not?

If the pre-sale tickets happen to be sold out, you may still be able to buy from the general admission tickets, which are usually sold at the door. However, they are usually limited. Your group having the pre-sale tickets must scan their tickets at the specific ticket.

The other group without tickets should try to get theirs at the General Admission line. At the door, prices are usually higher compared to pre-sale. This is why Omnia nightclub advises you to arrive early because general admission entry is not guaranteed.

Omnia nightclub will never ask guests to make cash payments unless you are making payment physically at the nightclub. If any personnel on the strip approaches you requesting payment in advance, then they are illegitimate.

The Omnia team wears their branded shirt and with a name badge. These people can provide you with ticket links, ensuring you buy over a well-secured website. You can also buy tickets by contacting 702-785-6200

If you misplace your ticket or cannot find it anywhere in your mail, there’s nothing to worry about. Omnia nightclub can easily locate your ticket using your name. All you need to do is contact their Concierge by dialing 702-785-6200. You can reach them any day from 9 am to 12 am PST. They will help in re-sending your ticket.

Dress Code Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub

There have been several questions regarding the dress code at the Omnia nightclub. Can you wear jeans to Omnia? Or can you wear sneakers to Omnia?

For men, they are required to wear collared shirts. Mens sandals, backless womens sandals, flip flops, shorts, and hats are not allowed. Sneakers (like Adidas, Nike), oversized or ripped clothing, athletic wear, work boots (like Timberlands and Lugz), and steel toe shoes are not allowed.

Omnia Nightclub: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub Located?

Las Vegas Omnia nightclub is situated at Caesar’s palace. Close to the palace’s center, and next to the Colosseum and sportsbook.

How Can I Get to Omnia?

While the Palace of Caesar is undoubtedly a very huge property, there are countless signs to show you exactly where you are headed. It is very easy and straightforward. And if any of the signs do not indicate properly, you will surely find some of the casino staff members to show you the right direction.

How Much is Omnia’s Cover Charge?

The cover charge at the Las Vegas Omnia nightclub varies. This depends on the performer and the night of the week. But for women hoping to enjoy their services, they’ll have to pay between $20 to $50. Men, on the other hand, are expected to pay $50 and above.

Is Omnia Nightclub Open?

The Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas opens on all days of the week from 10.30 pm to close, except for Mondays and Wednesdays. You can visit the nightclub on these days and have great fun. Normally the close time is usually around 4 am. The club’s management has the right to change the times for opening and closing the club. This depends on the night.

What is the Door’s Setup?

The Omnia nightclub has three roped areas that are distinctly divided. By this, you will easily tell where exactly you should be, while walking up the ropes. At the far right, is the guest list. On the left, is the table check-ins, while tickets and general admission happen at the center.

What Nights are the Best to Visit the Omnia Nightclub?

It is advisable you visit the Omnia nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays. These days, you’ll find more DJs with high profiles, performing, making your night a memorable one. Tuesdays are usually tagged as “Industry” nights. You can go through their event calendar for their upcoming events.

What is Omnia’s Dress Code?

To prevent any issues getting into the Omnia club once you are at the rope, it is advisable for gentlemen to put on a collared shirt. Also, be mindful when putting on nicer shoes and prevent anything, which could be seen as sportswear. These include sports shoes, jerseys, hats, track jackets, etc. Remember that, if you are not very sure if something is going to work out, then play it safe.

What are the Omnia Nightclub Drink Prices?

Beers sold at the Omnia nightclub start from $12, while drinks are $15. Branded drinks and shots fall within the range of $12 to $15. For energy drinks and top shelves, you should prepare between $15 to $20. Don’t go there thinking water is free. Bottle water costs about $10.

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What Type of Music is Played in the Omnia Nightclub?

In the main room, you will find EDM. In the terrace and heart room, you will find Top40 and hip-hop.

What is a Guest List and Does Omnia Make Use of One?

A guest list is simply an invite-only offer exclusively for reduced admission into the nightclub during some time restrictions. Usually, there’s no Omnia nightclub guest list. This is because most of their events are marked as special.

Therefore, you have to buy your tickets to gain entrance. With this guest list, entry is not sure, this depends on the capacity. The nightclub strongly encourages customers to buy their tickets beforehand to ensure seamless entry.

If I am on the Guest List, What Time Should I Arrive?

You have to arrive at Omnia nightclub as early as possible. At (12 am) midnight, you must be at the venue. At any time, the guest list can close. All rights are reserved by the management.

How Long do I Have to Wait at the Omnia Club?

