Bus To Fremont Street From Anywhere: 3 Best Choices

Fremont Street Experience attracts over 26 million visitors each year, most of whom use bus transportation to move about. Despite the large number of visitors, Las Vegas only has three convenient bus routes that can get you from many Vegas destinations to Fremont Street.

The Deuce is the most convenient bus to Fremont Street, with many bus stops along the way, allowing you to visit many of Vegas’ casinos and other attractions.

Centennial Express is the best choice for those looking for a direct bus from the Airport to Fremont Street, whereas the Downtown Loop helps you get by in the Downtown district area.

There are a few more shuttles and buses that can take you around, but they are a hassle in the ever-busy city.

If you cannot afford to spend over $25 on Uber/Lyft and more on taxis, then this article will tell you all about the more affordable buses to Fremont Street.

How To Get To Fremont Street

How To Get To Fremont Street
Source: @rtcsnv

Getting to Fremont Street will depend on where you are coming from. There are some buses you won’t be able to use depending on where you want to depart from and where you want to alight.

The Centennial Express, also known as the CX Bus, is the least connected route, whereas the Deuce is the most connected route. Use the Downtown Loop if you want to go from place to place in the Downtown area and Fremont Street.

Deuce bus and Downtown Loop are the buses you will rely on for your trips between the Strip & Downtown routes.

Before these three bus routes, there used to be a free bus to Fremont Street – the Downtown Grand. However, the Downtown Grand shuttle was discontinued in 2021.

There also used to be the Westcliff Airport Express (WAX) for quick rides between the airport and Fremont, but it was also discontinued in October 2020, and the CX bus is its closest substitute.

The great news about the current buses is that you won’t spend more than $10 on any one-way trip. Moreover, there are day passes, week passes, and more discounts if you are going to be sticking around for a long time.

It is important to note that there are other buses and routes that can get you to Fremont Street, but most of them are dedicated to Residential Routes. This includes bus routes 106 and 113, both of which pass near Fremont Street. However, it is best to stick to the buses and routes below for a quicker and more convenient trip.

By the Deuce Bus – from Strip to Fremont Street

The Deuce on the Strip, commonly known as The Deuce, is a bus shuttle used for local and visitor transportation around the Vegas Strip.

It is operated by the RTC (Regional Transportation Commission) with the aim of offering the cheapest way to tour the Vegas Strip and the easiest way to get to Fremont Street from the Strip.

It is a 24-hour bus service that goes from the South Strip Transit Terminal to the central metropolitan area of Vegas (Vegas Strip), to resort corridor areas, and to the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas, and finally the South Las Vegas Premium Outlets. The Deuce on the Strip travels even further South to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

The Deuce is the best bus if you are thinking of how to get to Fremont Street from Vegas Strip or to any hotel along the way. That is right, the Deuce has several stops close to every hotel & casino on the Strip. You won’t have to worry about a long walking distance or taking a cab after you alight from the bus.

The bus is a San Francisco-style double-decker suited for site seeing and quick transits between hotels and attractions. The almost 100-people space makes for a spacious vehicle, not to mention the air-conditioning that keeps you cool.

Deuce on the Strip Bus Routes
Deuce on the Strip Bus Routes | Source: rtcsnv.com

So, how much is a bus from Strip to Fremont Street? The Deuce costs $6 for 2-hour passes, $8 for 24-hour passes, and $20 for 3-day passes. It is the cheapest way to get from the Strip to Fremont Street.

The Deuce bus stops are located in front of many Vegas Strip hotels, and you will only have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes before the next bus comes to pick you up. A trip from the Strip to Fremont Street can take you about 23 to 30 minutes.

Below is the Las Vegas Deuce 24/7 Operation Schedule at each bus stop:

  • Every day 7 am – 1 am: Every 10- 15 minutes
  • Every day 1 am – 7 am: Every 20 minutes

To buy the tickets, all you need to do is either buy them when you are on board the Deuce, buy them at the select ticket vending machines in many of its bus stops, or get a ticket from the rideRTC, Lyft, or Uber Apps.

Please keep in mind that the 3-day $20 pass can only be bought at the select ticket vending machines and through smartphone apps.

