The 8 Best Burlesque Shows in Las Vegas

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Sin City is the place to be if you are looking to see the best of the art of tease. Burlesque shows at their best in Las Vegas will introduce you to the loveliest ladies, to more skin, and to more debauchery than you may be able to handle.

Topless curvaceous women and shirtless muscular men, all dancing to the tune on a stage and poles and chairs; welcome to the burlesque show experience.

Las Vegas not only brings you the adult-only dance pole action but also magic shows, campy comedy, sing-alongs, sexy strip numbers, aerialists, and lots of flashy colors. Read on to know of the best shows in town.

What Makes For The Best Burlesque Show

There are many things that set a burlesque show apart from the masses, but you can general pick out the best when it has a good combination of sensual dancing, creatively designed costumes, and a playful sense of humor.

Confidence and charisma are the powerhouse of the burlesque performer, telling a captivating story that draws in the audience, keeps them laughing, and teases them at the same time. The music involved should also compliment the acts and the ambiance should be filled with glamour and sophistication.

A great burlesque show is one that leaves the audience feeling entertained, empowered, and wanting more.

Burlesque shows started in the early days of democracy in America. Artists performed by the street side and mocked the events of the day. Of course, burlesque was outlawed but the it did not stop and rather continued to push people to be free in expressing themselves.

Burlesque today has acrobatics, comic skits, monologues, gymnasts, magic tricks, stripteases, and dance choreographies. They are lively, filled with wonder and leave you thirsty, longing to be part of the experience.

With all of this in mind, Las Vegas has curated a world-class space for the best of burlesque with a mix of drag, dance, aerobics, comedy, and magic shows. You get a little of everything, and a great story to tell!

Top 8 Burlesque Show in Las Vegas

Please keep in mind that ticket prices change from time to time and that the shows may also include or redact some acts. We strife to keep this list up to date but feel free to check the linked websites for current information or any updates.

1. Fantasy Burlesque Show

Fantasy Burlesque Show
Source: @fantasyluxor
  • Location: Luxor Hotel and Casino
  • Hours: 90 minutes, Nightly
  • Rating: Adult-only, 18 and above
  • Tickets: From $39

Fantasy has been on the streets for over 20 years. It is virtually the longest-running burlesque show ever in Vegas and has continued to offer on its promise of quality shows with an incredible cast. The girls put on a show with lively faces, always keeping that smile and a sexy look to make your “nether region twerk”.

The host is another attraction as she makes the show like her debut, making sure to rock your world. She hilariously puts up the act, anchoring the choruses with her birdlike synced melody to satisfy your addiction.

She alone can make you watch the show! Not to mention that the Fantasy Show got the best production show of 2020 award, piling to its ward stock of best girl show in the strip and best female revue.

Once in a while, more so when the crowd is packed, the performers will interact with the audience. For a chance to meet and luckily “feel” these gorgeous acts right at your theatre seat, book for Friday through Sunday. The topless experience is extra during these three days.

You can procure tickets to this fifteen-routine show from here. The show packs dances, singing, skits, acrobatics, and the famous and most anticipated striptease by the beautiful girls.

Attending this show, carry a bottle of water because you will be swallowing saliva more often than not. Why? You tell!

2. Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque
Source: @zombieburlesquevegas
  • Location: V Theater in Miracle Miles Shops, Planet Hollywood Resort, and Casino
  • Hours: 75 minutes, Monday through Saturday (Show opens on September 4, 2021)
  • Rating: All ages (The show uses adult language-may not be suitable for patrons under 16 years)
  • Ticket: From $79

It is the late 1950s, an outbreak has eloped in Las Vegas after an atomic disaster, and zombies are everywhere, devouring the residents.

The president inks an understanding with the walking corpses to hand in a mutually beneficial exchange in a bid to secure the Vegas residents. To ink this, the zombies put up a show to display the other side of the “undead” to the humans of Las Vegas.

As seen in the description above, the show is freakish-not far from the horror films you see on tv. If you are stoked by the zombies and would like to see one up front, why not book tickets to the V Theater to see this zombie burlesque?