Omnia is usually one of the strip’s hottest clubs. This is so due to its star-studded DJs, and it is one of the strip’s newest clubs. If you visit the club during its peak hours, then you may end up waiting longer compared to other clubs. Also, expect shorter lines on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Who are the Resident DJs Working With Omnia Las Vegas Nightclub?

Omnia nightclub shares DJ residents with Wet Republic and Hakkasan, which are both sister clubs. Omnia’s resident DJ headliners include high-profile hitters like Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Nghtmre, Illenium, Lil Jon, Steve Aoki, Zedd, and others.

What was Omnia Club Like?

At one point in time, Omnia was the well-known Pure Nightclub. Now, it has been completely enhanced and remodeled to become the attractive club it has become now.

Is Gambling Allowed at Omnia Nightclub?

Currently, gambling is not allowed at Omnia, nor is there any gambling table offered inside the club.

When is the Usual Time for the Headlining DJ’s Performance?

The main performer at this nightclub usually performs after midnight. When the DJ will come on stage depends on the night and the performer. This usually happens between 12.00 and 1 am, and this performance usually lasts between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours.

On Which of the days is my Las Vegas Party Pass Active?

Your party pass will only be active for events beginning from the night of Thursday, all through to Sunday night.

Does Omnia Nightclub Conduct a Coat Check?

Omnia nightclub only conducts seasonal coat checks and only when it is compulsory for you to bring in a coat. Everyone can easily check their coats by paying a small fee. Aside from jackets or coats, other items are not checked.

What is Omnia Nightclub Age Limit?

To gain entrance into Omnia nightclub, you must be at least 21 years of age. This is a strict requirement and must be adhered to.

Is Omnia Nightclub Handicap Accessible?

Yes, it is! If at any time, you need any assistance while having a great time at their venue, just walk up immediately to any staff member you see onsite and ask your question or make the request.

Is There any Refund Policy in Place?

Omnia nightclub focuses on providing its customers with a great and unprecedented experience. This is why the nightclub does not accept requests for cancellations, refunds, or changes in date.

If my Favorite DJ Was Meant to Perform and Was Canceled, What Should I Do?

This circumstance is an unforeseen and rare one. If your ticket was purchased on their site, all you need to do is contact their ticketing company by emailing [email protected]. Remember to include the confirmation number of your ticket for any possible exchanges or refunds.

I am Lodged in the Same Hotel in Which Your Nightclub Operates. Will I be Given a Complimentary Card?

Simply see someone at the hotel, to provide you with options like room packages, which may be given out with complimentary or discounted entry.

I Lost/Left Something (like a credit card, jacket, purse, and phone) at the Nightclub. Please Help

After closing, Omnia nightclub always conducts a thorough search of their premises. All the items left behind by their customers are transferred to the Lost and Found department. This department can be found in the hotel where they are located. Please contact 702-731-7085, because they will help you recover your items better.

How Can I Promote My Product?

Promoting products at the Omnia nightclub is not allowed unless you have been approved as one of their vendors.

Your Photographer Took My Picture, But I Couldn’t Find it on Your Social Media Platform. Please, How Can I Retrieve It?

All the photos the club has decided to post can be found on the Omnia Nightclub page on Facebook. They don’t publish all photos and they won’t be able to send any picture to you even if it is not posted.

I Was Snapped by Your Photographer While at the Venue, But I Dislike the picture. Can it be Removed From Your Page?

Las Vegas Omnia nightclub cannot delete your photo from their page or social media sites. When you get to the entrance, you will see signage that says filming or photos can be used only for promotional reasons. For this reason, they have every right to publish or use whatever photos they take at their events.

I was Double Charged Recently at Your Venue. What should I do?

This could happen if it is just a credit card authorization. This means the company was only making sure that there were funds in your account during your purchase. Usually, this charge reflects as a processing charge in your account, until this fund is cleared or refunded to your account.

Usually, it takes about three to seven business days for this charge to clear. You can contact your bank to get more details about the release of the hold.

Can I Wear Face Paint or a Mask?

Yes, you can. However, there are things you need to take note of. Costumes altering or covering a guest’s facial features must be removable to ensure the identity checking process.

If there’s so much difference in your appearance that it becomes difficult to differentiate between you and your photo ID, then you may not be allowed into the premises. The only solution here may be to remove more than enough makeup to verify your identity.


If this is your first time in the City of Las Vegas, visiting the Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub is one of the best experiences you could ever have. With the best DJs available, it’s always fun. There are rules and guidelines in place; once you can stick to them, you can be sure of a long-lasting experience!