Ticket Vending Machines are located at these stops:

  • Fremont Street Experience on Las Vegas Boulevard & 4th
  • Bonneville Transit
  • Circus Circus/Convention Center
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas
  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Polo Towers
  • MGM/Showcase Mall
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Las Vegas Golf
  • South Strip Transit
  • Las Vegas South Premium Outlets
  • Bellagio/Cosmopolitan
  • Caesars Palace
  • Treasure Island
  • Excalibur
  • Fashion Show Mall

You are able to clearly tell where the Deuce will stop on the Strip due to the clearly marked stops along the way.

Deuce on the Strip Bus Routes
Deuce on the Strip Bus Routes | Source: rtcsnv.com

Northbound stops to Fremont Street include MGM Grand, Polo Towers, Mandalay Bay, Wynn, Resorts World, Circus Circus, Sahara, STRAT, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Harrah’s, Venetian, and the Fremont Street Experience.

Southbound stops to Vegas Strip include TI, Mirage, Park MGM, Excalibur, Luxor, Caesars Palace, STRAT, Sahara, Circus Circus, Bellagio/Cosmopolitan, and Mandalay Bay.

The downside of the Deuce is that it is slow and cannot connect to many places off the Strip. However, you can use the Deuce to connect to 37 different buses that will eventually get you through the entire Las Vegas region.

Another con is that the Deuce is usually crowded since it is the main mode of transportation for people around the region. This means there will many frequent stops: this is a pro or con depending on whether you want to take a look at what’s around at every stop.

By Downtown Loop

Downtown Loop
Source: @cityoflasvegas

Downtown Loop is a bus service run by the City of Las Vegas, not to be confused with the Boring Company Las Vegas Loops.

The Downtown Loop is similar to the previous Downton Grand shuttle bus which was also free. This free shuttle service takes you through many of the incredible attractions in Downtown Las Vegas but does not connect with the Strip.

Since DL is free, all you have to worry about is how to get on board in time. You can easily track the movement of the Downtown Loop using the GoVegas App, which gives you its live location.

Downtown Loop Bus Route Map
Source: lasvegasnevada.gov

The Downtown Loop will only stop you at select bus stops, where you can then catch the Deuce back to the Strip. These bus stops are located at:

  • The Mob Museum
  • The STRAT, and
  • The Booneville Transit Center

You may also choose to connect with the Monorail instead which also does not go to Fremont Street since its last stop is at the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel – 2.5 miles from Fremont Street.

Unlike the Deuce, Downtown Loop does not operate 24/7. Operations hours are:

  • Sunday to Thursday between 11 am and 6 pm
  • Friday to Saturday between 3 pm and 10 pm

Below are all the exciting destinations the Downtown Loop will take you:

  • Bonneville Transit Center
  • The Arts District
  • Arts District South
  • Brewery Row
  • Pawn Plaza
  • Fremont East Entertainment District
  • Mob Museum
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets
  • Symphony Park
  • The STRAT
  • Circa Hotel & Casino
  • City Hall

By CX Bus (Centennial Express) – from Airport to Fremont Street

Centennial Express Bus Route
Centennial Express Bus Route | Source: rtcsnv.com

The Centennial Express is a northbound bus route that takes you from Harry Reid Airport to Fremont Street. For just $2, the Centennial Express is the cheapest transportation to Fremont Street from the Las Vegas airport.

Take the escalator down from baggage claim and proceed to exit Terminal 1 where you will see the first CX Bus stop across the street. The second CS bus stop can be found by taking the escalator up one level from baggage claim, and then exit Terminal 3 where you will find the CX RTC signed bus stop across the street.

Only Terminal 1 has a ticket vending machines, but do not worry, you can easily pay with cash at the machine when you board the bus.

Downsides of the CX is that you can use the RTC app to pay for the bus, but it will be about $1 extra. You also have the inconvenience of longer rides compared to other modes of transportation.

The CX bus is a great choice for you if you want cheap express rides from the Las Vegas airport to your Downtown hotel like California, Golden Nugget, El Cortez, Downtown Grand, Circa, Main Street Station, Plaza, Binion’s, The D, 4 Queens, Fremont, and Golden Gate.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for what is the easiest way to get to Fremont Street then the Deuce is the way to go. Uber/Lyft and cabs may seem more convenient, but they have less access to the many bus stops that the Deuce has.

They are also more expensive. However, if you want quick transportation in a less crowded vehicle then Uber/Lyft and cabs are the way to go.