It features a whole lot of zombie humanoids, from dancing to contortionists, singers to comics. You can be sure to get your dose of the underworld in this show as the sexy Zany Musical zombies twerk to the beat. Watch the rotting, bloody, sexy, and funny zombies on the strip today and live to tell the tale of the “other side”.

There is free self-parking at Miracle Shops. Arriving late may lead to an exchange of seats, and there is no refund if not 24 hours before the show’s starting time. Come early to secure a good position to enjoy the most lively dance of the dead. Jeez!

3. X Burlesque

X Burlesque
Source: @xburlesque
  • Location: X Showroom at Flamingo Las Vegas
  • Hours: 75 minutes (Monday, Thursday-Sunday)
  • Rating: Adult show (Identification required to prove age restrictions)
  • Ticket: From $56.00

Dubbed one of the best female revues in the country, X Burlesque has been feeding your addiction for over ten years now. This show packs huge performances featuring dances and comedy.

It goes from a sexy dancing session to an x rated scene real quick, leaving your mouth wide as the talented dancers dance to the choreographed music playing in the background.

The setting of the stage allows you to have maximum interaction with the dancers. You feel as if you are in a private lap-dancing session as the ladies perform to tunes and invade your imagination right from the get-go.

The movements are smooth and coordinated, and you will mistake the show for a professional dancing display-of which it is at this point.

The stripteases are out of the world, as the beauties put a stamp to the X in their name. Burlesque is about what is past and what is happening in society. X Burlesque shows no less, as the folk is danced to before the ladies shake their bums to give your brain a wiggle.

Get tickets today from Flamingo or to enjoy that Vegas topless adrenalin that you only see in movies.

4. X Country

X Country

  • Location: Harrah’s Las Vegas
  • Hours: 90 minutes
  • Rating: 18+ (Identification may be required)
  • Ticket: From $60

From the producers of X Burlesque, X Country is for all of you who love country music. It features talented queens dancing on the countryside grass on horses-you would love that right, now open your eyes.

The show presents the closest you can get to Texas striptease, with top banging country tunes from Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

These beauties showcase their prowess in a dance routine like no other, with electrifying dances and acts that leave you seeking residency in The Lone Star State. The producers put nothing less of extra juice as the dances, music selection, and choreography are on point. And of course, your favorite-the girls are absolutely to die for; winky face.

Book tickets today through the website or and get that intercounty sexy encounter in the sin city.

5. BurlesQ

BurlesQ Show

  • Location: Pegasus Showroom, Alexis Park All Suite Resort
  • Hours: 75 minutes
  • Rating: 21+ (Identification may be required)
  • Ticket: From $48

Featuring Fantasy comedian Sean E. Cooper and the most sought-after ventriloquist April Brucker, this show gives you stitches even before settling on your chair. What follows is a dancing routine performed with addictive energy that you want to shake it too.

You will find a mix of burlesque historical tales and songs with a twist of fun and games. According to the artists, they don’t take themselves seriously, and honestly, the last thing you want in these terrible times is to be serious. You have work for that.

Book tickets to the fun topless show on the strip today and have a picture to keep tabs on that day.


Source: @hsunelson
  • Location: The Strat
  • Hours: 85 minutes
  • Rating: 18+ (Identification may be required)
  • Ticket: From $49

Dubbed the ‘Sexiest Show in Vegas!’, ROUGE stands out as the epitome of what burlesque sexiness is all about. Standing amidst the stage are the perfect representation of why desire and fantasy is nothing but alluring.

The erotic production puts its guests in at the center of humans’ wildest sexual fantasies by portraying 18 incredibly captivating topless women and men. They are all stimulating their senses and teasing each other, and in turn you too!

As if the fantasies were not enough. ROUGE brings together sexual tension with aerialist performances and dances from which the term ‘sexpertise’ was coined. The intimate and immersive experiences do everything but dull the senses.

If you are looking for a sexual awakening, best believe you just must find it at ROUGE. Enter half an hour before the show which airs every day between 10 am and 1 am. Buy your tickets today.

7. Red Velvet Show

Red Velvet Show
Source: @redvelvetburlesqueshow
  • Location: Robin Leach Lounge, Notoriety At Neonopolis, 450 E Fremont St 380 3rd floor, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Hours: 80 minutes
  • Rating: 18+ (Identification may be required)
  • Ticket: From $36

The Red Velvet Burlesque Show has its roots in New York City but moved to Las Vegas to spread its wings nationwide. The entertainment agency has lots of dancers across the country representing the sexy erotic side of burlesque in many cities.

Red Velvet incorporates classical dance routines with innovative and exciting new performances, all striving to outperform the best of shows in the industry.

Despite being a relatively new touring show in Las Vegas, Red Velvet has been able to turn a few heads with its modern take on traditional burlesque. The inclusivity and body positivity messages behind their performances makes it a joy to watch and quite relatable rather than a fantasy on a stage.

Also, unlike many long-running shows, Red Velvet has a more modern look with unique styles that you won’t find in other burlesque shows. It is an empowering and welcomed take on old-school burlesque that introduces you to not only sexy ladies and stunning acts but also introspective messages and cabaret acts.

8. Burlesque Hall of Fame

Burlesque Hall of Fame
Source: @burlesquehall
  • Location: The Orleans Hotel & Casino, 1027 S Main St Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Rating: 18+ (Identification may be required)
  • Ticket: $15 General Admission

It would be amiss to complete this list without mentioning the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Even though it is not a burlesque show, the museum stands as a historical artifact, filled with sexy stories, memories, lessons, and alluring facts about the very art that pleasures our deepest fantasies.

Open between 11 am and 5 pm from Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the Burlesque Hall of Fame is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves the art of burlesque. It features a vast collection of costumes, props, and memorabilia from the golden age of burlesque, as well as exhibits that showcase the modern evolution of this classic art form.

Inside, visitors can explore the history of burlesque, from its origins in Victorian England to its heyday in the 1940s and 50s. The museum also features interactive displays, live performances, and special events that bring the glamour and excitement of burlesque to life.

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What Are The Best Burlesque Shows For Couples?

Any burlesque show features a deal of performance, comedy, and theatrics that will move you. But it is essential to understand that a show can be considered good by many and not sync with you, unfortunately-and the reverse is also true. So how do you know if you and your partner are going to enjoy the show?

The best way is to ask them so that you can compromise and select a show you both will have a good time attending. However, there are popular burlesque shows that you two may enjoy together. If you are looking for a burlesque show in vegas for couples, then try these shows:

  • Zombie burlesque: this is classified as a family show, but you are guaranteed to love the “zombified” dances they showcase. Explore the underworld with a loved one (mostly so you don’t mess in your pants!)
  • X country: if you are looking to expand your fantasies, this show promises the stack of hot strips in the strip. Perfect for a steamy end of the day with your partner. Who knows, you may decide to transfer that heat elsewhere.
  • X burlesque: this superb production of x country will rock you all through with the hot and trendy music that the act dances to, not to mention the choreography. You will have a good time laughing and singing along for sure.

Is Attending a Burlesque Show in Vegas Worth It?

The thing with vegas is, everything that happens here is just way over the top. Vegas is where all shows at climax come to headline. Burlesque shows in Vegas are no less. They are packed with the juice the strip is known for, with additions to make you even more entertained and edgy.

If you are looking for an experience that will surely blow you away, why not make your way to vegas and pluck from the forbidden tree of pleasure? Depending on your love for the inner secrets, and of course, preference, you will quench your fantasy thirst by attending one of these shows.

The sin city offers variety in burlesque bringing in themed shows with zombies (not real ones, keep calm), fantasy, all sexy, gay, etc. Typically shows run for 70-90 minutes, and this could be the gamechanger and the energy you need to carry on the Vegas memoir.

Since most if not all burlesque shows are adult-rated, it is a perfect place to take your partner for a night of sexual and sensual performances that will leave your adrenaline and happy hormones at their peak.

Ensure that you consult your partner to know their likes and dislikes, so you don’t book a show they are probably not going to enjoy.


Burlesque shows in Vegas are best in matters of production and entertainment. They make you laugh and imagine a striptease in the past days. Taking your partner to a date night in one of these shows will surely leave a memory and “nest you a partner” for lack of better words.

These topless revues promise to offer quality without compromise, and that is what you get.